1. $NLST I am optimistic but no real news will likely happen until April

  2. $NLST jury selection Monday-trial to start Monday the 9th, Judge listed as unavailable Wed-Fri next week.

  3. $NLST SNDK will buy NLST :)

  4. $NLST Don t tell anybody I said that thing gonna be Rock! ud83d ude80you know du du da da pa pa go ud83c udf18

  5. $NLST I got first hand info. This stock is gonna be straight to the moon on Monday . And they told me don t tell to anybody. I said okay.

  6. $NLST Gonna touch the 50 ... place your buys there on Monday

  7. $NLST today or Monday is good

  8. $NLST this thing is skyrocketing today huh! lol

  9. $NLST i think it is about poker...SNDK and Diablo vs little David .... such is lawyerisms....staying long

  10. $SNDK is the rally due to leak of being able to sell Ultradimm again? Settlement with $NLST? - million dollar question

  11. $NLST and price too

  12. $NLST Noticed a spike in bullish volume a few minutes ago reversing from bearish start...

  13. $NLST court calendar-this morning jury selection is still on for Monday. So this may end up being a very last moment deal, or trial.

  14. $NLST nobody rates a BUY or SELL until it has become de-facto....like in 2008

  15. $NLST I wish Zack s rated this a sell, they are literally the worst w/ The Street not too far behind

  16. $NLST and SNDK sinking slowly

  17. $NLST Todays conference starts in a little over 2 hours from now...

  18. $NLST once the volume thins out...will get to the spark

  19. $NLST if its not today,we all know that tomorrow this will move up!

  20. $NLST I am curious as well how long diablo really wants to draw this out. Seems like it would be a bad recipe for sales.

  21. $NLST Hope a deal is presented to the judge today. This has gone on long enough, and Diablo should be well aware the writing is on the wall

  22. $NLST http://finance.yahoo.com/video/iceberg-attacks-singapore-listed-noble-034400043.html sndk state!!!

  23. $NLST Telephone conference scheduled, again, and regular conf. tomorrow.

  24. $CLRX This year’s Nasdaq tech winners http://www.marketwatch.com/story/10-nasdaq-tech-stocks-with-gains-of-up-to-89-in-2015-2015-02-25 $clrx $nlst $mflx $cyrn $cybr $snsi $anad $ebic $ubic $NSP

  25. $NLST scratch my posts about 386. slight confusion and stocktwits doesn t have a delete