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  7. $VRNG... another $NEWL?

  8. $VRNG you should listen when we bash... it doesn t really happen often .. from 5 to 2.50 .... and now that $FU $NEWL $BAA garbage

  9. $FREE Sure is making my long held underwater shares smile, but I don t trust it. Remember $NEWL?

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  11. @BottomUp: $NIHD Still way better than $NEWL lol, i knew that was coming...

  12. $NIHD Still way better than $NEWL

  13. @hakihika @AlejandroMasari $NEWL is too harsh, that company is a true POS. More like next $DNDN

  14. $mnkd is the new $NEWL

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  16. $NIHD IMO this is way better than $NEWL LOL! agree?

  17. $COCO The only stock that has done worse this year is $NEWL

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  19. $tkmr will be a great fade one day, just wait... the next $plug $cynk $newl prob

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  22. $OXGN Pump and dump trusted me. The stock was 420$ Few years ago. Now 2.45? Take a look at $newl it will tell you.

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  24. http://y.ahoo.it/Py2QsIdF top gains on #stocks $NEWL $GFIG $ZLTQ

  25. Losers: $DEST -18%. $PWE -17%. $AXU -17%. $RT -16%. $NEWL -17%. $UIHC -15%. $MMSI -15%.