1. $MY 3/02/15 I.O. remains 18.62% morningstar.com thats bullish, sentiment still 100% bullish thats Bearish. IMO

  2. $MY Hopefully this ends in that 2.40 range. . .would like to see it brush up against resistance for a few days then pop through.

  3. $MY Buying more down here as it steadies itself in this area again. . .this will be trading at 4X - 8X this price in two years.

  4. $MY Under the Dome - read/watch this - http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-01/chinese-documentary-got-over-30-million-views-one-day

  5. $MY Growing horns:)

  6. $MY 2/27/15 inst. ownership is at 18.62% morningstar.com

  7. $MY A show about polluted air is getting a lot attention over the weekend..

  8. $CLNE A lot of open space on that chart now that it has cleared resistance with volume. Also like $MY for movement this year.

  9. $MY Ownership. This is growing with Chinese subsidies. http://www.filingsanalysis.com/sec/16951C108/2014/09/30/, http://www.filingsanalysis.com/managers.php?id=0001389080 $PLUG $BLDP $CSIQ $SCTY. Higher.

  10. $MY I would still buy this stock at price US 6.40,- so I guess I´m kinda bullish ;)

  11. $MY I love to see all you emotional guys out there getting nervous about this stock because it can´t keep up momentum.

  12. $CSIQ $JASO $MY What are the best plays in renewable space period?

  13. $MY Log jam @ $2.15...

  14. @BCosta7 $BLDP $MNGA $MY $CSIQ

  15. $MY congrads to those who bought @ $2.22. I.O. held at 16.01% on this soon to be high flier.

  16. $MY In China & India. Two of the most polluted place on the planet. Firmly established in both and growing. Sooner or later. Bullish.

  17. $FSLR & $CSIQ If you like these in the solar space - look at $MY in Wind Energy & TURBINES. Sooner or later - will do a $FSLR $CSIQ.

  18. $ASTI $RGSE If you want a stable green energy stock with an established market but undervalued - look at $MY. Compare & Contrast. GLTY.

  19. $MY This stock is so undervalued and unloved. . . really needs their PR department to step up a notch.

  20. $MY DZee LOL

  21. $MY @sunnyclean You may want to check your facts. On 3/31/2014 MY closed @ 2.85 .....not a double.

  22. $PLUG, $FCEL, I.O. in steady decline sense 3/31/14, $BLDP I.O. is up 20% Where $MY I.O. has doubled. I go where the big $$$ are going.

  23. $MY play time, buy the dips, sell the spikes. I.O. 2/20/15 @16.02

  24. $MY Frustrating not watching my money grow here on a great name. Holding.

  25. $SCTY $TSL $PLUG $FCEL $BLDP $MY $YGE Y we need to concentrate on climate change!!!! What is this strange climate!!! http://stocktwits.com/message/32921437