1. escaped $NLST

  2. $NLST Here was the Issuance notification letter, wasn t PRd by NLST, yet http://y.ahoo.it/kQSwS8Kr

  3. $NLST They wanted to add more prior art to the patent, so that is why they held off

  4. $NLST The patent itself, claims, etc.

  5. $NLST Here is the timeline for the patent: http://y.ahoo.it/XPLvthcG

  6. $NLST Go to USPTO look up Public Pair, patent app 13/559,476, was given Noitce of Allowance in May 2014. Should see it issued shortly.

  7. $NLST looks good under 1.1, buyers coming in

  8. $NLST MU has good guidance, nand 40% supply growth

  9. $NLST I can smell the desperation from Diablo

  10. Moved Upper BB 2/3 $GOOGL $HCA $HMHC $HOMB $HUM $ING $INTU $NATL $NES $NLST $PAYC $PEG $PEI $PEP $PG $PII $RLGT $SPH http://y.ahoo.it/xx4RSB3u

  11. $NLST Here is IBM s news blurb, http://y.ahoo.it/F0G03WsR

  12. $NLST IBM used their HCDIMM to break virtualized x86-64 benchmark performance by breaking the barrier of 1 million transactions per minute

  13. $NLST They make highest quality HCDIMM RAM, which caters to a niche market who requires highest speeds.

  14. $NLST There is also the realistic chance that a couple more HyperScale customers also join in and update their servers w/NVDIMMs from NLST.

  15. $NLST They are expected to retrofit their servers farms starting with 100,000 servers and up to 1M + total potential.

  16. $NLST And on top of all that, they are expecting purchase orders from a HyperScale customer toward end of 14 for the DDR3 NVDIMMs.

  17. $NLST This is all without mentioning their patent win at the USPTO vs. IPHI in a separate patent infringement suit, patent 537.

  18. $NLST Companies are requesting features to be incorporated in the HyperVault product due in 2nd Half 2015.

  19. $NLST Not only that, Netlist is offering a product that is 500x faster than this stolen tech. Demand is there and companies are requesting.

  20. $NLST SanDisk touts the stolen tech as having a $2-6B market potential.

  21. $NLST Netlist manufactures their own products, unlike several of these other patent play stocks.

  22. $NLST had whistle blowers from Diablo who have stepped forward to explain how they stole the tech. http://y.ahoo.it/yBfxcQWF

  23. $NLST This isn t just a patent, it is 7 patents, AND Trade Secret Theft. Diablo was contracted to make memory for NLST and they stole tech

  24. There are several patent play stocks out there in the news of late, somehow $NLST, which has very solid evidence, flies under radar

  25. $NLST buyers in the 1.1 and 1.2. Next week breakout.