1. $MTSL what is the sentiment on this?

  2. Great trading week guys. +$4324 Have an awesome weekend. Traded: $GENE $ARIA $ROSG $EXEL $CAPN $ANTH $TENX $MTSL $NSPH

  3. $MTSL point 7 on the agenda is to approve increase in share capital in other words: Dilution.

  4. Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1468451 $MTSL

  5. Covered half of my short with a small loss on $MTSL. Opened a short position on $ANTH at 4.80 another bio up on no news. See $SGNL $ROSG :)

  6. $MTSL good

  7. $MTSL short 20k shares at 1.52 average

  8. @barna hey are u shorting $MTSL?

  9. $KOOL Smh. Didn t expect this much of a pullback. Hopefully will recover next week. Have a good weekend everyone. $TENX $MTSL $HEB $IPCI

  10. $1800 day not too bad. Thanks to $MTSL $CNAT $GENE have a good one guys

  11. Long $KOOL $HEB $TENX short $MTSL looking for two more either way

  12. $MTSL You have no idea what you are talking about

  13. $MTSL will be sub 1 by march

  14. $MTSL Went down again

  15. $MTSL Some upward movement and volume

  16. $MTSL Short here. Never ever holds gains.

  17. Watching today - $CURM (aka Cur Media) - $ANV - $ETRM - $HNSN - $WRES - $MTSL and my fav - $NEON

  18. 2/3/2014: $1745 $CSIQ $MTSL $SLXP and a $GILD Straddle for ER.

  19. $MTSL I think we can hit $1.8 to $2 today

  20. $MTSL - very few know what they own here, but I own a stock that will post no less than EPS of .45 annually, growing at a clip of over 100%.

  21. $MTSL these pump and dumps rarely last more than a day

  22. $GENE Where is that Alert Trade guy? - everyone in $GENE, $GURE, $MTSL - the party is over at $FXCM

  23. Trades for today $AUO - $ETRM - $MTSL

  24. Hope everyone will find his Good Trade today! Research for 04.02.2015: $GURE $ARRY $UCO $GENE $BBEP $MTSL $PSTR $ZIOP

  25. $MTSL will we see $2 today?