1. $NETE come on guys give NETE little push to $1 #bullish

  2. $NETE

  3. $NETE so mich to come

  4. $NETE $orig $xgti

  5. $NETE whats ur avg ? shares? :D

  6. $NETE I cant find that Debt for $NETE.. can someone tell me how much is the Debt for NETE? or link plz..?

  7. $NETE Value traders will be looking our direction after $XGTI passes us in pps

  8. $NETE couple of days ago I said we will see this stock around 0.25 and everyone attacked me. Now you know that I was right.

  9. $NETE I m gonna have patience when this is all said and done.

  10. $NETE if this gets down to the teens im loading up

  11. $NETE Q1...great # s. 100% rev growth -1c EPS..40-70% growth in transactions. And the stock price? ....MM s taking sellers to the cleaners

  12. $NETE RS is next month. I won t be shocked if there is lots of pumping and dumping until then

  13. $NETE just give up guys..I did lol

  14. $NETE Major institutions are all holding

  15. $NETE So XGTI first quarter earnings was a little under $1 million yet went from .11 to .28 and NETE $11 million decreased.....

  16. $NETE

  17. $NETE

  18. $NETE go to real

  19. Stocks After Dark live stream on now. What is your w/l tomorrow? Ours is $MGT $CLRB $XGTI $KOOL $NETE twitch.tv/mrfrush24

  20. $NETE http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Net+Element+%28NETE%29+Reports+41%25+Increase+in+Q1+Transaction+Processing+Volume/11662009.html

  21. $NETE someome buy like 50 millioms shares please.

  22. $NETE IMO this is still in ER runup faze. People want out tho...still

  23. $NETE Looks like they want to RS! Should have sold when it 40c! Need some news!

  24. $NETE Management is not worried at all. They built this company from the ground up. If they were they would be PR it to death. Lol

  25. $NETE I dig the return on our security. This will be a good yr http://www.morningstar.com/back_soon.html