1. Natty Gas has Bullish blush on RSI STO, regained 50-dMA and a penny from recouping 20-dMA at 2.82 $UNG $UGAZ $NG_F

  2. $DGAZ $UGAZ $NG_F Looks like the CME pit closing manipulator is back! I m back in $DGAZ at $5.50

  3. $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ FX Empire Analysis $BOILhttp://www.fxempire.com/commodities/natural-gas/technical-studies

  4. Our latest wx analysis was sent to subscribers @ bespokeweather.com. Here s free technical analysis $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F

  5. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASL $BOIL $UNG $KOLD Days of Supply Model 2 update - generally bullish inclination


  7. $UNG $NG_F $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL WJ says heat is building fast in Texas #1 state for Nat Gas & warns of Short Covering.

  8. @Grimalkin closed my $DGAZ for break even, I don t know what $NG_F has in store, going to wait for a better signal.

  9. closed my $DGAZ for break even, I don t know what $NG_F has in store, going to wait for a better signal.

  10. $NG_F let s be honest, all the smart traders are playing the range and waiting for something substantial to move price higher or lower

  11. This blog post is one of most detailed we ve done on our August forecast and how we made it: https://www.bespokeweather.com/blog?id=275 $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F $DGAZ

  12. Our latest blog explains our August monthly weather forecast, showing how it could impact nat gas: https://www.bespokeweather.com/blog?id=275 $UGAZ UNG $NG_F

  13. $NG_F continues to be a trading affair ahead of inventory data. Same type of price action we have seen over the last 3 weeks

  14. $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ Natural Gas - Resistance $2.82 http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/08/natural-gas-resistance-282.html

  15. $DGAZ easily going to 6.50 as $NG_F crumbles to 2.65; lower into the 2.50 s thereafter for more DGAZ profits. $UNG

  16. $NG_F failure to move hire today, opens door for test of support/better entry point $UGAZ $DGAZ $SPY $BIB $TNA $MIDU

  17. Our latest blog explains why afternoon weather model guidance will drive natural gas prices today: https://www.bespokeweather.com/blog?id=274 $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F

  18. $UGAZ $NG_F Place your bets.

  19. $NG_F $UGAZ seven year coil $DGAZ

  20. Gap up for $UGAZ and Gap down for $GDAZ $UNG $NG_F

  21. $NG_F $UGAZ $DGAZ Where s @NatGasPro and @romed been?? I know its summer and people vacation, but give us a check in guys :-)

  22. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASL $BOIL $UNG $KOLD NG net imports have been consistently declining - now below 20,000 MMcf

  23. $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG $NG_F Natty back to 8 day ema w/blue arrow inside & up formation. $SPY $BIB $TNA $MIDU

  24. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASL $BOIL $UNG $KOLD Net Balance growth is negative - should support the price of natural gas

  25. $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ Natural Gas - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/08/natural-gas-technical-analysis-trends.html