2. $NIHD http://y.ahoo.it/zpdUej4T

  3. $NIHD Brasil Q1 3g sales for NIHD

  4. $NIHD Why can t we get some &#^@! NEWS???

  5. $NIHD I feel like that 83 cents low is just like a magnet right now. The stock keeps getting manipulated lower little by little... :(

  6. $NIHD i think that good news

  7. $NIHD Labaton Sucharow LLP, the Only Law Firm to File a Securities Class Action Against NII Holdings, Inc. (NIHD)

  8. $NIHD Very bad manipulation without any news.. few weeks to go before ER..

  9. $NIHD a lot of volume after the close.

  10. $NIHD Really don t like this movement these past four days...

  11. $NIHD better volume today so it could start to move up from here....COULD

  12. $NIHD ARGHH....Is this gonna keep falling!!??

  13. $NIHD - http://y.ahoo.it/dNE7DJHC - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 0.941. Time: 2 days. Volume: 4,229,460.

  14. $NIHD changer pending order to buy at 0.94

  15. $NIHD how cash did they burn through this quarter?

  16. $NIHD buying 7400 to start will add more at/if .50

  17. $NIHD Big news in June. Look at June 3 options. 1K 3 puts was sold to fund to buy 1K 3 calls. Someone is betting its going over 3. Bullish

  18. $NIHD Wishing this stock can stage a turn around like APP!

  19. $NIHD I wish I can personally see the sellers & ask them the reason behind selling cheap.. Hav pending order @ 0.92

  20. $NIHD Averaged down @.95

  21. $NIHD bought this @ 1 last week. Before I add more I will wait and see if it comes down to 80s or not.

  22. $NIHD added 1500 at 0.95 .. keep bringing this guy down. I will add more at 0.92 & 0.87 ..

  23. $NIHD One more LoL today day.. NIHD will beat this ER & so expect 2.00 + in a month..

  24. $NIHD Really tired of this stock, any idea on earnings ?

  25. $NIHD C mon you can do it!