1. $NEON no worries optical touch gaining momentum just look at all the optical engineer job openings at Apple

  2. $NEON Is MS101 still pumping this crap? It was at $7.00 and a threat to HPJ and all the big boys! Four years ago. Going to $1.50. AGAIN.

  3. @tradewithjoe congrats on your $NEON bet

  4. $NEON $SPY $VXX You just said the same thing as me, bozo . Hey, u a clown or just a dunce. lol...well, except MC, sure, but aft it s smalls

  5. $NEON $SPY $VXX actually its the other way around; junk is a writeoff; margin calls etc = sell FANG and the like

  6. $NEON A lot of folks have to call uncle on their smaller cap investments to pay for losses in biggers, $SPY down huge, $vxx rising

  7. $NEON this is indiscriminate selling, most likely from a fund exiting for any # of reasons, related or unrelated, to NEON. Hope they finish.

  8. $NEON UNCLE!!!

  9. $NEON good place to enter

  10. $NEON 2k more here will be great!

  11. $NEON Neonites!!!! If I can pick stocks like football teams were in GREAT shape!

  12. $NEON YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!

  13. $NEON Nothing has changed.

  14. $NEON look on the bright side. You could own lnkd.. What a bloodbath ! Shorts are killing it out there. .

  15. $NEON tease.... :(

  16. $NEON ill buy first 2k at 2.15.. goin once..

  17. $NEON $AAPL Will Airbar application, thru Neonode s touch, be applicable to a lot more products than one. I bet, it s WiFi & Bluetooth.

  18. $NEON cheaaaaap shares? Ok! I know where this ones headed np ill wait ^^;

  19. $NEON Come to poppa toots ^^

  20. $NEON Not sure what Neonode is getting to here, but it does have a nice feel to be reading this on their website. $AAPL watch disaster help?

  21. $NEON hey pups my dog said come get some

  22. $NEON puppy shorted 205 shares at 2.26 at the open. That s it for today! Bye bye

  23. $NEON @isparta32 had some good thoughts. This company needs a good Berning.

  24. $NEON digital crown watch no longer on site new Appl watch or patent dispute

  25. $NEON GM deliveries in China up 7.3% in Jan., led by Buick, Cadillac and Baojun to 421k vehicles.