1. $NFEC My bid out there 500@1.85 Already filled a couple k lower. Gotta put yer money where yer mouth is, I guess.

  2. Losers: $RVLT -15%. $MDGN -13%. $NKA -12%. $NDRM -11%. $NFEC -10%. $FRED -10%. $FRO -9%

  3. $NFEC Buyers are coming soon to rescue 4$ price target

  4. $NFEC Whoa this is crazy! Guess I m going to have to buy more now

  5. $NFEC Last time it was walked down on low volume to these levels we saw the share price double in the following weeks.

  6. $NFEC @WatUpE This is what happens when a company has no regard for shareholders, provides NO information, NO investor relations.

  7. $NFEC WTF, who is selling at these levels? The Market cap is basically less than their annual revenues, plus profitable Qtr just happened!

  8. $NFEC http://finance.yahoo.com/q/is?s=nfec

  9. Hello! We at $NFEC had great ER on 11/14 & released the numbers, delivered by way of the ocean in glass bottle. Did US citizens receive yet?

  10. $NFEC bid and ask was 2.21-2.35 all morning, limited buyers want a discount but those holding don t want to sell.

  11. $NFEC I guess the 3 guys that trade this stock called in sick today. ZERO volume. Unreal.

  12. @GrippinGrain $NFEC

  13. $NFEC strong fundamentals & huge potential, just too deep under the radar. When it does surface it will fly, just gotta be patient

  14. $NFEC thanks to whomever tried to get some attn on this in AH Fri and in PM today. Unfortunately it didn t work, volume is still way to low

  15. Pre-Market Gainers $TSRO 7%, $SNSS 11%, $NYMX 11%, $CVV 11%, $FOLD 12%, $ESPR 12%, $BHI 13%, $NFEC 17%, $CLDX 18%, $EVRY 34%, $CADC 52%

  16. $NFEC Sweet...$)

  17. My friend works as an analyst for RBC and he just told me that $NFEC new financial reports value its shares at around $3.75.

  18. $NFEC Might take a position soon , Shout out Watchlist

  19. @TheStreet needs to provide an upgrade on $NFEC from sell to buy now after the fabulous ER right? Downgrade on 10/16 was based on old info

  20. $NFEC I guess look at this as opportunity to steady accumulate over the next 3 months before the next ER. No reason 52 wk high wont reoccur.

  21. $NFEC WTF, MM s dragging it down to 2.15. Guess we have to wait for a PR or all the way until next ER in February, I HATE THE MARKET.

  22. $NFEC TA seems to have put it in a nice base, the short term target of $2.98. http://www.stoxline.com/quote.php?symbol=NFEC

  23. $NFEC $2.94 million in 3rd qtr revenue, .06 EPS, and market cap is still only 12-13 million? Revenues project to exceed the market cap! BUY!

  24. $NFEC great ER, needs more volume http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/nf-energy-saving-corporation-announces-2014-third-quarter-financial-results-20141114-00406 take a look $KNDI, $JRJC, $PLUG, $IDN, $TWTR

  25. $NFEC needs to be featured in an investing magazine or something. They just need more volume. Spread the word everyone. Nfec is the shiznit