1. $NIHD in @ .99

  2. $NIHD Bought 8.4k @ 1

  3. $NIHD Lets see if she can hold until 3:00 pm at least

  4. $NIHD I think I may want some stinky fingers…time to pick the bottom

  5. $NIHD started recovering??

  6. $NIHD interested cadets can start their position.. this has been undervalued like hell..

  7. $NIHD whats a good price to buy at?

  8. $NIHD this lotto play is a hold. They will get bought out and shareholders will be offered $2 plus

  9. $NIHD low volume today...market red...HOLD

  10. $NIHD Damn, still falling. Once it cracked 1 dollar again its going to be hard to recover without some news

  11. $NIHD I see 0.93 as a support area

  12. $NIHD Made multi-fold gains from $SCSS $PIR (thanks to shorts). Expecting similar gains from $NIHD.

  13. $NIHD Nextel Chile to enter 4G market http://y.ahoo.it/hnnE7kgK

  14. $NIHD Samsung y Nextel presentan el GALAXY Core Plus . 14 04 14 http://y.ahoo.it/P0gRYEtS

  15. Bearish PSAR Reversals in Bull Market $AEM $IAG $NIHD http://y.ahoo.it/eKrQMCwC

  16. $NIHD like I told another guy. picking bottoms will leave you with stinky fingers. I am holding

  17. $NIHD low today actually hit the fractal sell target on daily chart. even looks like a mini h&S, next up target 1.17 in order to move higher

  18. $NIHD hold on to your shares, DO NOT sell at historic low,won t make any sense,kind of STUPID if u sell,no need to feed your sh for big boys

  19. Stayed in $NIHD $MNKD $RSH $S for now. Out of $FB in at ~$29 out at ~$45. Sitting on cash right now and watching market direction for a bit.

  20. $NIHD Sold 1 Million to get to 0.98 & later - 3 Million shares were bought between 0.98 - 0.96 ! Hats off to big boys! :)

  21. Top Losers 4/16 $XGTI -14%, $ADTN -10%, $RARE -10%, $HDY -9%, $AEM -8%, $NIHD -8%, $DPW -8%, $FCSC -8%, $SORL -8%, $CRDC -7%, $ESMC -7%

  22. $NIHD Need it to reach 0.6. Sell sell!! Big open order awaits

  23. $NIHD the big boys want to take your shares away at extremely low / undervalued price if you sell.. NII Holdings Q1 2014 should be good!!

  24. $NIHD Feb 2014, best month ever for nextel brasil.

  25. $NIHD Translate and read. You will see how well 3G plans for Nextel are well received. http://y.ahoo.it/wyWRxbnM