1. $MY nice to see it over 3.00 again.

  2. $MY good to be up on red for sure think ppl should take wk end to re-read E/R ....

  3. $MY one of these bad red days and we aren t happy about such a recovery and MY doing green...lol Will shoot up either in powerhour or Monday

  4. $MY lift those sell p/t make the top ten % gainer list new buyers next wk for sure & take this back to 52 wk highs again in quick due .

  5. $MY cant break 3.08?

  6. $MY

  7. $MY following thru

  8. $MY daily chart 21 ma about to cross 200 ma

  9. $MY would be super nice on red market day ahead of conference next week, MY thoughts any way, they do what they do when they do it..

  10. $MY i hope its time to see 10% gainer day ..she has earned it..

  11. $MY exactly my words too ;)

  12. $MY you already got it days ago, earnings release..

  13. $MY any news?

  14. $MY Day needed this

  15. $MY going to earn the way back to IPO pps of 15.00& then some where CRAMER recomended MY don t know what he thinks of it NOW,sure like too..

  16. $MY it really looks like it want´s to go up soon and this is just shaking out the impatients atm...IMHO of course

  17. $MY .. EXACTLY ..MY.. THOUGHTS...

  18. $MY if it can repeat this low on open and going green towards eod, I will take it ;) think if it breaks 3 it´s off to the races...patience

  19. $MY... my what a early morning hair cut and what for, some one did not want this to get above 3.00 pps looks like to me....

  20. $SPHS might green up today js keep on eye on this one and $PWE $MY

  21. $MY: New SEC Filing for MY: Form 6-K, No. 0001193125-15-134146 http://stocknewsflow.com/1500689_000119312515134146_0001193125-15-134146

  22. China Ming Yang Wind Power: My To Present At 2015 Cicc U.S. Conference http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=1618745 $MY

  23. 4/17 Stocks - $AVEO $HQCL $MY $ARIA - http://www.vinalerts.com/chart-blog.html

  24. @valdo_427 EyES On $PWE $GTE $QTM $NADL $REN $NG $GFA $MY high volume is looking greener than grass

  25. $MY mini base developing