1. $NFLX You see the trend now? up at the opening decline at closing..one day the decline will be 3 digit and you will holding the dogy bag LOL

  2. $NFLX Pretty please!

  3. $NFLX give me -$2.77 I will cover +$5 please..............

  4. $NFLX sell off in preparation for $AMZN earnings. If $AMZN beats subscriber estimates while $NFLX did not, expect TIMBBBEEEERRRR

  5. $NFLX why are people selling this now- remember Mark Cuban owns this stock- lets not forget that

  6. $NFLX i hope cuban tweets when he dumps too

  7. $AMZN fall $100 same $NFLX did

  8. $NFLX Boring money

  9. $NFLX time to add to my puts here. support broken - anticipating market selloff/profit taking + AMZN earnings tonight affecting $NFLX

  10. @MathIsBack @RealFanboy101 True & after a massive run up on $NFLX he dumped en masse and caused flas crash in whole market.Yes day will come

  11. $NFLX going on a buy 1 get one share free sale

  12. $NFLX jesus, this cant stay down one single point without idiots RUSHING to buy, outstandingly mindblowing

  13. Will positive $AMZN growth effect $NFLX to do the downside? $AMZN is a much better service and offers much more content and perks

  14. $NFLX IS it going to fill this morning gap???

  15. $NFLX Stoked I got out when I did- Crazies will most likely drive this puppy higher but I may buy some bearish call spreads tomorrow

  16. Algos don t like the word Ebola... $SPY $NFLX

  17. $NFLX Iopefully I am waiting 3 more weeks...:)

  18. $NFLX I don t post charts but analyze indicators/rationale for my spread trading fills in a Sat.musings. Will email on request.

  19. $SPY confirmed breakout above --->$195<--- as noted in my {VIDEO} yesterday. $AAPL $FB $GOOGL $AMZN $TSLA $NFLX

  20. @jasonmiller It is another language this cps trading. You don t trade how it s moving, only support. Only trading $NFLX for gd. credits.

  21. $NFLX This will give back over - $100 when big boys done playing with it MARK THIS POST

  22. $NFLX Took the opportunity to short more today thank you ladies & gentlemen

  23. @MoiMusings hmm I see it $NFLX..I like it, too.

  24. $NFLX limit filled- I am out. Already thinking about getting back in. This stock is going to have to pay the piper but not today

  25. $SPY getting some nice legs higher, but most of the momos except for $NFLX $GOOGL look a bit tired here. Consolidating until next run.Hmm