1. $MY Every two weeks add here...or add as much as you can at 2.50 and below. Then put it away and do nothing with it.

  2. $MY Still cannot believe the person who wrote the article did not mentions India expenses allow the company a foot in the door w old clients

  3. $MY Noting has changed except old costs are about to disappear in India & Mongolia and revenue is now reaped to profit. MHO. GL longs.

  4. $MY India turning corner, Mongolia constructed, off shore sales just starting, orders in Europe as well not mentioned & government subsidies

  5. $MY Stock is going to double or triple. Buy, add every two weeks, and look at it later...Pollution and population. Neither are going away.

  6. $MY Conclusion - article was poorly constructed and did not do justice to MY - thus, the reason the stock fell all of .02c today.

  7. $MY Then one should not invest in stocks over there. These costs pay dividends over the long run & is normal part of business over there.

  8. $MY in India & China. Administrative costs. . . If you cannot figure out what these might be - the cost of doing business in India & China-

  9. $MY Thus another reason for stated profitability this year. Lastly and more vague in article but understandable to those who do business

  10. $MY Delivery and profit from these are now coming. Thus reaping benefits from costs already factored in old ERs.

  11. $MY Another reason they are assuming profitability. Third, they do have turbines in Mongolia - but they are now constructed.

  12. $MY MF article also failed to mention first sale of off shore revenue. THE FIRST. With one down, why would they not have more.

  13. $MY Article forgot to state that from ER. If India has turned the corner - that is just one reason they are stating profitability coming.

  14. $MY With over 1,000,000,000 people needed clean energy - wouldn t you? Also, they mentioned India overhead should now be clear in future ERs

  15. $MY By honoring contracts they hope to continue to business with old cliental. Yes, they invested heavily in India.

  16. $MY Motley Fool article did not move price because the article was old hash. First, India had grandfathered contracts MY honored.

  17. $INO I was wanted to buy this, but I´m in $MY. ATM it seems MY was a good choice.

  18. $MY very bearish Motley Fool article http://y.ahoo.it/4E0rBGk2

  19. $MY Slow and steady...just add. . . add. . . and add. . . this will be a monster stock. . . Do the research. Read the last CC.

  20. $MY This is some of these kind of stocks which soar at the time you dont expect to. Wait for several times and you get surprised

  21. $MY Easy double or triple this year.

  22. $MY Consolidating...will be profitable this year...great financials...buy every two weeks it is so cheap. Leave it alone.

  23. $MY Ok, down today, but this will raise again. End of May Q1 Reports. Dont forget

  24. @wildpig chinese stocks that are green are not for everyone - but I like ER they gave out...this and $MY.

  25. $MY Easily a double/triple this year. . . read the financials.