2. @joelibrescu @annamilana my chart shows only up to Oct 2014, it indicates there was a split 13:625, which makes sense another $NEWL $CALA

  3. $FREE Holly $&@ I should be trading $NEWL

  4. $NIHD did anybody check $NEWL up 700%!!

  5. @giannis5566 bakbo Nov. 18 at 12:55 PM $PLUG ist taking the same way like $NETE $DNDN $NEWL $IBIO ... a waste of time and money

  6. $MOLG hoping for a pumper crushing premarket halt ala $NEWL # good luck holding this SCAM overnight

  7. $ZAZA $NEWL $DGLY Reminds me of newlead holdings

  8. $WTSL oh, no, another $NEWL $IBIO $LAKE $NETE ...

  9. $BBRY this is a corp which lost contact to their customers . u can trade it like $NETE $IBIO $PLUG $NEWL .@raider1854

  10. $PLUG ist taking the same way like $NETE $DNDN $NEWL $IBIO . one of the main problem occurs from non-professional chairmen .@ProTrader70

  11. bakbo Nov. 14 at 9:10 AM $RSH 90.going.vertical-up. this will end like $DNDN $NEWL $IBIO $NETE $PLUG....this bs is lost in space

  12. $RSH 90.going.vertical-up. this will end like $DNDN $NEWL $IBIO $NETE ....this bs is lost in space .@dBCTrades

  13. $SPEX for the long run will go down like $NEWL

  14. $DRYS I said it before, I ll say it again. Refer to $NEWL and $FREE. Sub $1 coming

  15. $DRYS ever heard of $NEWL or $FREE? Yeah, that is where this is going

  16. $ZAZA Pick up some real volume and it looks like it could pull a $NEWL (Back when it was actually considered a play...lol)

  17. $IBIO the next $NEWL sell baggies sell!

  18. $EGLE Another $NEWL ? Can t get shares to short

  19. $EGLE remember $newl ? LOL

  20. $FREE chart looks like $NEWL

  21. @marcus20434 The mere fact that you are comparing $NEWL to $DRL reveals that you don t know anything about trading. I don t need to rebuttal

  22. $FREE i thought this was $NEWL for a second haha, the ugly chart and boats

  23. $LAKE $NEWL have in common?

  24. @marinmaven @Clivebarron yeah just watch $NEWL...still has pump and dumps on the grey sheets lol! $GTAT

  25. $GTAT $NEWL X2