1. $NIHD Telefonica interested in buying Nextel Mexico and Nextel Brasil.

  2. $NIHD If a buyout happen, will it gap up to 2?

  3. $NIHD Management negotiated healthy packages after Bankruptcy.

  4. @fivestones I m following all the financial web pages that gives $NIHD A higher price target or maybe they are lying? But I m in!

  5. $NIHD it s always darkest before the dawn

  6. $NIHD This is getting ugly fellow longs. http://y.ahoo.it/dAdnJI7O

  7. $NIHD I have a limit order to sell at $5 dollars.

  8. $NIHD Previous CEO was fired because he wanted to sell and avoid bankruptcy. Steve S. came to drive it to BK to screw shareholders.

  9. Share an idea on $NIHD can it break below .14?

  10. $NIHD Bankruptcy likely occur Friday. CEO and management will get millions of share of the new company.

  11. $NIHD $RAD stock was below $0.20 when there was a discussion about ch.11 back in 2009. Today the stock price is $6.35. BULLISH $NIHD.

  12. $NIHD I’ll be either broke or super rich :). Gambling now…

  13. $NIHD Executed @ $0.1439

  14. $NIHD Waiting for home run?

  15. $NIHD how will the world comunicate in future? think.... guys come on.

  16. $NIHD we neeed wireless comunications!

  17. $NIHD i mean.... 0.14 - 0.13 are good buys! tgt. 0.16 - 0.20

  18. $NIHD 181k bid @ .14?

  19. $NIHD if the company goes thru chapter 11, will this stock still available to trade OTC?

  20. $NIHD how many bag holders still watching this penny? :-)

  21. $NIHD Historic turnaround in Mexico. Latin America growth area. Buyout coming. Hold your shares!

  22. $NIHD Bk Wednesday? Maybe that wait until 458 pm on Friday so they have the 3 day weekend to avoid questions , like the er call !

  23. $NIHD updated their website. Chile is no longer there. With the $100 s of M stuck in Argentina I wonder what the new buyer will think of it.

  24. $NIHD you guys still counting pennies? If it don t make dollars it don t make cents.

  25. $NIHD $BLOX $COUP $PT some real winners this week nice swing update - http://y.ahoo.it/QNRVvcNz