1. I think these producers are now realizing what a mistake being aggressive in Marcellus was. They re making peanuts on that $NG_F ,

  2. Did you see that $CHK got avg. $2.45 for their $NG_F this past qtr? 1/3 of their production is from Marcellus. They report next week.

  3. $APC will produce 8% less $NG_F in 3rd qtr than 2nd. They produced less this qtr than same qtr last year. Less supply=higher prices.

  4. $DGAZ $NG_F The way it s done.. Easy in and out.. http://y.ahoo.it/afMGVEZ4

  5. Natty $NG_F showing increasing evidence of short-term bottoming w/ August off the board as of today http://y.ahoo.it/IvcdZshx

  6. For a lower risk $NG_F entry, wait for $DGAZ to close in 4 hr. cloud. Right now that s about $4.30.

  7. Forget the $NG_F chart. 2nd time this entire month $DGAZ traded under 1 hr. cloud. 1st was yesterday. May close under it this hour 1st time.

  8. $NG_F Why is it popping?

  9. $NG_F And it only took about 2000 Aug. contracts to move it 10 cents. Anyway, I ll take it. :)

  10. Isn t that special? Biggest gain in past 32 days on $NG_F and only GS got the benefit. Entire move in last hr. No one is long front by then.

  11. $ung $ng_f breaking out big on the 60min

  12. @rokhnmb Pt well taken; I shouldn t have bothered playing a ST bounce here, esp given bearish MACD on wkly $NG_F chart which I had pted out

  13. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ Polar Vortex!!!!

  14. $UGAZ $NG_F $DGAZ $UNG http://y.ahoo.it/Z89teEGC

  15. $NG_F Bulls Fleeing Natural Gas as Goldman Sees Further Decline http://y.ahoo.it/JlhWBH13

  16. @JerryK: Goldman made $1.5B shorting $NG_F the past 6 weeks. Nice, huh? (128K contracts x $1.15) and may even go down further

  17. $UGAZ $NG_F $DGAZ $KOLD $BOIL $UNG http://y.ahoo.it/yKfvLa5O

  18. $UGAZ $NG_F $DGAZ $KOLD $BOIL $UNG Page 1 of 2 (Once and one time posting) Trade @ ur own risk! GL http://y.ahoo.it/07cdTHn6

  19. $NG_F opened 1 lot long @ 3.789 for bounce ahead of inventory #s; sell stop @ 3.7, sell limit @ 3.85 http://y.ahoo.it/ld9XgIp6

  20. $UGAZ $NG_F $DGAZ $KOLD $BOIL $UNG 1 of 4 http://y.ahoo.it/PTnWDew1

  21. $UGAZ $NG_F $DGAZ $KOLD $BOIL $UNG http://y.ahoo.it/iPaqgT42

  22. $NG_F put me down for 90 Bcf on the weekly report 7/31...

  23. $UNG Resistance $21.21 $21.45 Gap=$21.77 $22.38..Support $20.59 $20.46 Gap=$19.81 $19.55 $19.47..Manage Risk-More @UNGTrader $NG_F

  24. $NG_F $UGAZ $DGAZ in the chop box, i have a feeling it resolves lower but will play either way http://y.ahoo.it/gaNEUW2z

  25. Goldman made $1.5B shorting $NG_F the past 6 weeks. Nice, huh? (128K contracts x $1.15)