1. $NFLX ...other than october 14...takes the elevator up and stair steps down...thinking we ll know when the top is relatively from wkly chrt

  2. Gotta play $NFLX both ways,no other choice. Bubble or burst, gotta able to make $ BOTH ways @hotairstocks play hand dealt to us any givn day

  3. If stock defies all co valuations/financials,trading technicals,rallies parabolic,how do u know how high it goes&how bad will be burst $NFLX

  4. $NFLX $900 end of this year

  5. Where is the expert analyzt David Trainers analysis now on $nFlx ?need a link if you have one

  6. 2 things Ye can count on for Tues if you ask my guess. #1. Another Analyst Pump Price Upgrade. #2. Another Insider unloading shares. $NFLX

  7. If subscriber#s increase in even pleasant spring and summer time, I would literally have my jaw drop at our lazy bumminess as a nation $NFLX

  8. July ER could push $NFLX either way, $700+ if news way too good, or back to $350 if news all too bad. Nobody can say for sure, NOBODY

  9. $NFLX When July ER shows another increase in subscribers = 800+

  10. So what if CEO Reed is unloading $NFLX shares? I hear analysts Pumps in the morning, and Insiders Dumps in the evening. LOL. Euphoria baby

  11. $NFLX even NFLX CEO unloading shares at these lofty levels. Knows it won t last.

  12. $NFLX What after Reed Hastings s Insider Unload of Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Stock? http://www.octafinance.com/what-after-reed-hastingss-

  13. @ridethewave1966 If $NFLX consolidates to under $600 level, is it possible it doesnt bounce back this time and just keeps heading lower?

  14. $NFLX Max Pain is 615.00 for maturity 05/22/2015. Price = 621.87. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=NFLX&urk=NFLX

  15. Insiders unloadin left&right, PEG6.96, PE161, RSI80, debt up d wazoo fed int rates goin up latr, comp stiff, but powers that b want $NFLX UP

  16. $NFLX under 600 next week, move is over, time to consolidate

  17. Netflix s CEO just cashed-in 52,269 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1723803 $NFLX

  18. $NFLX: New Insider Transaction on NFLX by CEO HASTINGS REED: http://insideri.com/1065280_000119072515000120_0001190725-15-000120

  19. Insider Transaction: $NFLX Automatic Sale at $625 per share of 1091 shares by Officer Peters Gregory K on 2015-05-19.

  20. IF $NFLX parabolic move turns out to be like Nokia or Cisco chart during Y2K era,how many longs are bound to suffer in due time? god help em

  21. i think analysts trying to create a national aura for $NFLX that all 7B humans need air, water, food & $NFLX to survive on planet earth.

  22. $NFLX stock s being blessed daily wit super positive catalyst news, all roses, all heavenly, no thorns, no problems, just $$ & growth always

  23. Wow...bad day...was playing the momos long $NFLX $PCLN $GOOGL and got run over.

  24. Personally, I am puking sick of watching daily analysis videos by ST pundits here that have been sayin $NFLX is overvalued and overextended.

  25. Any guesses on the LOW of the week and HIGH of the week for nexxt week in $NFLX? throw your wild guesses out here peeps