1. Monday Sector Laggards: Energy, Materials $SWN $MLM $XLE $NEM $CHK https://www.theonlineinvestor.com/article/201412/monday-sector-laggards-energy-materials-chk-swn-xle-nem-mlm-XLE12222014spxldr.htm/

  2. Weekly Metals And Mining Notes: Alcoa, Vale And Barrick Gold http://www.trefis.com/stock/aa/articles/271181/weekly-metals-and-mining-notes-alcoa-vale-and-barrick-gold/2014-12-22 by Trefis Team $VALE $RIO $CLF

  3. $NEM Feb 22 Call buyer +4k for $0.28

  4. $GDX $NEM http://stocktwits.com/message/30503995

  5. $GLD $NEM $GDX $GDXJ Nothing Bullish Here, Target = $10 http://stocktwits.com/message/30498905

  6. 50 Tons of Gold Delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in a week $GLD $JDST $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $ANV $IAG $ABX $NEM https://smaulgld.com/shanghai-gold-exchange-delivers-another-50-tons-gold/

  7. Scan results - 50 DMA Resistance today: $KPTI $TTEK $RVNC $ORI $PBYI $ENLK $NEM $CTXS $CSLT $SQM ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/19/equities?selected_date=2014-12-19

  8. Scan results - Shooting Star Candlestick today: $CFG $VRTX $DOC $SAIC $MDVN $AKBA $ENLK $NEM $CTXS $GGG ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/15/equities?selected_date=2014-12-19

  9. $NEM overbought and overvalued

  10. Russia Adds 600K oz to reserves In Nov-Not Selling Gold. $JDST $DUST $GOLD $GG $FCX $AUY $IAU $RGLD $PHYS $NEM $NG https://smaulgld.com/russia-adds-600000-ounces-gold-reserves-november/

  11. Mining Royalty Rate Hike To Adversely Impact Barrick Gold s Zambian Copper Mining Op... http://www.trefis.com/stock/abx/articles/270683/mining-royalty-rate-hike-to-adversely-impact-barrick-golds-zambian-copper-mining-operations/2014-12-18 by Trefis Team $ABX $NEM $FCX

  12. $GDX Miners $NEM, $IAG and $NGD testing HOD again.

  13. $GLD now has less an opportunity cost to hold with Swiss going negative on rates http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-18/swiss-central-bank-scrambles-against-russian-capital-flight-joins-ecb-sending-deposi $GDX $GDXJ $ABX $ANV $MUX $AAU $NEM

  14. @PnFChartist @thanasis41 lol, and $NEM would ve hit your stop a long time ago prob.

  15. $GLD $SLV $NUGT $DUST $ABX $AUY $NEM $FCX $USO - Gold price falls below $ 1,200 after Fed comments, ¿Time to Sell? http://www.preciodelorohoy.org/2014/12/precio-del-oro-cae-por-debajo-de-1200.html

  16. $GLD $RGLD $NEM $GDX $ABX Bet lots of Russians wish they had gold now.“A fullblown currency and financial-crisis scenario :Slava Smolyaninov

  17. $NEM Daily... Time Ratio 61.8... http://astrofibo.blogspot.ca/2014/12/nem-daily-time-ratio-618.html

  18. Gold Capitulation Moment Imminent - Bottom Reached Days Thereafter http://seekingalpha.com/article/2760115-gold-capitulation-moment-appears-imminent-see-bottoming-within-days-thereafter $GLD $SLV $GDX $NUGT $DUST $PHYS $GG $NEM #Gold

  19. Bearish MACD Crossovers $HUM $JD $NDAQ $NEM $OCN $OHI $ONNN $TJX $TRUE $TWTR $UAL $UTX $VTR $VVR $WDC $WEC $Z $ZGNX http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/beraish-macd-crossovers.html

  20. $GLD $SLV $NUGT $DUST $ABX $AUY $FCX $NEM $RIO $VALE $BHP $USO $UNG $DGAZ $UGAZ - Today is a key day for gold http://www.preciodelorohoy.org/2014/12/precio-del-oro-se-estabiliza-por-debajo.html

  21. @CantPlayNice: $JNUG $JDST $DGLY $ABX $NEM $GG $GLD @WallstreetCrook Just stop, Kevin. http://stocktwits.com/message/30334585 $JNUG

  22. 17/12/14 Short Watch List Part 2 $MRO $MTH $NEM $NGL $OKE $OKS $OLN $OXY $RIG $RS $RYAM $SDLP $SLH $SSYS $SU

  23. $JNUG $JDST $DGLY $ABX $NEM $GG $GLD @WallstreetCrook Just stop, Kevin. http://stocktwits.com/message/30334585

  24. $NEM - Potential L/T support at 16.00, 11.00, then 4.37. Potential L/T rez at 20.50. (Monthly, 20-years). http://stocktwits.com/message/30280918

  25. Technical action by S&P 500 stocks to 10:45:Bearish. Breakout: $CVS. Breakdowns: $KO, $XOM, $BAC, $BBT, $LUK, $WFC, $CAT, $GOOG, $MA, $NEM