1. $NG_F Natgas hitting another major support. http://stocktwits.com/message/31950339

  2. $NG_F Monster reversal up Possible

  3. $NG_F The reports going to less and less wait . Oil bottoming natural in a world of it own. Not just heating oil. IEA replacing oil number 1

  4. $NG_F Infinity reversal up make my day shorts. Top of first no outs. Us LNG

  5. $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ looks like $NG_F will see ATLs of 2.59 before any hope of trend reversal.

  6. @Thinking_Loud $NG_F 10 more cents To reach ATLs 2.59! what a crash! Not adding anymore until i see trend reversal. http://stocktwits.com/message/31947361

  7. $NG_F historic infinity monster squeeze up. Take you charts please short. Like Dow 6400 in2008

  8. @free2catchfish I believe OIL should drop hard, but $NG_F should have some kind of strength .... shorting OIL made more sense

  9. $UGAZ $NG_F $DGAZ

  10. @iRookie i here ya...but you would think DEEP FREEZE would support $NG_F $UGAZ even though with low demand for OIL ...HUGE DISCONNECT!!!

  11. @NaturalGas365 @Gbones2692 @Swag_Trader there it goes boyz...say bye bye to OIL ...low demand for OIL, high demand for $NG_F BIG DISCONNECT!

  12. $NG_F Infinity monster monster monster short squeeze fools

  13. $NG_F Infinity monster squeeze up LNG game changer. Not even in. Make my day foolish shorts. Game over

  14. $UGAZ Shorting MORE on DELATIONARY DEPRESSION Taking $NG_F price to $1

  15. markets now $NG_F , $CL_F , $ZB_F , $GC_F , $SI_F , $HG_F , $DX_F , $ES_F , $NQ_F commodities hit! oil/natgas new lows http://stocktwits.com/message/31943813

  16. $NG_F Yes and no desperate shorts infinity squeeze up!!!!!!!!


  18. $UGAZ is about to cross price with $NG_F http://stocktwits.com/message/31943194

  19. $NG_F Please please short more pleas make day !!!! Infinity move up a dollar in day can be seen

  20. $NG_F Please make my foolish shorts please. Monster squeeze

  21. $NG_F numbers meaningless historic move higher discounted negative turns positive big time

  22. $NG_F Infinity reversal up !

  23. $NG_F Desperate foolish shorts game over! Infinity short squeeze up above 3!!!!!!!!!

  24. $NG_F Done ... NG with that report is finished this winter plus yesterdays oversupply news ... wow!!!

  25. $NG_F Desperate short infinity short squeeze up! Game over