1. $NG_F http://americanoilman.homestead.com/GasStorage.html 108 tomorrow, higher next week? 3.6 Tcf ending storage and record production all winter.

  2. $NG_F Looking at the five year avg & 2014 s dynamic productivity increase; Could go to Dec 11, before first withdraw report. Storage>=2013

  3. $NG_F Inv# 10:30am Thur $UNG Resistance $22.29 $22.31 $22.65 $22.95..Support $21.54 $21.3 $20.7 $20.67 $20.59..Manage Risk..More @UNGTrader

  4. $NG_F suffice 2say market makers wanted out even before open Thurs. ;o) $ung $ugaz $dgaz http://stocktwits.com/message/27436607

  5. $NG_F Keep in mind $DGAZ ers, all this did was close the gap from Friday. Not saying there won t be follow through. But...

  6. $NG_F I think it might trade down to the pivot point tomorrow (3.97) but I m betting that holds it.

  7. $NG_F Well, it opened the week at 4.032. And it s trading there now. So basically nothing happened since Monday.

  8. $NG_F From I mean

  9. $NG_F Market already reacted on high inventory form tomorrow?

  10. $NG_F

  11. $NG_F $dgaz back in the daily cloud. Once they broke the 1 hr. cloud on gas it was over. Surprised though at the magnitude.

  12. $dgaz $ung $ugaz $ng_f $DGAZ er s enjoy. Longs? Jerry k, fartek310, blacksmith,etc. put your cheese helmets on

  13. @RoadhouseBlues @Biznatchy aaahhh, charts don t lie!! $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F

  14. $DGAZ gearing up for $ng_f pit close in minutes... $ugaz

  15. Is $DGAZ back up its way from the mid $3s up to low $4s this week? $UGAZ $NG_F

  16. Pro estimates range from 95 to 120... @naturalgasfundamentals Courtesy - Our own Natural Gas Storage estimate for tomorrow 90B $NG_F $UNG

  17. $DGAZ So inj expected at 106-107bcf while $NG_F has been going up for 4 days straight. Last years inj. was 85bcf. Anything above 105bcf... ?

  18. Here s the $NG_F mantra: every day I sell a few when it s up. And every day I wish I sold it all. :) Hang in there! Still riding the BB.

  19. @naturalgasfundamentals $NG_F There are no perceptions on the raw numbers, you cant add caveats a week later. Your numbers were off bad.

  20. $NG_F If ur a knife catcher, I d wait for a print over 4.133. As long as it s under 4.12, it s trapped in hourly cloud.

  21. Courtesy - Our own Natural Gas Storage estimate for tomorrow 90B, $DGAZ $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $KOLD $BOIL $GAZ $UNL $GASL $GASX

  22. $NG_F Many criticized our last week est. and as wrong as was perceived, the result was bullish as we stated, why? Demand, fundamentals

  23. $NG_F breakout time... $4.20 on tap

  24. @dost In a statistically significant (95% confidence) sense, a forecast 11+ days out is worse than just using historical average temps $NG_F

  25. $DGAZ $UGAZ $UNG $NG_F Winter may not be cold as bulls think it might http://theweathercentre.blogspot.in/2014/09/weak-stratospheric-warmings-suggest.html