1. $NFLX are we supposed to believe analysts now when most didnt see 550 this year?

  2. Mkt is setting up for one last huge shake n bake IMO how $ibb $tsla $nflx $amzn ect hold up will be biggest clues

  3. $NFLX options will be over the top expensive the week of earnings. Better to buy CALL or PUT options the next morning after they deflate.

  4. $NFLX releasing Earnings on 7/15 After Close (Confirmed). Anybody buying/selling in Earnings? http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=NFLX

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  6. $NFLX goldman isnt telling u to invest in nflx . they are telling u to buy straddle and close within 5 days of er so please b careful

  7. @WSAnalyst Live updates of polls http://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2015/jul/05/live-results-greek-referendum $NBG $GREK $AAPL $AMGN $GILD $FB $TWTR $GTN $BAC $BABA $CELG $NKE $NFLX

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  9. only 6 more trading sessions till $NFLX splits 7-1. Will the Computer programs generate a pre split run soon? What is Icahn up to?

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  12. $IEP - remaining $NFLX stake was sold June 24th for $1.6 Billion profit which will show up in 2nd quarter earnings report. Go Brett go !!!

  13. $NFLX 300

  14. $NFLX next stop $700 then $800 and before the split, $900.

  15. $AXPW please shoot up like $NFLX or $AMBA pls

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  18. Also... Can t stress enough the imortance of 660 acting as magnet. $NFLX

  19. Opinion has not changed. Still a top. Just hard to time for a short with news event coming. $NFLX


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  22. $AAPL $TSLA hit targets for exceptional profits! Still in $NFLX $CAT and $IBM for the upcoming week!

  23. @10kTrader: $NFLX -----Support and resistance levels

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