1. $NG_F monster squeeze up above 3 then 4 then 5 and above6 plus

  2. @dtarian04: $NG_F Call me mad. NG 3.5 coming soon. $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG lots of comments for your posts. Good thing folks aren t trading w/you

  3. Natural Gas - LOW TREND CONTINUES $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/04/natural-gas-low-trend-continues_1.html

  4. Trend reversal/momentum ideas $CL_F, $NG_F, $ZS_F, $ZW_F, $ES_F, $NQ_F, $VIX $VX_F, $CT_F, $GBPUSD, $EURUSD https://tradablepatterns.com/2015/04/02/wti-crude-cl_f-continues-rallying-bearish-inventory/

  5. SHORT $DGAZ $1.20 profit: #EIA $NG_F $UGAZ $ GASL $DGAZ

  6. Natural Gas - Pivots (support and resistance - intraday) $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/04/natural-gas-pivots-support-and.html

  7. $UGAZ $GASL $DGAZ $NG_F I ll go make a quick NATTY video b/c I don t think the $UGAZ folks see this on the washout


  9. $NG_F Above 5.20 min move we see.

  10. $NG_F Can go anove 6 fast.

  11. $NG_F 2.633 target hit & closed. New target = 2.529.

  12. $OIL $USO $UCO $CL_F $NG_F $XLE The U.S. oil benchmark saw its biggest one-day percentage rise in nearly two months http://ryanoilusa.com

  13. $NG_F looking like a long here to me. $UGAZ

  14. $NG_F Natural gas above5 and much higher

  15. $CL_F $USO $GC_F $NG_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com Natty Pit Closed: H: 2.643 L: 2.583 Close: 2.603 Open: 2.641

  16. Crude Pit Closed: H: 50.45 L: 47.57 Close: 50.01 Open: 47.65 $CL_F $USO $GC_F $NG_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  17. $NG_F - long @2.643 -> stopped @2.619 (-460$)

  18. $NG_F Late but, shorted some at 2.62.Not looking good at all. $DGAZ $UGAZ $UNG

  19. $CL_F $OIL $UWTI $NG_F getting there...

  20. German Minister Tonight will see new proposals at Iran talks, but there is still uncertainty $CL_F $USO $GC_F $NG_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPX

  21. Natural Gas Futures - Technical Analysis (Daily - STRONG SELL) $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/04/natural-gas-futures-technical-analysis.html

  22. $NG_F http://ryanoilusa.com/natural-gas/

  23. Iran talks on hold, no draft seen-TASS $CL_F $USO $GC_F $NG_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  24. Goldman lowers US Q1 GDP tracking to 0.8% from 0.7%,due to less Construction Spending $CL_F $USO $GC_F $NG_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPX

  25. JPM Global Manufacturing PMI (Mar) M/M 51.8 (Prev. 52.0) $CL_F $USO $GC_F $NG_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com