1. $NIHD I m personally bewildered...what could be the reason, worthless shares trade for even a nickel. Something s playing out. But what...

  2. $NIHD , hello everyone, question. I bought at .16 in nasdaq. If the company emerge sucess from chapter11.. i will lose my stocks? Thanks

  3. $NIHD some informations must be secret long time . I will till you one of it : 0.05 it is gold area to buy . I think this is enough now .

  4. $ANR Easy short. They will do what $NIHD did. Spend all cash to develop low cost mines and then file bankruptcy. Bondholders are winner.

  5. 3 Worst performing Telecom stocks this month: $NIHD $S $NTLS http://quantifiedalpha.com/screenpage?metric=Perf_Month&order=asc§or=Telecommunication%20Services&limit=50

  6. $NIHD @xozabc How, please explain? The company flat out said they are restructuring and canceling the current common stock shares, lol...

  7. $NIHD this is buy area 0.05

  8. $NIHD @xozabc Lol... You didn t sell at $0.10???? And, rebuy at $0.05 today??? Of course not, because you no idea what s going on.

  9. $NIHD Shares are being cancelled. So stop trying to be hero.

  10. $NIHD People, stop being emtionally attached to your invest. Sell on rumors and news during a rally and buy on the lows

  11. $NIHD @xozabc You are dilutional!!! You told me two days tgar this is going high this week and that I m wrong! Hmmmm

  12. $NIHD i am happy to find this price to reload more shares ????

  13. $NIHD Holding.....

  14. $NIHD I hear bad people here say : sell sell sell . I keep my shares . My goals more than 0.10 And today closing will not less than 0.550

  15. $NIHD Existing NII Equity Interests would be extinguished, cancelled and discharged as of the Effective Date

  16. $NIHD Will pass 0.11 soon

  17. $NIHD will pass 0.10 soon

  18. View a copy of $NIHD Plan Support Agreement, summary of terms http://commercialbankruptcyinvestor.com/articles/nii-holdings-inc-files-plan-support-agreement-entered-into-with-certain-noteholders

  19. $NIHD Per the plan: Existing NII Equity Interests shall be extinguished, cancelled and discharged as of the Effective Date ..Thoughts?

  20. $NIHD Here is the full plan: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1037016/000103701614000062/exhibit101november242014.htm as it relates to Form 8-K just filed

  21. $NIHD Nii Holdings Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/NIHD/communique/813974

  22. Nii Holdings Announces Restructuring Agreement http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1289135 $NIHD

  23. $NIHD Well I guess the big question here is will common come out alive or dead.... My guess is alive based on the re evaluation of spectrum

  24. $NIHD They stated from day1 that commons were gone. This news just means they reached a deal, which will cancel commons, like they said.

  25. $NIHD PR didnt mention anything about our current shares, so I take that as not good. When trading opens tomorrow we will see what happens