1. $NETE - Lets see some upward movement today!

  2. $NETE - That big buy today was nice. Too bad to see it regress back. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

  3. $NETE added 1275 @ 1.20

  4. $NETE

  5. $NETE why is nete going down



  8. $NETE i sold it all.. jumped on the bio run and am killing it

  9. $NETE Giving this 2 more weeks. Losing patience...

  10. $NETE Good news everyone, I sold 8000 shares today, stock should explode any minute now!

  11. $NETE a bullish trend is beeing formed, perhaps on march we ll have a good bullish valuation acording to tecnical analisys

  12. $NETE I dont trust this company anymore and advise all my clients to sell their shares

  13. $NETE needs more volume, very light volume just like $INUV which also is a hold for me

  14. $NETE starting to gain momentum

  15. $NETE I m in.. Lets see this go up all day

  16. $NETE Load boat wait for $1.44 breakthrough & see that $1.66-$1.80 come through

  17. $NETE When NETE said it would intergrate apple pay it went up 60%... now they will probably intergrate google.. load the boat !!

  18. @HD_Ryder $NETE Looks like the pump n dump is done for today...

  19. @HD_Ryder Article states they made a deal with private co. Loop Pay not $NETE...????

  20. $NETE Google Strikes Deal With Carriers for Payments. http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/02/23/google-strikes-deal-with-carriers-for-payments/

  21. $NETE tomorrow 1.39

  22. $NETE wake up !

  23. @jgcaap: $NETE have you guys read this? Scary stuff http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Oleg-Firer/Miami-Florida-33160/Oleg-Firer-Net-Element-Tot-Money-Unified-Payments-fraud-theft-Miami-Florida-1182574 zx225skeeter

  24. $NETE not sure if appeared but they replied. Good investments. http://stocktwits.com/message/33006108

  25. $NETE setting up for a nice long position if it makes a small loss or doji monday -- watch list for sure