1. $MYL Additional evidence that $MYL corporate governance is garbage http://www.wsj.com/articles/director-at-generic-drug-giant-mylan-had-undisclosed-ties-to-land-deal-1436234748?ru=yahoo?mod=yahoo_itp

  2. $MYL - Main supports and resistances http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/07/myl-main-supports-and-resistances.html

  3. $MYL Long +71. Real test will be 73.

  4. Mylan N.V Is trading at a discount of 15% $MYL -

  5. $MYL Good luck to all. Still holding on to the 1200 shs at mid $71s cost basis

  6. $MYL This trades to $78 easy if we get a binding offer of $90-92. On the flip side, we may see the $60s again if the offer stays at $86-88

  7. $espr $rcpt $myl good setup to watch

  8. $MYL As crazy as it sounds, an extra $2-4 on the rumored bid would probably have been worth $5 upside for $MYL today

  9. $MYL Today s muted reaction was a clear message to $TEVA that $90+ is needed to get overwhelming shareholder support for this deal

  10. $MYL $TEVA Is well advised, today was a test of the waters to see how warm/cold of a response they would get. Real offer coming soon in 90s

  11. @WallStJesus $MYL CATCHES LATE AFTERNOON AUG $80 C SWEEPER ... https://twitter.com/WallStJesus/status/618188276046917632/photo/1

  12. $MYL My guess is the $86-88 rumor was $TEVA testing the market s reaction. When the offer does come, I think we will see a knockout $90+

  13. $MYL Hard for me to believe that $TEVA would risk this deal by throwing out $88, when clearly the street has been expecting $90+

  14. $MYL CATCHES LATE AFTERNOON AUG $80 C SWEEPER ... https://twitter.com/WallStJesus/status/618188276046917632/photo/1

  15. $MYL I wanna know who in the he LL is pinning this thing at 70? they have been holding it there for weeks now previous level 73-75 to return

  16. $MYL Must be an offer that no one can refuse, even coury. Not sure $86-88 will do it, hopefully they move up to the $90s or increase cash...

  17. $TEVA $86 to $88 offer for $MYL is just Decoy

  18. Scan results - 50 DMA Resistance today: $JCI $GDDY $RNG $TCS $MYL $DPS $MO $PEP $STJ $H ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/19/equities?selected_date=2015-07-06

  19. StreetInsider Top 50 Takeover Targets Notable Changes 7/6: $HUM $YELP $MYL http://www.streetinsider.com/Mergers+and+Acquisitions/StreetInsider+Top+50+Takeover+Targets+Notable+Changes+76%3A+%28HUM%29+%28YELP%29+%28MYL%29/10703839.html

  20. $MYL Jul 15 $80 calls still best thing going.

  21. $MYL deal is the Jul 15 $80 calls. Have been the best play for nearly a month now. Told you formal deal would come this week..

  22. $MYL @Sanguiner never buy options...always sell them...if you don t know how to...learn

  23. $TEVA $MYL The way TEVA approach MYL is a joke...

  24. $MYL cong long

  25. Deals of the Day: $TEVA Plans to Raise $MYL Bid to $86-$88/Share This Week http://thudderwicks.com/2015/07/samsung-sabic-agl-pm-ctcm-avg-npd-wtw-agn-ci-myl/