1. $NLST Earnings call on Tuesday, August 11 at 5 PM EST. Consensus: (.08) with Rev of $2.1 mil.

  2. $NLST Someone picked up 54920 shares @ .59. Is Pacer out?

  3. $NLST mu invent 3d xpoint with intel how it goes with nlst

  4. $NLST helloooo....anybody ? so quiet in here :)

  5. $NLST either someone is loading the .55-58 area or...keeps on doing the same thing!

  6. $NLST still trying to figure out why I am still holding this one long in the side account?

  7. $NLST needs volume and will go above .70 again quickly ..any good news on the horizon ?

  8. $NLST what s the latest with them being back in court...? I haven t seen anything

  9. $NLST: 56 Up. Positive rumors from lawsuit against Diablo? Excessive emphasis on legal stuff - New products are key: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/12222521-micro-cap-gem-finder/4073866-netlist-inc-investors-are-overlooking-significant-progress-on-product-side-nlst-could-easily-triple-on-short-notice?source=kizur_direct

  10. $NLST. expected a multi bagged. Turned long term case. some one might be already packing for escape. But justice delayed is justice denied.

  11. $NLST: 54c Back in court against Diablo today Negatives baked in pps any positive will lift the stock Many catalysts: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/12222521-micro-cap-gem-finder/4073866-netlist-inc-investors-are-overlooking-significant-progress-on-product-side-nlst-could-easily-triple-on-short-notice?source=kizur_direct

  12. $NLST 24 hrs

  13. $NLST: 57c All eyes on NLST next week. Diablo Tech back in court July 8 NLST wants new trial/Injunction Headed to $1+ http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/12222521-micro-cap-gem-finder/4073866-netlist-inc-investors-are-overlooking-significant-progress-on-product-side-nlst-could-easily-triple-on-short-notice?source=kizur_direct

  14. $NLST THIS Is A BS waiting game. You want to play. Come on B bring it on! ud83d udc4a ud83c udffb


  16. $NLST Green!! yay

  17. $NLST Hilarious

  18. $NLST rising~~~

  19. $NLST something is up?

  20. $MU down -2.3% to 23.47 in AH trading on reporting Q3 EPS 0.54 and Revenue 3.85B, below consensus; watch $NLST $RMBS $SNDK

  21. $NLST filed a CT order yesterday. Could something be up...

  22. $BIOC, $MNGA, $NLST Good buy in points. $NBG in on Greece. $EXEL upward trend! $NYMX watch it.


  24. $AXPW Took me months to find $AXPW, $FREE, $AMDA, $MCP, $ZQK, $NLST, $WLT. How can I not make at least $10,000 from them. Sad life!!! Change

  25. $UEC still holding into this next week along with $CDTI $NLST $RESN