1. $GENE Sold half of position and moved it over to $BIOC, Holding $NLST, $AMDA, $XOMA, and $EXEL

  2. $NLST Zacks has upgraded their stance to BUY . http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/netlist-lifted-to-buy-at-zacks-investment-research-nlst/682119/ @BodeBookSmarts @Graham11

  3. @Dannyd56 got out when it dropped to 1.80 I am fully invested in $NLST now. Glad u made money on this though!

  4. $NLST https://twitter.com/SamsungSemiUS/status/668951891678638081 Samsung tweets Netlist

  5. $NLST partnership with samsung, pretty big deal.

  6. $NLST will not take much to push this to 3 bucks. Keep your eye on it.

  7. $NLST alert got triggered and just noticed this in my watchlist today. people still buying this stock? lol

  8. Gainers-2 $NLST 15%, $CNIT 15%, $UVE 14%, $TBIO 14%, $TROX 13%, $NRP 13%, $BNSO 13%, $ONTX 12%, $SQNS 12%, $VSTM 11%, $SDT 11%, $SYN 11%,

  9. Top % Gainers: $KBIO 118%, $EFUT 83%, $AEZS 83%, $GENE 32%, $CANF 31%, $MCUR 23%, $CLDN 21%, $UNXL 17%, $NLST 16% $ARCO $WAC $BOFI $TROX

  10. Top % Gainers Since Open: $EFUT 92%, $KBIO 70%, $AEZS 64%, $GENE 32%, $CLDN 24%, $DMRC 16%, $UNXL 15% $VCEL $NLST $STXS $SDT $WAC $SDT $MCUR

  11. $NLST Big buyer earlier.

  12. $NLST out 1.09, goodluck to all.

  13. $NLST looking strong through $1

  14. $NLST in

  15. Top % Gainers: $KBIO 120%, $EFUT 55%, $CANF 33%, $GENE 31%, $CLDN 30%, $MCUR $UNXL $AEZS $NLST $WAC $UVE $BOFI $ARCO $TROX $WPCS $ROSG $EYES

  16. $NLST this has been a GREAT confidence building day. Now, the key is for us to level at $1 this week

  17. $NLST $1 and $1.07 break can lead to huge spike in the near future http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky_gpro-b.html?symbol=NLST

  18. My sweet $NLST is basically about to bag. In since last Monday @.57. Enjoying this swing.

  19. Hopefully somebody has observed me tweeting about $NLST. Beautiful swing trade. Everything starting to come together. Beast mode everywhere

  20. $NLST coming up to $1

  21. $ADAT Post deal fair value of the share price should be at least $1.00. At least 25% upside from here. $EXEL $NLST $XOMA

  22. $NLST Keep moving!!!!

  23. $NLST absolutely :) some people just have no clue whats going on


  25. $NLST The chart tells the fundamental story over the years, not the other way around.