1. $NFLX Beast mode (re) activated or is it a trap? Bueller?

  2. $NFLX nflx

  3. $NFLX not in 1 tradin day but soon that would make for a great year as 2015 has started out from this S play last 3 days along with

  4. $NFLX 9 minutes to go...you know what to do!

  5. $NFLX should fill that huge gap down to $320-$330 soon I hope

  6. $NFLX 414 is my target

  7. $NFLX but but it going to 800 LOl or 500 people stated maybe but not b4 it pulls back hard a no brainer trade after the POP

  8. Watch how the CALL options premiums all decay & dry up IF & once $NFLX moves south and does NOT snap back up again. LOL

  9. If CEO Reed is selling his $NFLX stock, why is he not coming out & issuing a PR asking investors to sell sell sell too, just like him???

  10. $NFLX It was all over when insane buyout rumors were floated on this board.

  11. $NFLX will b playin S again on any POPS ta pivot area

  12. $NFLX people takin about S trade hell it was all over the wall 3 days ago when the little green candles became smaller an smaller an RSI

  13. $NFLX Tuesday s low was just breached in PM.

  14. $NFLX As I said yesterday, it only takes one of a coalition (of MMs) to start a sell off. Remember there s no honor amongst thieves.

  15. $NFLX dip below to $400 and no more snap back rally back to new highs. it will go down and stay there at the lows

  16. For perspective on sentiment and valuation, $BIDU traded under 5b at its lows...ditto $NFLX. Valuation matters - period. $BABA 120 dumb

  17. CEO REED sells like $18M of $NFLX shares and Yahoo Finance dont show nothing about it. Shame on such deception. Make public aware of it

  18. $NFLX Machines loaded with shares to dump. Don t get in the way.

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  20. $NFLX Buy it all up as soon as you can here for a move to 465 today

  21. $NFLX Netflix has to confirm the inside day - http://www.wincrease.com/stocks/netflix/

  22. $NFLX gave so many room to exit in 440 s and got down to 441 with that nasty gripping fear wrenching stomachs around the globe. Respect nflx


  24. $NFLX Wow just read the CEO sold $17 million worth at $435 on Monday...that and the parabolic move up on not great volume...reversal time

  25. $NFLX Major Reversal Areas - Major Resistance $454 - Major Support $437 Can price flush below the $437? If so it will get Nasty. Cheers :D