1. $NFEC Nice!

  2. $LEJU $NFEC $SNP more China names hitting new 52w hi s today

  3. $NFEC still time to jump in at a major discount - 5 dollar stock on sale for 3

  4. $NFEC exploding, new 52 wk high


  6. @Doozio Gotcha. $KNDI was once under 10 dollars, not all that long ago I might add. Expect $NFEC to pass that number after next ER.

  7. @Doozio not sure what you are reffering to? you indicate bullish but junk? $NFEC is hardly junk, its severly undervalued and under the radar

  8. $NFEC more china junk on the radar

  9. @hugopinto @Alpha2014, have either of you taken a serious look at $NFEC? Its flying today, vol picking up. Undervalued, 19 mill in orders.

  10. $NFEC Still extremely undervalued, even if thos closes at 2.90-3.00+, MC will still be about 1/5 of where it should be based booked orders

  11. $NFEC NFEC s New Electric High Torque Control Fills Gap in China http://y.ahoo.it/cjpmnX8l

  12. @BVIndustrials: $NFEC NFEC s New Electric High Torque Control Fills Gap in China.. http://y.ahoo.it/cVXZHvkZ Keep the press releases coming!

  13. $NFEC NFEC s New Electric High Torque Control Fills Gap in China.. http://y.ahoo.it/edmuIzP9

  14. $NFEC computers seem to be in control today. Trying to get it lower in order to load up.

  15. @UpTrendr look at $NFEC, low volume, manipulated like idn for a while, good ER, 19 million in booked orders 1/1/14-6/30/14, MC only 16 mill

  16. Current report, item 5.02 http://y.ahoo.it/zGe9N0ox $NFEC


  18. Gainers-2 8/14 $OVTI 14%, $BPTH 13%, $NFEC 13%, $EPZM 13%, $CNDO 11%, $WLDN 11%, $LINC 11%, $RDCM 11%, $AMRN 11%,

  19. $DRL should finish strong tomorrow even without news. $NFEC excellent value right now

  20. Hey $PLUG, $KNDI, $FCEL, $APP, not a pumper but check out $NFEC, good ER, bal sheet improving, 1/2 ratio sales/MC. Significant upside coming

  21. $NFEC Can you imagine what happens when next 10mil deal is announced 5-10$ stock

  22. $NFEC worth 5.00 at least

  23. $NFEC Quarterly report looks great! Based on Market Cap and info from the ER today, this co is WAY undervalued. Just needs some attention.

  24. NF Energy Saving Corporation Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: NOTE—15 SUBSEQUENT ... http://y.ahoo.it/NexqThjU $NFEC

  25. $NFEC NF Energy Saving Corporation Announces 2014 Second Quarter Financial Results.. http://y.ahoo.it/6QJG4qsO