1. Interactive Chart -> http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/lite.php?app=mm&tickers=NKE&metrics=Revenue+(TTM+US$+Millions)|Revenue+(TTM+US$+Millions)&start_date=02/29/2000&end_date=02/28/2015&show_line=false&graph_only=0 $NKE Revenue is Expanding.

  2. 52 week high list for 7/2. Top YTD S&P 500 performers: http://robertlesnicki.tumblr.com/stats $DIS $NKE $GIS $SPY $AET

  3. Pre-Market Stocks Highlights: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/pre-market-stocks-highlights-directv-nasdaqdtv-nike-nysenke-tyson-foods-nysetsn-kimco-realty-nysekim/1514602/ $DTV $NKE $TSN $KIM

  4. $NKE technical alerts: New Uptrend, Stochastic Reached Overbought, Doji - Bearish?, and New 52 Week High http://swingtradebot.com/equities/NKE

  5. $AAPL $NKE $ADBE Better Chart! Watch next week for signal.

  6. $NKE hope this stock dips down over the weekend, would love to own this but not at an all time high.

  7. Nike s neutral rating reiterated at Susquehanna. $100.00 PT. http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/NKE/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $NKE

  8. $NKE Good time to load puts for a wave back down.

  9. $NKE my plane mate, A regional sales rep at Nike tells me he s hoping for a split soon. It s about time!!

  10. NYSE Stocks News Recap: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/nyse-stocks-news-recap-pge-nysepcg-nike-nysenke-energizer-holdings-nyseepc-williams-partners-nysewpz/1514407/ $NKE $PCG $WPZ $EPC

  11. Virgo: $NKE has a high prob of 70.4% to surge in the next 7 trading days (avg hist ret=2.8%) http://www.tradinghoroscope.com/Stocktrading/virgo

  12. $NKE OI for maturity 07/02/2015. 105.00 Highest put. 106.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=NKE&urk=NKE

  13. $NKE got my 2015 air maxes I ordered last week today. They sent me 2 pairs but only charged me for one. Same exact pair lol. Thanks?

  14. End Of Day Scan: Over Keltner Channel $NKE $PF $UBSI $SCLN $TPX $AGU $ACHC $AWH $GIG $HDB www.dailystockplays.com

  15. $WMT $INTC $AXP $DD $XOM $PG all down 11-16%. Good time to pick those losers up & sell some winners in $NKE $AAPL $DIS $UNH all up 14-23%.

  16. Some interesting facts about Nike $NKE http://www.news.com.au/sport/american-sports/what-you-didnt-know-about-nike/story-fnq2nnu6-1227423347248

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  19. $NKE Let s see 108

  20. Nike s founder has done quite a bit http://www.thestreet.com/story/13204845/1/nikes-phil-knight-is-leaving-2-indelible-marks-on-the-sneaker-industry.html $NKE $UA $DKS $$

  21. $FIT Why trade this thing, just buy the pullbacks and make an investment. Have it going to $100 after Christmas unless $nke buys them first.

  22. Buy the dip list. Most bullish stocks this year. $FEYE $SBUX $DIS $SWKS $CELG $RAD $CSCO $CRM $MYL $FSLR $NKE https://www.tradefollowers.com/strength/twitter_strongest.jsp?tf=6m

  23. New Balance Challenges Nike, Adidas for Athletic Shoe Dominance $NKE http://www.thestreet.com/story/13205382/1/new-balance-challenges-nike-adidas-for-athletic-shoe-dominance.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

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  25. Nike’s Phil Knight Is Leaving 2 Indelible Marks on the Sneaker Industry $NKE http://www.thestreet.com/story/13204845/1/nikes-phil-knight-is-leaving-2-indelible-marks-on-the-sneaker-industry.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits