1. $NIHD Today s Log. I am 100% sure they are not selling at 0.049 price. http://stocktwits.com/message/27431186

  2. @Dracul $NIHD was not on the NYSE, it was on the NASDAQ-GS

  3. $NIHD Take a look at this article on how a compnay came out of chapter 11. http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/USEC+(USU)+Emerges+from+Chapter+11+Bankruptcy+as+Centrus+Energy+(LEU)/9870225.html

  4. $NIHD . $FNMA Fannie Mae Ruling Means Ackman s Valuation Is Now $100-$250

  5. $NIHD will go back to $40 in less than 2 years. It s still Nextel. Ppl don t even know that. They will do everything possible to bring it up

  6. $NIHD today i will buy 500000 shares at 0.0555 i will sell it at 0.5550

  7. $NIHD In Chap 11 Bankruptcy. It s been delisted from NYSE. No one in their right mind would buy this.

  8. $NIHD we still have SENTIMENT 91% BULLISH vs 9% BEARISH.

  9. $NIHD This could be a long term hold 1-2 yrs

  10. $NIHD ... Only option...HOLDING !!

  11. @nemostocks: $ANR Warned everyone on $NIHD and people hated me. $ANR Ceo is a fraud. Go buy $BTU

  12. $ANR Warned everyone on $NIHD and people hated me. $ANR Ceo is a fraud. Go buy $BTU

  13. @chumpville Hmm. I have seen it over and over. For example, $NIHD $XIDE $PCX $JRCC

  14. $NIHD something worth noting- If you back the depreciation out of the balance sheet, the Co. holds between 2-3B it net value. Totally BK?

  15. $NIHD There s no other option than holding

  16. $NIHD i am still holding

  17. $NIHD who is buying more??

  18. $NIHD Wow I haven t even looked at the price lately... More lotto tickets... Or... Hmmm http://y.ahoo.it/ZMwxX47E

  19. $NIHD 70% up.😝

  20. $NIHD The patience get 5, who knows right?

  21. $END this is the next $NIHD make no mistake this is going down, it s a good play those levels for swing though

  22. $NIHD it will be delisted from here soon..

  23. $NIHD the nihd ID has been change? who know?

  24. $NIHD http://y.ahoo.it/W5qjpF91

  25. $NIHD HEADING to 4 dollars in 2 more weeks :)