1. $MU $AMD $SNDK $HPQ $MSFT US Manufacturing Strongest in 4.3 Years http://y.ahoo.it/ZtQ8DKAK

  2. Programmed trade moving $MU & $SNDK looks like funds trading shares. Fundys rule listen to bellwether leaders on their business climate

  3. $MU - anyone buying dip?

  4. no current position on $mu and $sune at this time current portfolio = $bbry $jcp $rmbs $twtr $fb

  5. 2 PBOs STOSoS trade program scan $mu and $sune Long calls april 2015 at 35 delta 30|30|40 x7-10 days time spread leg in to build position

  6. $MU 31.40 next price to watch.Be a gift if this gets back to 29.50-30 strong support region but I thnk it will bounce before then.

  7. @shockfactor @kangarooman Looks like I could be wrong was basing that assumption on gut and the way $MU is. Days not over yet at least..

  8. $MU MU is much better managed than $DRAM who is up 4%+ today. Traders punked out on Putin. Consumer jobs & profit rise continues

  9. $MU $SNDK what s wrong with these two, absolutely killing me today

  10. $MU 7,500 Jan 25 puts @ ask, $0.75; hedge? It conflicts with Jan 30/31 calls mentioned last month

  11. $MU, is there a bottom on this?

  12. $MU Comin back to life?

  13. $MU DRAM Stock ticker ip 3.2%.

  14. $MU timberrrr..

  15. $MU Opportunity to Buy on the LOD

  16. $MU Come to papa...

  17. @JimInvestor: $MU $AMD $HPQ $MSFT $ZHNE $TSEM Merrill Lynch is bullish on Technology Hardware http://y.ahoo.it/ZQ4JEclS

  18. $MU eod mid 32

  19. dumped $LUV at 26 to buy more $MU now $LUV is higher, unreal..

  20. $MU - what s up with that? Is there a bad news or something? Thanks,

  21. Analytic Investment bought $MU and now holds an allocation of 4.1% in their Focus Growth Investment Portfolio

  22. $MU $AMD $HPQ $MSFT $ZHNE $TSEM Merrill Lynch is bullish on Technology Hardware http://y.ahoo.it/fZQUhief

  23. $MU gap theory is not a theory with this stock. It s reality.

  24. $MU Bouncing

  25. $MU damn all my gains are gone