1. $NFLX Bro...put the cider down...you re going waaaaayyyyyy overboard...let s wait til next week and see what this does.

  2. $NFLX = Diesel TRAIN for Friday??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. $NFLX trying to push $125 was not expected but some want that short cash by eod....

  4. $NFLX 130 Friday

  5. $NFLX ..gets a global melt up into eod??? OMG...this is insanity at its best!

  6. $NFLX ...please no TRAINS into eod!!!! Please!

  7. Currently YOLOing on $AAPL $FB $NFLX . If these go up, I m retiring. If they go down, I m taking out another mortgage on my house

  8. $NFLX shorts are on the Fence and the fence has a time limit... hmmmmmm

  9. long $VRX $BIIB $NFLX over the holiday

  10. $NFLX I just don t get how there are still naysayers- This stock has a rabid cult following who does not care about fundamentls-

  11. Told people that $NFLX could find nice strong support at $120 and retest highs... bouncer $130 short term target

  12. $NFLX This stock just doesn t give a fack. Up.

  13. $NFLX may have to enter an NSA play and if that occurs...watch out above....

  14. Sold my $NFLX and got into $FIT. Might have been a bad move...

  15. $NFLX ...Uncle Charlie is pushing the limits..... short plays adding fuel.... hmmmmm...$125+++???

  16. $NFLX Absolutely refuses to go down. How many scarred PMs can we cram into FANG? If you are now lagging its called bet your job time.

  17. $NFLX ...Dammit Jake! You guys tick me off!

  18. $NFLX back to 124

  19. $NFLX = Cup and handle problem...do not buy it!!!!!

  20. $NFLX some GS employees twisted 127 EOD just waiting

  21. $NFLX ??? OMG...Do not push her to 125+++ into eod.... don t do it.

  22. $NFLX I m thinking we re gonna have a big sell off this last hour

  23. $NFLX Created an account a few days ago just to post crap about Netflix. How sad are you?

  24. $NFLX 124 s real soon!!!!

  25. Dammit! I said do not push $NFLX today...what are you clowns doing????