1. $MU Wkly breakout from its price range. Volume looks weak. Indicators look good. Time to get in? http://stocktwits.com/message/29678258

  2. $MU sorry measured move for the bull flag break out is 36.56***

  3. $MU excited to see what happens here over the next cpl days

  4. $GILD So, what are we buying while we stay long and wait for this turkey to come around? $AAPL, $MU, $AMBA, $SWKS Any other great ideas?

  5. $MU going solid :)

  6. $MU http://www.trefis.com/stock/MU/model/trefis?freeAccessToken=PROVIDER_272e0f736dff46940dc10274fd1458aff0e454eb

  7. $MU Here’s Why Micron Will Benefit From Higher Mobile Shipments http://www.trefis.com/stock/mu/articles/267381/heres-why-micron-will-benefit-from-higher-mobile-shipments/2014-11-26?from=email%3Anotd

  8. $MU http://www.trefis.com/stock/mu/articles/267381/heres-why-micron-will-benefit-from-higher-mobile-shipments/2014-11-26?from=email%3Anotd

  9. $MU is muving on up.

  10. Micron Technology, Inc. ($MU) Stock Chart Technical Analysis - 11-26-14 - watch here: http://claytrader.com/stock_chart/MU/

  11. $MU Clean break out. Will enter when it tests previous resistance with the 5 day MA being the support.

  12. $NLNK $AAPL $DSKY $VIPS $SWKS $BITA $ATVI $AMAT $BRK.B $DATA $CTLT $VTAE $MDT $MU $ZAYO $MDT $ZNH $XENT. $LUV n th ATeam! now g hit showers

  13. $MU holding my last position for Friday... Couldnt sell...Lets see how it plays... Good luck all an happy thanksgiving!!!

  14. $MU nice move congrats longs! I unloaded while back in $34 s..looking to re-enter soon, funds tied up currently:/

  15. $GILD $PCYC $JNJ $REGN $BIIB $MU $BAC $AAPL $GOOG Scaling back on Stocktwits,but Happy Thanksgiving!I will be around from time to time.GL

  16. $MU http://seekingalpha.com/article/2714175-micron-significant-breakout-attempt-under-way.

  17. $MU ready to buy more. Breaking out, for real.

  18. $MU Congratulations fellow longs! Let s see 38 by Christmas...

  19. $MU Happy Thanksgiving, great day for micron.

  20. Feels like the Superbowl post game show tonight...$MU brings home the win!

  21. $MU is Ready... http://stocktwits.com/message/29673626

  22. $MU next stop could be at .69...

  23. $MU After 4 Months Rangebound is Above July and Sept Highs... Breakout Begun with Moneyflow Uptrending This Afternoon

  24. $MU guess there is no such thing as -out too soon- if your profitable. I will be back micron i will be back..

  25. $MU Ridonkulous! (It s a technical term)