1. $MU - the bad news already baked in. Tomorrow we rise.

  2. $MU The Rev is revised down by 7.7% for next qtr. Flat growth versus 7.7% rev growth. Thats a huge revision. Dont you think?

  3. $MU with such strong fundmentals, I am surprised it s trading below 30. This is the price of last summer.

  4. $MU I thought they popped? David is going nuts right about now

  5. $MU does this mean anything for mu?

  6. $MU alex gauna says buy in tomorrow

  7. $MU what does everybody estimate for open and close tomorrow. my est 26.00/29.00. p.s. no fatties

  8. $MU 26.34 & 28.50 were keys for LT direction before tdy & they were ceiling & floor tdy.Unless it gaps below 26.34 I expect consolidation

  9. $MU At the open its going to try to test the lows again then its sit back watch how the Algos play it out. I wouldn t get in.

  10. Second half of the year is going to be upward trend for $MU.

  11. $MU Almost 6 incredible analysts from 6 big banks upgraded this in the last 2 days. Why 2 days before ER without waiting for ER?

  12. $MU will this fall further tomorrow or the lower guidance already priced in? $SNDK lowered guidance in the same tune?

  13. Undervalued with brilliant growth potential, in a healthy position. $MU Infographic: http://simplywall.st/NasdaqGS:MU/micron-technology

  14. $MU laughing all the way to the bank and then getting hit by a truck

  15. $MU 2Q15 Q&A - Mark, Bernstein: Roadmap for LPDDR4? Mark, CEO: We feel pretty good about our position there.

  16. $MU will see above 27 pre market

  17. $MU I wish $INTC buy MU now, management has proved that they are not good in running this company.

  18. Down After Hours $MU -1.5%, $CNAT -3.5%, $SIGM -7%

  19. $MU What was won on the spreadsheets was lost on the call . -Mrkt will tke 2 days to realize strong comp bright future

  20. $MU 2Q15 Q&A - David, Wells Fargo: IP ownership associated with 3D NAND technology? Mark, CEO: We are not going to talk about IP strategy.

  21. $MU I should say MU management are too unpredictable.

  22. $MU @denn99 That s why buys shares or long termers like leaps are the only way to go with MU. It s too unpredictable.

  23. $MU I think mu will be fine . the big losers are the ones that bought the put and the calls

  24. $MU As every ER the numbers are good but the management messed it up.

  25. $MU 2Q15 Q&A - Rajvindra, Needham: Percentage of NAND will be TLC exiting 2015? Mark: TLC less than 10% & won t be materially much larger.