1. $NFEC Institutional ownership up 26.48% Q/Q, with 51,924 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/NFEC

  2. $NFEC Time to dump this POS. Quarter after quarter of excuses and BS. See you under a buck.

  3. $NFEC: NF Energy Saving Corporation Announces 2015 Second Quarter ... http://stockwires.com/nf-energy-saving-corporation-announces-2015-second-quarter

  4. NF Energy Saving Corporation just filed its Quarterly report [Sections 13 or 15(d)] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1213660/000114420415049321/0001144204-15-049321-index.htm $NFEC

  5. $NFEC: New SEC Filing for NFEC: Form 10-Q, No. 0001144204-15-049321 http://stocknewsflow.com/1213660_000114420415049321_0001144204-15-049321

  6. $nfec I m guessing earnings are going to be announced next Thurs can t come soon enough. I m guessing we ll see $1.80 before then.

  7. Gainers $EXEL 49%, $VSLR 44%, $VSLR 44%, $NFEC 38%, $PDII 20%, $SCON 19%, $ANTH 18%, $ATV 17%, $CEL 16%, $CLRB 13%, $EGY 13%, $PTNR 13%,

  8. $NFEC $RCON sector move

  9. $NFEC good volume today. Should be running out of people willing to sell in the $1.50 s.

  10. Top % gainer$: $VSLR 45% $EXEL 43% $NFEC 37% $DUST 24% $JDST 22% $EGY $ATV $CNYD $SCTY $FGEN $CEL $IGLD ;)

  11. Mid-Day Gainers: $VSLR +44% $EXEL +42% $NFEC +38% $EGY +17% $CEL +16% $ATV +16% $PDII +15% $ANTH +13% $PTNR +12% $CNYD +12%

  12. $NFEC Earnings not until mid August. Looks like something s brewing now.

  13. $XGTI $VLTC So volatiles ..big boy knew what to do ..? $VSLR 44% $EXEL 42% $PDII 17% $EGY 14% $ $SLRB $BVA $LII $ANTH $ICLD $CEL $NFEC

  14. $NFEC good volume today. Should be running out of people willing to sell in the $1.30 s.

  15. $NFEC hurry up earnings report. I need u haha

  16. $NFEC I think it should jump up at LEAST 5% on Monday... this is way too low.

  17. $NFEC it always pops when it goes this low

  18. $NFEC Good God. MC at about 1/3 of its signed contracts value. Down hard on low volume suggests a quick bounce? Just a guess

  19. Share an idea on $nfec what in the world? 1.10?

  20. $NFEC market cap down to 7 million. I definitely didn t see it getting down this low time to add to my position.

  21. $NFEC press release didn t help much

  22. $NFEC: NF Energy Saving Corporation Announces Adoption of the Internet+ ... http://stockwires.com/nf-energy-saving-corporation-announces-adoption-of-the-39-internet

  23. $NFEC I wouldn t be surprised to see a pr Thurs or Friday. Stock is so undervalued it s crazy.

  24. $NFEC waiting for next earnings report

  25. $NFEC June is usually good to nfec. We will see