1. Video of Stocks to Watch on February 8th: $SPY $ATVI $EA $BECN $NKE $MPC $VHC $WATT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74QqDcNcHcA&feature=youtu.be

  2. $NKE Looking like a good short at this level. Not much support now

  3. Under Armour takes on tech $UA $NKE

  4. ..or another Fav/Teflon - NIKE. $NKE $SPY $QQQ

  5. Stock Trends $OEX Portfolio report, Feb 5 stocktrends.com $LLY $MA $MDLZ $GM $AMGN $BAX $T $HD $NKE $SBUX

  6. $SBUX $MSFT $NKE Current holdings that are taking a beating, for fundamentally no good reason. I see opportunity to buy upon stabilization.

  7. $NKE when decent shoes get expensive, the stock becomes cheaper. Nike is not getting me back.Adidas and new balance are cheaper.

  8. $NKE when we run everyone is bullish, sell off everyone is bearish. Buy for the long haul,stay nimble and average down.

  9. Options Traders Position For Return Of Market Volatility http://www.seeitmarket.com/options-traders-position-for-return-of-market-volatility-trading-15275/ by @OptionsHawk $AAPL $MSFT $HD $COST $SBUX $NKE

  10. $NKE love it! Stopped buying their products when they refused to let retailers discount them. Rather buy Skechers than pay Nike full price

  11. $NKE everyones calls are so far out of the money lol. tons of people holding 60 feb calls. mm will probably pump to 59 to make you believe

  12. $NKE all of the pre split drunk bulls are gone i see..

  13. $NKE short term Call is attractive.

  14. $SBUX $NKE dude the died last year .. I have attended the funeral and cried

  15. $SBUX $NKE the last two leaders in the consumer space are rolling over

  16. $SPY, $LNKD, $NFLX, $QQQ, $TSLA, $SBUX, $FB, $NKE, $UA

  17. ALERT: New RSI signal created on $NKE - Direction: Buy at 57.205 - Time: 23:54 - Strength: 10.

  18. $NKE Added to April Calls, These Friday market sell offs are pretty ridiculous.

  19. $NKE The run up on this the last couple of years is absurd... PT$25 at most.

  20. $NKE Load this shxt up !!!

  21. $NKE 10% down this week ???

  22. GABELLI FUNDS LLC appears to have added to its $NKE position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2400386

  23. $NKE Machines are selling everything, like the matrix, in the end they will lose.

  24. $NKE Looks like a good buy going into next week..

  25. $NKE great deal here