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  2. @markcusw @midwest_momo @Gukaso being in Chinese stocks can be risky yes but a ton of money to be made over the LT by holding $kndi, $nfec.

  3. $NFEC thompson reuters rates this a hold as of 7/24/14, closing price was 2.51. With no news and low volume drop today, retail traders sold

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  5. $NFEC Just wait until next contract announced, or upcoming ER should be good. w/ volume based on news/ER could go back to 3.10 in a hurry.

  6. $NFEC Now dropped to 2.31 today. Hit 3.10 52 week high 7/21, week later its down this far on low volume. Retail, hang in, no changes since!

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  10. @notelonmusk 275, looking to add more, waiting for $NFEC to jump on volume to trim a bit there. Also waiting until next week on $KNDI

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  13. some small ones that I still think have big potential $LUNA, $GPRC $NFEC, $ELTK watch volume on all these!

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  19. $NFEC Wow hit new 52 week high at 3.10 earlier today. Now we come all the way back down to 2.75? One of these days it s gonna hold 3plus

  20. $PLUG, $NFEC, $KNDI, $GALE all in beast mode, my portfolio is up 6.5 % on the daily. Sorry to brag but been a while since opportunity 2doso

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  23. $NFEC man what potential . is today the day?

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