1. $NFEC Just watch this closely.I am exepting 5-7$mil Q4 revenues and for 2015 Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 stable 4-6$mil revenues.

  2. $NFEC Somebody is starting to notice. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/strong-results---a-quarterly-analysis-new-reports-on-newport-nf-energy-nn-inc-nordson-and-nortech-systems-286206231.html

  3. @NordestKapital $nfec I do agree with that. There has been very little buying OR selling on the way down. It could pop..I ve seen it before.

  4. $NFEC There are no big sellers until price is 4$

  5. $NFEC Something is BAD wrong here.

  6. @TobyRocks @lukemcmanus @GrippiGrain would be nice if when I pick an investment $NFEC that makes common sense, that common sense would apply

  7. @lukemcmanus $NFEC Problem is it could get MUCH more undervalued. Company doesn t support the stock. I ll be a buyer under a buck.

  8. $NFEC Absolutely brutal. But undervalued nonetheless. Give this one time.

  9. $NFEC Not giving up till it hits 52 week low.

  10. $NFEC wish I had money to buy more...

  11. @olameow Most of my money wrapped up in $NFEC which I m very confident about. Great earnings & way undervalued. Nice 2 meet someone local :)

  12. $PLUG u buy this with the hope/belief it s going to triple in a day. Don t sweat the small daily losses. Other great long plays $NFEC $XXII

  13. @WatUpE $nfec He s hearing rumors and seeing buyers. Maybe deaf and blind? :D

  14. @NordestKapital $NFEC, The buyers are coming? Do they trade w/ paper orders like back in 1930 s?Hopefully the admin will get those uploaded!

  15. $NFEC Is this undervalued China stock ?

  16. $NFEC I can see buyers are coming NOW NOW

  17. $XXII I m holding $XXII as well but expect to $NFEC rip much higher

  18. $XXII You want to talk discount take a look at $NFEC about triple the discount here with close to 20 million worth of signed gov contracts

  19. $NFEC Q4 earnings is probably 4-7mil.Why investors does not read what compay CEO says and more projects/orders is coming soon

  20. $NFEC added more last week & another order in today but nobody s selling. Good indicator that this will explode once it gets noticed $DGLY

  21. @NordestKapital $NFEC I heard rumors... Now where could you possibly hear rumors about a tiny Chinese company that no one even knows about?

  22. $NFEC I heard rumors that company is in talks to get 100-300 sets Landfil Leachate orders deployed landfill sites in the country.

  23. $NFEC My bid out there 500@1.85 Already filled a couple k lower. Gotta put yer money where yer mouth is, I guess.

  24. Losers: $RVLT -15%. $MDGN -13%. $NKA -12%. $NDRM -11%. $NFEC -10%. $FRED -10%. $FRO -9%

  25. $NFEC Buyers are coming soon to rescue 4$ price target