1. Stopped out of $NG_F . Time to look at the bigger picture behind the upside 🤐

  2. Big bid #natgas today: $UNG Hod here +5.85% $NG_F $UGAZ $DGAZ

  3. $NG_F i want to see 2.286 break then I ll be bullish again. For now, switching back to $DGAZ . $UGAZ

  4. $NG_F Very similar to 5/23 pattern.

  5. $NG_F this will drop and fill the gap which has been created today. it will happen quickly at some point this week.

  6. $NG_F #Natgas up from 1.90 low is doing a 5-3-5 structure and can see 2.35 area before a pull back is seen #Elliottwave

  7. $NG_F #Natgas broke above 2.195 peak & now showing an incomplete bullish sequence higher from 1.61 low #Elliottwave

  8. The price #natural gas 1st time above it 200 dma. $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $HNU.CA vs $DGAZ $HND.CA

  9. Covered $NG_F for now. I liked the move it gave this morning with gap fill. $UGAZ $DGAZ . Now I m back in $JNUG $NUGT $GDX. $DUST $JDST

  10. Lol, took nice profit from $UGAZ. $NG_F $UNG vs $DGAZ

  11. $NG_F $ugaz smart $$ taking profit, smarter shorting.

  12. $NG_F long target one hit @ 2.22

  13. $NG_F Next resistance at 2.28 $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG

  14. $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F 2. Stop posting weather charts, no trader cares

  15. $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F 1. Please stop posting fundamental analysis. No one here have sufficient knowledge or data to make such analysis.

  16. Natty gained 0.11 per MBtu (5.34%) last week, regaining 20dMA; S/T momentum indicators are trending up $NG_F $UNG

  17. 100 % b s. OPEC fail. Just short @ http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/t.hou/horizons-betapro-nymex-crude-oil-bull-plus-etf-new?postid=24918327 $USO $SCO $UWTI $DWTI $CL_F $OIL #OIL $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG $NG_F $CAT

  18. $ng_f https://thetradingstrategist.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/natural-gas-may-31-view


  20. Oil scam @ http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/t.hou/horizons-betapro-nymex-crude-oil-bull-plus-etf-new?postid=24918210 $USO $SCO $UWTI $DWTI $CL_F $OIL #OIL $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG $NG_F $CAT

  21. $NG_F forecasting huge moves if breaks 2.19 then above 2.26-2.28. $UGAZ $DGAZ

  22. $NG_F, $UNG Near decision time. Momentum could thrust this up that downtrend line.

  23. Today s Top 3 Trades (trend reversal/momentum ideas) $EURJPY, $AUDJPY, $NG_F https://goo.gl/39wGyT #Commodities, #Forex #FX

  24. $NG_F testing a confluence of resistance here. Wide range on the daily, but weekly looks ready to breakout. $UNG

  25. $NG_F $UGAZ $DGAZ ....getting a little chilly but still good for fishing..