1. $NFLX another Icahn/Soros-owned hated about to breakout for 20.65 initially after 65% selldown. RIG

  2. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 3.7% in $NFLX in his Core Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  3. $NFLX might retrace back to the 475 range tomorrow. Picked up a few of the ITM weekly calls.

  4. $NFLX - 1. I am very worried about the competition. 2. Also, last ER had some things I did not like. 3. Valuation is off the Charts.

  5. $NFLX Waiting for rejection on this bounce for a short - not near resistance yet

  6. Forget the Noise, Here’s How to Invest for Net Neutrality http://www.wyattresearch.com/article/net-neutrality-investing/ $NFLX $CMCSA $LVLT $AMT $CCI $SBAC

  7. $NFLX it should test 469s imo agin, maybe 5 ema on daily

  8. $nflx dont with you holding the 10 day way too well for my taste 10% winner oh well

  9. Is $NFLX Only Pretending To Champion Net Neutrality? http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/is-netflix-inc-nflx-only-pretending-to-champion-net-neutrality-339933/#H06sB1mgCeBtSPwv.99

  10. $mos did make it my target.... $nflx not so much giving up

  11. $NFLX Takes an hour for this to slowly lose a buck. Then take 300 shares and 10 seconds to rise 2 bucks. Controlled descent.

  12. $AMZN Be careful.... rising wedge with negative divergences everywhere...similar to $NFLX http://stocktwits.com/message/33584547

  13. $NFLX Grinding my puts away... sheesh. Just die already.

  14. Think $SPY $IWM and major indices get going real soon. Wud take $NFLX $TSLA $AMZ $V $GS $AAPL with it. Ready to these crush these 4 earnings

  15. $nflx die time get it done already

  16. hey Cuban, why say tech bubble is WORSE than 15 years ago if you keep owning so many $NFLX shares is what i wanna know. isnt that hypocrisy?

  17. Mark Cuban says tech bubble worse than 15 years ago. Then why doesnt he sell all his $NFLX shares to prove his pt.??????

  18. @andyswan: Is Netflix LOSING its luster? http://blog.likefolio.com/post/112783790047/is-netflix-losing-its-luster $NFLX

  19. $NFLX 455 target on the short side

  20. $NFLX wait till it hits yesterday intra day low of 463s ouch its gonna speed up to the downside. Pain is coming. Done!

  21. $NFLX lol we upgrade nflx because season 3 of HOC starts next week ... anyone not at least protect their position deserves what they get

  22. $NFLX It can t break the middle bollinger band for some reason! Cmon

  23. $NFLX Why is this going back up? What a joke.

  24. $NFLX bye bye $NFLX ... the longer it takes to break 465 the worse its going to be. Still looking for 450s this week. DONE!

  25. $NFLX where will this puppy be on close friday????