1. $NENE will be one of the most desire stocks in the future $SPY. I m gonna get on the money train

  2. IPOs and Transactions: August 18 – 22 > http://y.ahoo.it/aEriqqMP > $NGHC $IMNP $HOMB $BIOL $NENE $UVSP $COTE $EVBS $CTIB $NGL

  3. Would like to see $kndi buy $nene and put solar films on the windows of the cars to generate energy lol

  4. $NENE so far so good. :)

  5. @NOUSinsight you like $nene

  6. @Nick54 I m in on $NENE

  7. $NENE just bought into this company. I m expecting to have to go long. Positive thoughts and fingers crossed

  8. $NENE This company had a cool product, but where is the interest?

  9. $PLUG I think I am exiting at the next bounce. Ill buy back in at the next dip. This volatility is fairly predictable. $FMCC and $NENE

  10. $NENE buying more. shows strength and support. nice co-play with $scty and $FSLR

  11. $nene breaking through. Get ready for the pump. $scty $fslr $plug

  12. $nene Broke the 2.45 barrier. If we can get some volume this stock will soar. Visit their website - New product !! $gale $fslr $scty $PLUG

  13. $NENE how do you buy OTC companies in the UK?

  14. $NENE Trades in a very narrow range,the only thing that can happen is a tear on some good news. Then I will regret not buying more.

  15. $NENE is one big play to watch for. So far under the radar

  16. $NENE in at $2.43. It looks like this is an all or none play. I did a bunch of research last night on spray on solar. Interesting tech.

  17. $NENE

  18. $fslr Next big this $nene

  19. $NENE alright, Ill play,

  20. $SCTY take a look at $nene theyre developing great technologies. Might eventually be bought out

  21. $NENE Revealed new product today. May jump on board

  22. $NENE is this getting pumped?

  23. @TQuark: $PLUG $RGSE $RVLT $SLTD $NENE All these in hot sectors are looking to be very hot next week...

  24. $PLUG $RGSE $RVLT $SLTD $NENE All these in hot sectors are looking to be very hot next week...

  25. {video} Stock Chart Analysis $JCP $GSS $AMRS $NENE $CBMX $MSTX $CBMX $CALL $OCN $CONN $KNDI $EZPW $TTS $TFM $INO http://y.ahoo.it/1qppsP89