1. $MY hmmmm....tempting

  2. $MY still looking really good to the long side

  3. @aloktripathi well it is not high volatility most of the time for day trading, but china stocks in general have been alright lately $MY too

  4. @speedytrader $my like clockwork it starts at around go to 3.25sh and then head down...safest daytrading stock

  5. $MY nice again today :)

  6. $MY As long as it holds above the 200EMA the intermediate-term picture should remain positive. http://y.ahoo.it/8o2O7WIX

  7. $MY missed the dip to 3.07, it has pulled back quite a bit

  8. $MY Very stable has nice range2.95-3.38

  9. $MY trying

  10. $MY was looking for test of 3.15 on the bullback but bounced at 3.16

  11. @EE551976 $MY Daily Chart....coiling http://y.ahoo.it/vAvppjXZ

  12. $MY must be a windy day in china

  13. $MY financials are horrendous

  14. $MY someone strapped a rocket to its back > Who did that?

  15. $MY this is almost identical to what it did a couple of weeks ago haha

  16. $MY nice :) decent volume

  17. $MY nice little bounce, news?

  18. @speedytrader $jrjc, i think you should share more thoughts...i see you u in many stocks m interested $my, $jrjc, $mnkd, $baxs etc.

  19. $MY rubber band continues to stretch

  20. $MY even today you wont come down?

  21. $MY Anybody hv any current news for MY? The last info is today a month old.

  22. $MY has been boucning off 3 nicely, being patient on this one when timing re-entry

  23. find this junker $my interesting. nice structure, resistance nearby. power thru R or back to 3? http://y.ahoo.it/n0OIKVa4

  24. $MY nice :) been bouncing between 3 and 3.10 range for a while

  25. $MY Here we go