1. Next wks Watch list - $SFUN $PDS $DNR $TS $PVA $MY

  2. $MY $KNDI Moving towards resistance. . .live in China, they have wind farms stretched from Mongolia to small islands in the ocean.

  3. $MY Bull mode moving into the new year

  4. $MY Be14.trade IF traded.2000 shares at $0.15 gain, that would be $300-$15.90 trade fee=$284.10 profit.Not enough profit in a for you?

  5. $MY I will never understand these mini scalpers, the cost of the trade fee is usually larger than any profit.

  6. $MY good vol so far nice 15K purchase

  7. $MY Look for a bounce here.

  8. $MY is it week hands of lack of patience? We should be @ $ 2.70 by this time. These folks will miss out …too bad.

  9. $MY I Agree with your game board. ;)

  10. $MY My little game board in front of me tells me that if it breaks 2.74 today it will pop 2.85-2.92.

  11. $MY ER for 3rd Q is this coming Monday 24th….

  12. $MY hope China s rate cut will do good for $MY stock … time will tell huh?

  13. $MY Wonder if today will be a repeat of yesterday s trading activity. Lots of snooze time with few instances of activity.

  14. $MY wow not After market trading yesterday and so far no Pre market trades…is $MY being forgotten?

  15. $MY $KNDI Starting to make some noise. . .coal is the major pollutant in China - not cars.

  16. @Velvetcrowbar I really got diversified. $MY and $RGSE were awesome for me today, although they have been down recently.

  17. Watching 11/21 $AKG $EGO $ENG $ERII $EXK $FSM $IG $LRAD $MY $NG $RBY $RIOM $SAND

  18. $MY we r still up @ $2.58 good

  19. $MY some last min swing traders..

  20. $MY leg 1 initiated, more to come

  21. $INO having a ball today watching this and $MY go higher today. Hope momentum holds :o

  22. $MY nice 10.7 K purchase

  23. $MY broke 400K vol

  24. $MY an one more cent up $2.52

  25. $MY another cent higher ..$ 2.51 good