1. Bearish MACD Crossovers 2/2 $IDXX $JMEI $KERX $LXRX $NEM $NG $NPSP $PPC $SINA $SPLS $SSI $STWD $TMO $URG $WUBA http://y.ahoo.it/D7qbzOUu

  2. $GLD $SLV $NUGT $DUST $ABX $AUY $NEM $FCX $BVN - Gold price rebounds after playing minimum three months http://y.ahoo.it/GOHFrfDL

  3. August 21 2014 P&F Triple Top Breakout http://y.ahoo.it/TIrl6uug $EEM $C $IRF $BBD $CX $NEM $IYR $CELG $GGP $JKS $HOLX $URBN

  4. $GLD $SLV $NUGT $DUST $ABX $AUY $FCX $NEM $BVN - Gold price drops to three-month lows http://y.ahoo.it/plrt6Qs0

  5. $NEM Long a few NEM calls from around $26.29 today

  6. $gdx hitting bottom range support $nem $rgld getting a little bit of bounce here

  7. miners getting punished today $gdx $nem $rgld (long...but not for long)

  8. $NEM + so many other miners breaking down. $NUGT S is $44 then $42.60 then gap fill back at 38.79 area. I think it gets there soon.

  9. Mining CEOs infographic! Very interesting. $GLD $GG $ABX $NEM $AUY $RGLD http://y.ahoo.it/Qie0nqfq

  10. 12 Ways #Silver is Different than #Gold $GLD $SLV $JNUG $GDX $GDXJ $ANV $NUGT $SLW $NEM $ABX $GOLD $EXK $AG $AGQ $GG http://y.ahoo.it/5JUuHw2c

  11. Interested in diamonds? http://y.ahoo.it/0JJiD1G6 $ABX $NEM $GG $BAA $GLD $GDX $NUGT $GDXJ $AUY $YRI.CA $AEM $GORO $GFI $GV $GOLD $GEM $AAPL

  12. Russia adds 300K ounces of Gold to Its Reserves In July $ABX $XAUSD $KCG $JDST $PHYS $AUY $NEM $NG $GC_F $$AEM http://y.ahoo.it/4wDaoTEi

  13. Highest Put/Call ratios today $ARAY $ADM $NEM $SLB http://y.ahoo.it/htQosrIj

  14. miners are looking very interesting here $gdx $nem $gg $gold $gld $tlt, long $rgld

  15. Highest Put/Call ratios today $ARAY $ADM $NEM $SLB http://y.ahoo.it/D6VXuszu

  16. @Ferrari321 I like $PPY.CA and $NEM

  17. Brokerage Give Consensus Hold Rating to Newmont Mining Corp $NEM http://y.ahoo.it/1iZY2tsp

  18. Amount Gold/Silver Required To Cover Comex shorts $GLD $FCX $NEM $JNUG $GC_F $NUGT $DUST $GDX $GDXJ $XAUSD $ANV $AUY http://y.ahoo.it/aoQF19hW

  19. Part 2 Gold/Silver Manipulation $XAUSD $ANV $GG $GOLD $ABX $ZSL $AGQ $SI_F $GC_F $NEM $SAND $NG $IAG $IAU $EXK $AG http://y.ahoo.it/WiL4djQs

  20. Former Mob Boss-Wall Street is Crooked- Buy Gold/Silver $AUY $NEM $IAG $GG $AUQ $NGD $NG $AEM $SAND $GORO $JNUG $GLD http://y.ahoo.it/P312RMIZ

  21. Newmont Mining Corporation $NEM Could Be Targeting One of These 5 Small Cap Gold Miners $RIO $PLG $AGI $NGD $AKG - http://y.ahoo.it/ql1YVL5r

  22. How To Buy Gold KGC $ABX $AUY $NEM $IAG $GG $AUQ $NGD $NG $AEM $SAND $GORO $JNUG $NUGT $GDX $GDXJ http://y.ahoo.it/0ZekEpl5

  23. $AAPL a bone for you guys, $JCP and $Nem.

  24. 3 days of nice bounces off support on $rgld (long), $gdx looks like it wants to break above 27, $Nem looks like it wants to pop too

  25. Bullish chart setups: $VEEV $FB $NEM $SWAY $BIDU $HIMX $SFUN $SOHU $TWTR $XLY $SINA $VNET $SPY $IWM $QQQ $TLT http://y.ahoo.it/mf5NIAH7