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  2. $NG_F that candle turned red, $DGAZ good to go

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  11. @daddymac @buy_low_sell_high What s the point? Record production/supply that is still growing, storage deficit nearly gone. $NG_F

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  13. $NG_F 3654.going.vertical-up

  14. $NG_F at a key fib level here on the weekly; 3.656 - watch it today for a long opp

  15. @buy_low_sell_high $NG_F $UNG production is at all time highs, injections are setting records, winter demand won t = last year.

  16. $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ A little confused. Last week the inj report was lower I believe than subsequent #s but natgas still dropped? Wearher wierd

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