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  9. Been difficult to get a bead on natty gas in this range, but it feels rippy here after yet another false breakdown... $NG_F

  10. $UGAZ will today mark the date which we see NAT GAS once again become hedge again equities markets? $SPY $NG_F

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  20. $NG_F Take a look at any other commodity. All are at the low. At least gas is just churning at this point. Be thankful you don t own silver.

  21. @jssc in Jan. when $NG_F hit 4.05 $UGAZ was about 18.5 and $DGAZ 10. Now 13.85 and 4.30 respectively. U is much better on decay.

  22. @milliondollars @jbay whats stopping it from going to 10s? $NG_F go well below 3.00 again for it to hit the 10s.

  23. $DGAZ $UGAZ $NG_F U.S. Rig Count is unchanged from last wk at 1931, oil rigs + 9 to 1601, gas rigs minus 9 to 329, and misc.rigs same at 1.

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  25. $NG_F glut of natural gas worldwide seekingalpha.com/news/1992115-reuters-asian-buyers-of-u-s-lng-dial-back-as-exuberance-dims $DGAZ $UGAZ