1. Longs cost basis $CLDX ($15.58) $GE ($26.91) $GILD ($100.26) $JNJ ($83.82) $KO ($37.29) $MU ($27.90) $SWKS ($51.75) $TWTR ($47.46) $V ($177)

  2. Closed the week with these longs: $CLDX $GE $GILD $JNJ $KO $MU $SWKS $TWTR $V

  3. Furthermore, it s even more funny that they have a market cap of $8B and their announcement effected companies like $MU and $INTC.

  4. $MU - So, $MCHP reports some bad news about the sector and everything tanks, but they meet earnings and raise guidance? Too funny.

  5. $PLUG b 4.22 target 11.50, $KNDI b 11.70 target 22.25, daytrading $MU $P $CSIQ $FB $XIV $VXX $DUST $NUGT $CLF $TWTR

  6. $MU Daily short sale volume over the last month http://stocktwits.com/message/28706898

  7. $MU less than half the market s fPE and more than twice the market s CAGR for next 3-5 years = all you need to know MU is undervalued.

  8. $MU looking good, but with Micron, you never know

  9. $MU should still run. Too cheap on valuations. Mo money, mo money, mo money!!!😜😜😜

  10. $MU Someone make me feel better and tell me this will re-visit 32.5 sometime soon so I can pick up the shares I was going to buy yesterday.

  11. $GOOGL $YELP $CBI $MU $PM $WFM $WMT All in all, a very nice day for my portfolio.

  12. Thank you $MU for making my 11 year old daughter $174 this week!

  13. $MU 3 Min shows higher volume bars into the close

  14. $INTC and $SNDK Up over 4% Good for $MU $AMD $MSFT

  15. $mu it will be vary positive for Monday morn open if it don t pass daily avg volume

  16. $mu meant dangerous part is it should not pass daily average volume today

  17. $mu dangerous part is it should pass avg daily volume

  18. $MU Bloomberg pressuring Drahghi saying maybe now EC Can Raise QE ike US successfully did & Japan doing to pull out of 2 lost decades

  19. $MU and Markets beginning to rally into the close toward HOD $AMD $INTC $SNDK $ELX $AMAT $ZHNE $FNSR

  20. $mu should close 33.01 my guess

  21. $MU get that 33 into close please?

  22. Micron Technology (MU ) Is A Buy On The Recent Sell-Off - http://iamfinance.com/micron-technology-mu-is-a-buy-on-the-recent-sell-off/ $MU

  23. $mu let us get last minute ride ..... HOD

  24. $MU Nov 22 $30 last call sold | $3.1 ASK | 152.29% gain

  25. $MU a lotta new people here I see. MU is the most manipulated stock ever. Won t move till fills gap at 32. Play it with them