1. $MY just a matter of time an pop it will go

  2. $MY News??

  3. $MY movin on up!

  4. $MY What happen here?

  5. $MY almost broke above 3:)

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  7. $MY love when the market offers post-ER dips and volatility, great swing position

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  9. $MY honor ur stops, always another play. can always put it back on if u still have conviction

  10. $QIHU $yy $sina $dang $my $kndi $fb Is it the timd to cash in from other stocks & keep that cash for $baba ? Just asking!!

  11. @livingthehilife $my Fannie and Freddie rip today been a while$$$$long-haul baby

  12. $MY an the drama continues.. Lol

  13. If $MY keeps this up, could form a Hammer

  14. $MY red to green would be nice haha

  15. $MY nice reversal after a short attack

  16. Nice fill the gap, $MY is like rising from the grave

  17. $MY was able to grab some at 2.88

  18. $MY bounced off the 200dma(2.86),

  19. $MY wow well this day isn t looking good

  20. $MY wow what happened here? any news? jumping back in for swing

  21. $MY dropping towards bottom support line around 250dma(2.76), 200dma(2.86), 20dma(2.95),

  22. $MY spy green, let the green continue :)

  23. $MY nice :)

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  25. $MY about to retest HOD