1. $NFLX shorting short term to $380 LT tgt $600 Market selling off on great earnings & guidance raises by growth companies. Toppish sentiment.

  2. $NFLX Predicting a late day surge to the 426$ area. Let s see if I m right.

  3. $NFLX implied volatility (forward looking risk in stock price per the option market) just hit an all-time low... right now.

  4. $NFLX I guess it s about $420, with a target ~$55 lower, or $365

  5. $NFLX out at 3.05. lunchmoney gains

  6. $NFLX where is the neckline? ne1?

  7. @harryzimm2013 why out of $NFLX. No competition out there against $NFLX. It s a beast

  8. There will continue to be selling pressure on $NFLX $amzn $qcom and those funds moving over to $fb and $aapl... so obvious..

  9. $NFLX continues rejecting higher prices and remains trading below EMA50. http://y.ahoo.it/pAidIVw3

  10. @MoiMusings i like that $nflx trade, sue

  11. $NFLX awfully quiet in here..

  12. $VVUS $goog missed $v missed $NFLX Missed vvus will be hammered

  13. MyTrailing Stop taken out on my $NFLX trade this taking my profits http://y.ahoo.it/qb6roWb9

  14. Not really good trades only in $NFLX and $AMZN but I will practice patience on these ones (at least is the intention), they will come back

  15. @stags $NFLX agree/overreaction/support 420. Williams -90/RSI 40 normal bounce pt Will fill wk.1 b/p Monday credit spread using 420 short

  16. $NFLX it a buy and market over reaction especially when you use it all the time (binge time)

  17. $NFLX keep buying the pops, and we will keeping shorting them

  18. @HedgeFundOfOne Apologies for the confusion. I meant sub $420 for $NFLX.

  19. @delatopia Well said. $NFLX has the potential to break $400 and head back to $380s

  20. $NFLX as i said earlier today for short term longs. If this stock goes below 419 the next support is small and at 411. after that us 387.

  21. $NFLX new LOD

  22. $NFLX : very weird, the stock has weakened as $QQQ has strengthened.

  23. $NFLX: just a little downside left. $420 is the bottom!

  24. $NFLX chart gettin uglier everyday...jumped in with some puts

  25. $NFLX heading lower....