1. $MU This may gap down tomorrow... opex and red all across expected.

  2. $MU you guys can thank me for this rise, i sold 1/4 of my Jan 32s and coverted them to LUV Nov 33s and 34s about 25 min ago

  3. $SNDK --$mu better company but $sndk better stock to trade

  4. $KERX $SPLK $GOGO only my $MU $MU lagging.

  5. $MU welcome to the shock market

  6. Todays gains locked it and in cash_ $SNDK $UA $MU $AA These up days are usually followed by duds_Market bleeding off its highs Friday setup

  7. $MU $AAPL uhhh... Nasdaq dropping and Vixx rising. Setting up for tomorrow.

  8. $MU $FB $AAPL $SHLD Last hour sell off!!!!!

  9. $MU someone more knowledgeable wanna add to the tender off agreement? someone tryin to get in for cheap? verify suppression of SP

  10. $MU this stock has been in the doldrums since mid July

  11. @DomDom huge move today, not good for $MU, if the indices close up, I d hope we hit 31, but not going to happen

  12. $MU might as well fill that gap

  13. $MU Trading like absolute crap today...wow.

  14. $MU If this breaks LOD, this could come down more tomorrow.

  15. $MU ideas on the tender offer? someone trying to bypass the market to grab shares on the cheap? has to be <5% of total float

  16. $MU SP500 broke above 1960 resistance to new HOD

  17. $MU 50 DMA is resistance here, must get thru.

  18. $MU $SNDK The $ question is what happens tommorow?What has happend of late on a up day like this?Clint says U feel lucky punk?Well do ya ?

  19. $MU Just received a tender offer for my shares. No way.

  20. $MU Calm down folks. Still green. I m up 12.5% in about a week. Sell some calls if you are concerned short term

  21. $BIIB $GILD $PCYC $REGN $JNJ $GOOG $AAPL $MU $BAC Yeah. Don t fall in love with a stock I am 100% in love with every 1 of these investments

  22. All green days are good days in my book $MU #long

  23. Micron Stock Forecast: Why The Algorithm Still Forecasts A Bullish Signal For Micron Stock. $MU Seeking Alpha http://seekingalpha.com/article/2589445-micron-stock-forecast-why-the-algorithm-still-forecasts-a-bullish-signal-for-micron-stock

  24. @Stocknut62 I agree, $MU doesn t seem good. Especially on a day $SNDK puts up 2.5%

  25. $MU not trading well here today.. a bad omen??? Should be up 2% at least in today s action