1. $NIHD Will cross .80 tomoro

  2. $NIHD I am expecting Nii to cross 0.90 before next earnings but it is definately the biggest mistake sell within 0.60, 0.70, 0.80, 0.90 IMO

  3. $NIHD When you want to invest in a good penny stocks, you dont worry about a dime here & there when long term returns possible in 2.30+ usd

  4. @samm09 If goes to 3 then will go to 8 $nihd . If does happen, will be rapid. But scenario is see is partnership with American/ European co

  5. $NIHD - The Street guys stopped putting any continuous Sell artical for Nii Holdings recently after March.. They know it is already bottom

  6. $NIHD - Cramer in lightening round said earlier that He is a Buyer for $AMX due to huge market in Brazil & Mexico. The Street say Nii Sell

  7. $NIHD finally mentioned in a Zacks article. Referred to as stiff competition for AMX. Better then nothing. http://y.ahoo.it/Pw201pK0

  8. $NIHD Impressive just hold and sell @ above 3.

  9. $NIHD That s where the institutional $$$ s going. Out.

  10. $NIHD Per Nasdaq...Active Positions: Increased Positions 48 20,007,003 Decreased Positions 89 84,490,774

  11. $NIHD Per Nasdaq...Active Positions:

  12. $NIHD Per Nasdaq...New and Sold Out Postions: New Positions 9 - 1,485,996 shares Sold Out Positions 41 - 34,259,340 shares

  13. $NIHD Love the enthusiasm here. Every weak move on 60-70K shares or only $10K is assumed going to a buck...no 2 bucks. Breakout here! Ah no.

  14. $NIHD somebody use 100 shares to push down the ask price, ridiculous!

  15. @Myrise $NIHD After Hours: 0.75

  16. $NIHD What happened??

  17. $NIHD what happned? Why rally at end? Any news?

  18. $NIHD come .80

  19. $NIHD Dont sell now, will sell at 2

  20. $NIHD Hold on your shares for the big move!

  21. $NIHD but no doubt - Nii Holdings management is one of the worst in regards w communication with their share holders.. all in waiting zone

  22. $NIHD A lot of accumulation already happened between 1.30 - 0.43 .. It would not take time for this to fly out of 1.30 based on real news..

  23. $NIHD I would say.. if your cost basis is between 2.00 - 2.58 .. you MUST HOLD at this time becoz we still listen to 2Q ER call..

  24. $NIHD Nii is just waiting on its time.. when this really starts moving higher based on development, these stupid shorts would disappear

  25. $NIHD They went through a lot of pain while Sprint s $S iDEN network was removed in US. the Nii lost so many customers last year due to that