1. Earnings announcement: $NIHD is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Aug 6 2015

  2. $NIHD Looks like Nextel Uruguay is put up to sale: https://cases.primeclerk.com/nii/Home-DocketInfo Thought that was already done?

  3. $NIHD Any updates on the court hearing?

  4. $NIHD well the shares are still cancelled until they make a new BK plan. So maybe the will report something tomorrow

  5. $NIHD What is yet to happen? Perhaps a buyout offer before the hearing tomorrow or later after BK and shares not cancelled.

  6. $NIHD so what happened..

  7. @NP44: $NIHD Anyone buying more shares? got plenty from a very Long time ago ! Ain t selling, at this stage not much left 2 Loose !rollem$$

  8. $NIHD Anyone buying more shares?

  9. $NIHD same end will be as $WTSL

  10. $NIHD the strong bid support around .05 is encouraging

  11. $NIHD any thoughts to why people are still buying if the auction was canceled?

  12. $NIHD PC just showed 50 shareholder claims being disallowed. Is this possibly a precursor to shares being cancelled? I have no idea.

  13. $NIHD Has anyone notice the pre and aftermarket activity for the past week or so? Any insight would be appreciated.

  14. $NIHD Maybe Brazil to be sold separately?

  15. Share an idea on $NIHD perhaps the new plan will involve Double D s. :•}

  16. $NIHD Doesn t seem like the share price indicates that this is terrible news. Maybe there is a plan D on the horizon. Dunno.

  17. $NIHD I imagine so, unless TEF offers $9 billion for the whole lot.

  18. $NIHD Does the auction cancel mean, AT&T gets the wining bid?

  19. $NIHD uh oh..

  20. $NIHD No competing Qualified Bids were received prior to the Bid Deadline.

  21. $NIHD Counting Days. Waiting for TGIF.

  22. $NIHD Mexico and $T auction today ?

  23. $NIHD anyone!!!

  24. $nihd

  25. $nihd