1. $NIHD Hold tight for

  2. $NIHD Don t sell your cheap shares to hedge fund managers.

  3. $NIHD .75 by close

  4. $NIHD Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. $NIHD wow this stock keeps disappointing me. It s been many days we open 4/5% higher and rally then always fades away to close in the red!!

  6. Keep closely $NIHD ! It broke the Ascending Triangle and its EMAS 8-day 20-day 50-day with volume http://y.ahoo.it/ruuFyaIr

  7. $NIHD time to buy

  8. $NIHD Do not forget WFC lower/upper wave PPS estimate 0.75 - 1.25

  9. $NIHD see how they scarred the hell at 0.7x so U nev think BUY & later they keep trending this higher & sell U with 400-500% in profit! HOLD

  10. $NIHD Something big is up with this ..!!

  11. $NIHD Nice volume today. I wonder how many new stops they took out this morning before this new slow stair step higher.

  12. $NIHD I expect no real rise or fall until ER. Anything before is empty trading. I bought based on low price vs growth potential. I m in long

  13. $NIHD Regarding Argentina banks trying to avert default update.. Argentine banks to offer to buy debt: Report http://y.ahoo.it/UTcgrKKx

  14. $NIHD If the move this morning was because of short covering then I expect another move up after 3pm.

  15. $NIHD when is the big PUMP - so i can get out???

  16. $NIHD today at open, it is clear that some short covered 1.4 Million shares so far.. selling in 0.7x & 0.8x range is stupidity..

  17. $NIHD be nice to see if this hits .80 today.

  18. $NIHD Very nice premarket and going!

  19. $NIHD Nice volume...at last!

  20. $NIHD Wow.. after a long time, I have seen pre-market buy volume of 280k.. this is really getting awesome... HOLD firm.. lets go Nii

  21. $NIHD Pre-Market volume now 206,000 last lot 97,900 @ $0.7425

  22. $NIHD I like it when there is up volume in the Pre-market! Already traded 106k shares and at $.72! It could be a very good day today!

  23. $NIHD $s beat And merger mania http://y.ahoo.it/PhwbPQHo Plus if Argentina resolves issue No stopping

  24. $NIHD pre-market 100k shares @ $0.72

  25. $NIHD hmm, interesting. http://y.ahoo.it/jwnSWJOS