1. $NLST IP suit agnst Sdisk & Smart Mod postponed til after USPTO review of remaining 4 out of 7 patents. USPTO so far upheld 3 NLST patents.

  2. $NLST Bottom? http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=NLST&ty=c&ta=1&p=d

  3. $NLST bot few shares here.

  4. $NLST judge defers ruling on netlist

  5. $NLST judge must have been nice.

  6. $NLST spikes

  7. $NLST it s 10:00am pst. http://www.cand.uscourts.gov/CEO/cfd.aspx?7145

  8. $NLST Anyone know the schedule?

  9. $NLST hope someone took advise on NTEK

  10. $NLST today s the day! Make or break!!

  11. $NLST April 24th. And into the grey we go!

  12. $NLST From MSFT CC today, In Q4, we expect CapEx to sequentially increase in support of our growing Cloud business. NVDIMMs would help.

  13. $NLST moving $ to NTEK. Bottom confirmed should be a double in month or two

  14. $NLST just waiting for Friday hoping for a bounce

  15. $NLST Have to wait for the judicial process to play out, nothing else relevant at the moment.

  16. $NLST : This is place is dead

  17. $NLST : where do you guyz think the bottom is ? got 2k shares at 0.60, was it too early?

  18. $NLST Someone needs to put this out of its misery

  19. Watchlist for the day: $CVEO, $NLST, $ESCR, $MEIP, $RXII, $INVT.

  20. $NLST guys it comes?

  21. $NLST buying some, hearing coming up on Friday.

  22. $NLST Netlist Introduces New Family Of High Performance Non-volatile RAM... http://finance.yahoo.com/news/netlist-introduces-family-high-performance-140000824.html

  23. $NLST Judge has made some interesting comments...

  24. $NLST random 6+% today.