1. $NFEC classic nfec, sitting on roughly 33,200 volume at 1.79, then 500 shares get sold and it drops to 1.71. I remain...

  2. $NFEC yeah buddy come on nfec!

  3. $NFEC Contract is only for 98k but they have been closing multiple small deals in Qtr 1. They all add up to revenue in 2015.

  4. $NFEC: NF Energy Signs Sales Contract with an Electrical Power Company ... http://stocknewshour.com/nf-energy-signs-sales-contract-with-an-electrical-power-company

  5. $NFEC glad to se we didn t hit 1.4 or lower. Stock bounced nicely

  6. $NFEC I d add more but im saving 15k for bojangles IPO coming. Im a manager at one of the bojangles and they are planning big things guys

  7. $NFEC that 1.60ish point seems to be the loading zone for now.

  8. $NFEC Guess I m now bearish in April. Last time it hit 1.60 I bought more. No funds right now, but still another 6 weeks until Q1 ER.

  9. $NFEC Dump dump dump

  10. $NFEC where do y all see this going this summer?

  11. @bkizer77 $NFEC $15 million, announced June 2nd, 2014.

  12. $NFEC does anyone know how much the LXB water supply project is for?

  13. $NFEC already released ER.

  14. $NFEC when is ER

  15. $NFEC guess were waiting till June/July for 3 s again.

  16. $NFEC seems like more coverage lately, i.e. Thompson/Reuters, Value Engine, the Street, etc. that is great, as numbers continue to impress.

  17. $NFEC We expect the gross margin will grow quickly as the LXB Water Supply Project starts to manufacture and supply in 2015.

  18. $NFEC 9.98 million in revenue in 1 year, market cap is 12.5 million. Guidance in ER is for profit margins and revenue to increase in 2015.

  19. $NFEC Good ER, just not enough to generate interest & volume this needs. Still a strong buy but apparently only likes 2 pop on contract news

  20. $NFEC What the hell happened? down over 8%?

  21. $NFEC This is what happens when volume is not there

  22. $NFEC was that as good as people were expecting. Not yet sure if I m going to jump in to this.

  23. $NFEC Total revenue up 76% over last year! Pretty sharp increase in just one year

  24. $NFEC Q4 er about $3.7mil i was exepting 5mil but still looks good steady growth to 2015

  25. 5 top stocks on NASDAQ (Mar.27): $SMT, $DWCH, $EDMC, $NFEC, $PMD http://www.nna100.com/stock_ranking.php?p=NASDAQ-Top-100-BUY-Rating-Stocks&d=2015-03-27