1. @joeG69 I know! Nearly 1 million shares traded on Wednesday to this? I have noticed since I bought early June that $NFEC takes Fridays off.

  2. $NFEC Volume is Pathetic

  3. $NFEC Long 5K

  4. $NFEC AH action last night and PM action today, something might be brewing, light volume but still encouraging, been since 8/18 w/o AH/PM

  5. @Maxgain0114 Take a look at $nfec. Just look at news today and intraday high and low and tell me it s not a good time to load up

  6. @Jmac86 Look at $nfec, announce groundbreaking technology today, it moves from 3.40 to 4.30 in 30 mins, then 100 share blocks back to 3.44?

  7. @vDr @GrippinGrain if anyone shorts $nfec they are out of their mind

  8. $NFEC todays news is huge. Helping me make back all my $VRNG losses. Also made a quick G on $TUBE this morn

  9. $NFEC I dont sell anything below 5$-6$

  10. $NFEC Markets just cant ignore these news much longer we could see 5$ today

  11. $NFEC mm s holding it down for the remainder of the morning, should jump this afternoon back to 3.90+

  12. $NFEC - http://y.ahoo.it/ngWgzWsd - Tidal Wave Volume - Currently at 5 x average daily volume.

  13. $NFEC 5-6$ this week

  14. $NFEC put a limit order w/ EOD expiration for 1,000 shares in at 3.80, I honestly don t think it will fill.

  15. NF Energy Saving: Other Events http://y.ahoo.it/twLywJs3 $NFEC

  16. @vitsNmins: @WolfpackInvest $NFEC still undervalued Strongly Agree

  17. @WolfpackInvest @GrippinGrain IMO yes, look at all of the new contracts YTD.. $NFEC still undervalued

  18. $NFEC

  19. $VRNG liquidated my entire position after 2 years ~ BIG tax write off! I am making a lot of money in $NFEC tho...

  20. $KNDI all in, watching $HPJ, $INO, $NFEC of which $INO interesting portfolio and sound financial fundamentals... Financed till 2017.

  21. $CMGE,$HGSH,$JRJC,$KUTV,$LEJU,$MOBI,$NFEC,$SCOK,$XUE,$CSUN,$CNTF,$DHRM,$NPD,$LITB,$SCOK,$CREG http://y.ahoo.it/mfd0nwal

  22. $NFEC

  23. @brbpab94 Have not done any dd on $jrjc yet so I m not in on that one. Probably going to buy dips on $nfec and $kndi for now

  24. $NFEC Nice!

  25. $LEJU $NFEC $SNP more China names hitting new 52w hi s today