1. $MSB didn t look at the chart when bought the thousand. Looks like a Robot sell causing the lower price eod or other. No problem.

  2. $MSB bought back 1000 share. 1 you target $33.00 WOW!!

  3. $MSB sold mine to raise cash. Made profit. Still bullish thougj. Might buy on a pullback if there is one.

  4. $MSB I added 100 yesterday. Might buy more if it goes in the nines or just wait it out. All this ore being shipped...no brainer.

  5. $MSB Holding this and $CLF $EBIO $GEVO Everything is red. Market seems to Yellin at Yellin not to raise rates otherwise we would be at tea

  6. $GEVO So far am liking the 20 day charts on $GEVO $EBIO $MSB has been doing well today also.

  7. $MSB Will add here. Took a position in $GEVO that had a test flight of its fuel by $AA . $GEVO is also backed by $KO for its isobutanol.

  8. @Discipline15 My gift. $MSB. $CLF reopened the mesabi trust mine in May. Gets royalty payments. EX pectin large dividend. I own 100 now.

  9. $MSB Disclaimer: Headed to 15 in the future (imo) not necessarily today. Once they announce the dividend for the current quarter.

  10. $MSB normally I m trading based on 20 day high on a weekly chart but this one is a exception. Not sure where it s headed but my guess is 15.

  11. $MSB Iron Range Steel Cash Machine! Caught it in the 8 s, wish it would of been in the 3 s or 4 s... Boom boom boom!

  12. $MSB: New SEC Filing for MSB: Form 10-Q, No. 0001104659-16-125654 http://stocknewsflow.com/65172_000110465916125654_0001104659-16-125654

  13. Mesabi Trust Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: Note 2.         N... http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/Q/summary2/?id=2828562 $MSB

  14. $AAMC $HMNY $MSB what a steam roll, hard to out perform this one way market now

  15. $MSB Why is $CFL not rising in tandem? Personally I do not understand because $MSB generates it s dividend from sales by $CLF.

  16. $MSB I m sorry I didn t hear anyone say BOOM!!!

  17. $MSB $CLF $MT Folks still buying $MSB

  18. $MSB is that 16 million tons this year? So since $CLF has a 10 year contract with $MT would that put next year s tons at 32 million tons?

  19. $CLF $MT $UNP $MSB http://usa.arcelormittal.com/what-we-do/steel-products Those pellets make a lot of money down the line.

  20. $CLF $MSB https://www.valueinvestorsclub.com/idea/Mesabi_Trust/1692 2005 article on pricing structure of mesabi trust ore. Interesting read.

  21. $MSB way to go longs ! Good job ! I don t know who ray is but Hooray !!!

  22. $MSB anyone know where to get monthly tonnage estimates from may to june?

  23. $MSB added

  24. $MSB is not $MESO isn t msb....the ticker for meso on the Australian Stock Exchange. Two separate entities in my understanding.

  25. $MESO $MSB Has been halted for hours. WTF!!!