1. $MVIS Might get a big pop like previous year. Verry bullish if it Goes over 2.11-2.12

  2. Stock Watchlist 27 Jan: $CPRX $HIMX $MNKD $MVIS $NOG $SIRI $SYN $GST $MDGN $MWBO $UNIS $WIFI #stocks #charts http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/01/stock-watchlist-27-january-2015.html


  4. Video of some chart setups I ll be watching tomorrow: $FEYE $TKMR $RGLE $ZIOP $ASPS $OCN $MVIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvwOvVm-J50&feature=youtu.be

  5. $MVIS close almost at HOD....

  6. $MVIS thrugh 2.10 can go fast, still cheap to buy here

  7. $MVIS Bought on 2.10!

  8. $MVIS Waiting to Add on 2.10 zone for big breakout run.

  9. $MVIS Nice. could break past 2.10

  10. $MVIS Water s warm here.

  11. $MVIS Still got the 20k from friday. Euro markets big green! Mvis Lets go to 2.50-3$ zone!

  12. $MVIS The future of HUD is in full swing: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2015-01-22/the-car-windshield-is-turning-into-a-computer-screen

  13. $MVIS the new podcast tells the story of MVIS. This is where we all become rich. 110 inch screen are you kidding me where do I buy.

  14. $MVIS Long and strong still waiting on the big news to drop. When the news hits then the problem is do I hold or sell?

  15. $MVIS Can we go Above 2$ now still got my 20k ready when volume kicks in.

  16. $MVIS $MSFT - Hololens connection thickens. No guarantees, but chances good. $SNE multi-year agreement coming soon. http://petersmvis.blogspot.in/

  17. $MVIS Going to Add my 20k today in here.

  18. $MVIS Someone wants this around 2 for now

  19. $MVIS Holding here for more gain. Bullish action, lovely chart.

  20. $MVIS Got 20k ready to buy extra. Chart confirms a big pop now!

  21. $MVIS Added again on 2.03. This one Will move fast when it passes 2.08-2,12 zone.

  22. $MVIS value = mvis value of patent portfolio

  23. $MVIS HoloLens links would be quite bullish.

  24. $MVIS got the volume in early to break through 2.12

  25. $MVIS Running hard again!