1. Natural Gas Technical Update: A Look At The Weather Forecast & What s Next http://www.seeitmarket.com/natural-gas-breaks-lower-eyes-november-2013-low-13834/ by @MikeZaccardi $NG_F $UNG $XLE $STUDY

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  10. @FinancialJuice: Russian Energy Minister Novak says Ukraine should find sources to pay for gas with EU help within a week $MACRO $NG_F

  11. Russian Energy Minister Novak says Ukraine should find sources to pay for gas with EU help within a week $MACRO $NG_F

  12. http://tradablepatterns.com/2014/10/22/3523/ Today s technical analysis $CT_F, $EURUSD, $AUDUSD, $GBPUSD, $SI_F, $ZS_F, $ZW_F, $ZC_F, $SB_F, $CL_F, $NG_F, $BUXL

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  15. $DGAZ, $NG_F 3.7trn in storage by mid nov. bulls better get 3 polar vortexes right then otherwise NG will tank fast & furious.

  16. $NG_F After a month of lower...growth, NG production is poised to shatter existing records through the end of the year Weixler-Bentek

  17. $UGAZ Also gasa, at the same time I make $ buying and selling $NG_F and $KT_F. UGAZ for me is to acumulate in the lows and wait for the cold

  18. @PersianTrader @tradegreen2014 ahh, the ole resting on seniority argument. you still haven t presented a bullish case for $NG_F

  19. @betaloss: and focus on $NG_F. Shorting $UNG or adding $DGAZ on any moves higher in NG is advisable keep buying dgaz, see u in poor house.

  20. @PersianTrader enough with the uneducated winter comments. look at past winters and see for yourself how $NG_F responded

  21. @PersianTrader based on what? make a bullish case for $NG_F. Yeah, I thought so. Go back to licking yourself, silly cat.

  22. $UGAZ $NG_F Next week we will play with new futures... Will be interesting the gap on Monday... :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PgOBfqSa0w

  23. $UGAZ We had today the last low in $NG_F that I remember. Good moment to add UGAZ and bought some futures to play this week, 25 new futures

  24. $NG_F First target at 3.75 $ for the gap fill second at 3.93 $ $

  25. I thought we agreed that $UGAZ sideways channel was $3. I ll leave resting BUYS @ 10.55/40 $NG_F http://stocktwits.com/message/28255469