1. $NIHD NII Holdings Sees Significant Drop in Short Interest. http://y.ahoo.it/X1fICEc4

  2. $NIHD Argentina, s debt default discussion will play a roll next week +/-.

  3. $NIHD Do not worry longs hold to win.

  4. $NIHD Todays action is a fine example of penny stock. Pump n dump. Thats the explaination

  5. $NIHD Still closed green!

  6. $NIHD This could be why it gave up most gains in final minutes. Goldman downgrades stocks, warns of short-term risk http://y.ahoo.it/j3ctczcb

  7. $NIHD so Weekly Traders & Short Termers playing 0.65 <> 0.78 - 20% profit on NIHD.. Current cycle.. needs 0.78 & 0.84 break out with Volume

  8. $NIHD This type of pattern has been occurring hundruds of times in past 6 months. Faint!

  9. $NIHD What he!! Happened? Lost all gains for the day! I guess it is Friday.

  10. $NIHD out..losing trade of the day

  11. $NIHD Come on!!! f...k

  12. $NIHD http://y.ahoo.it/3QOR4u8W 1 month chart into the future. jumped the channel today, failed to jump to the next channel, came back down

  13. $NIHD Thinking to add 4K more around 0.70 or below if I get chance one more time..

  14. $NIHD Confident to a Success

  15. $NIHD day traders/ short term guys ate all gain one more time.. GS downgraded equities for temporary sell off. Nii should be least affected!

  16. $NIHD All in!


  18. $NIHD Dont fade :-(

  19. $NIHD desperately waiting on to see what MM s plan for last 5 - 10 mins.. Every close goes in with huge volume for last two weeks.. @ 0.73

  20. $NIHD Really?

  21. $NIHD WHAT ABOUT THE BOND DEAL? i heard there is no agreement yet and decision is due next week

  22. $NIHD Big in big win!

  23. $NIHD basically, if you selling this low in a fear of going down, they are stealing your shares playing with your emotions.. HOLD tight..!

  24. $NIHD gonna hit .80 before last call. primed for a patented NIHD last 5 mins run

  25. @buickstyl: $NIHD holding up pretty well. If they turn things around on their own we will have th opportunity of 1000% in 2yrs very likely