1. Nike Becomes #27 Most Shorted Dow Stock, Replacing Chevron $NKE $CVX http://y.ahoo.it/JkAZonTh

  2. @hippiecapitalist: $NKE $UA $DECK $SKX $CROX people aren t walking around barefoot

  3. $NKE $UA $DECK $SKX $CROX people aren t walking around barefoot

  4. Considerable News: $NKE, $A, $ACAS, $O http://y.ahoo.it/VJPW3v78

  5. @HalfBridge: Samsung Seeking Growth in the Booming Tech Wearables Market $SSNLF $AAPL $UA $NKE http://y.ahoo.it/8DfZrzoi Not a chance

  6. Samsung Seeking Growth in the Booming Tech Wearables Market $SSNLF $AAPL $UA $NKE http://y.ahoo.it/EcoH5YpL

  7. Move Toward High Quality Stocks For Late Stage Bull Market (27 Stock Selections) $NKE $OKS $QCOM $SXL $SYK $TIF $TROW $UNP stks.co/i0qkz

  8. Wowww what a quarter for $UA! Very happy w/ all the stuff that they sell. Very nice stores. $NKE better watch out! growth is insane

  9. yes correct u have been - they have their own style @LDrogen: $UA is a beast, as I ve been saying for three years, it s the next $NKE

  10. $UA is a beast, as I ve been saying for three years, it s the next $NKE

  11. Published $NKE estimate on Estimize: +0.01 EPS and -9.97M Revs compared to Wall Street s consensus. http://y.ahoo.it/HaSo70cO

  12. $UA $FB $AAPL $NKE Thank you to my core positions for fabulous earnings, 4/4 in my book. Now time for $IMMR $TSLA $SWIR to keep it rolling!

  13. $UA told you guys when this was most bullish stock entire market in 50s. Could go up 300% more and still be worth less than $NKE

  14. Sold $NKE @ 78.30 (+1.02)

  15. $UA now up nearly 12% on earnings. Up 55% this year while $NKE is flat. What s the opposite of a swoosh? Bring back Mars Blackmon?

  16. $UA boosted outlook going forward, should be good for $NKE too

  17. $NKE $UA from a pure market cap perspective no reason to believe $UA will NOT be 1/2 of $NKE some day common sense ... $UA a lot of room

  18. @howardlindzon: push by under armor into golf this year impressive. the win by Rory was a huge one for nike $UA $NKE in millenial war

  19. @howardlindzon agreed. Also, if $NKE can grab Spieth, it is game over....

  20. @howardlindzon However, $NKE s comfort flip flops are the best out there. :) Affordable too. Been following $UA since 2011 and never happier

  21. $NKE in the crosshairs as it has pulled back to a box bottom and trend line support. Notes on chart. http://y.ahoo.it/Sn0Yxfrx

  22. Almost a vicious circle for Adidas/Reebok/Puma. As sales & cash flow fall, less $$ to invest behind product and marketing $NKE $UA

  23. Nike & Under Armor just killing it in sporting goods. Only need to look at never-ending downgrades at Adidas & Puma for evidence $NKE $UA

  24. Terrific results at Under Armor. Sales infootwear & apparel zoom past expectations on higher full-price selling $UA $NKE

  25. $LULU think I have seen similar situations $NKE summer 2012 and $aapl fall 2012. Couple quarters of unexpected stagnant growth. best product