1. $XOMA added. Average $1.04. $GENE, $NLST, $BIOC holding steady.

  2. $NLST: New SEC Filing for NLST: Form 8-K, No. 0001104659-16-095489 http://stocknewsflow.com/1282631_000110465916095489_0001104659-16-095489

  3. $NLST it has regained compliance with the Bid Price Rule

  4. $NLST Just bought in 10% at 1.04. Will sell it out if it drops below 1.00. Seems 0.94 is a turn point. If it is breaks 0.94. Then 0.5~0.7.

  5. $NLST

  6. $NLST Every year at this time NLST reaches its peak. The problem is the quarterly if they are negative ... NLST collapses

  7. $NLST The whole market is bleeding, but it hasn t gained nearly 80% like we did this last month. I hope everyone has dry powder ready

  8. $NLST FORECAST Q4 2015?!

  9. $NLST

  10. $NLST

  11. $CHMA and $AVID showing a bullish trend and DSKX is showing a bullish trend and $NLST and $PRFT is forming bearish trend

  12. $XOMA - Very cheap. Watch $BIOC & $NLST. Holding $GENE.

  13. $NLST holding long. Can t wait to see this one climb some more next week

  14. $NLST

  15. $NLST

  16. $NLST I expect more consolidation tomorrow, maybe a retesting of the 1.33 high from today. Look at the action in the past week.

  17. $NLST Profit takers already made a floor in the 1.00-1.15 area. Strong hands are waiting for the IPHI settlement news. Next stop 1.50+

  18. $NLST The recent chart moves aren t technical, they are fundamental changes. eg Samsung investment.

  19. $NLST Potential for impending news, as IPHI patent delays have run out. Many years of infringing.

  20. $NLST Nice Chart, retrace to 0.90 first

  21. $NLST chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/etn8cNOn/ via https://www.tradingview.com/

  22. $NLST up on low volume, nope this will crush

  23. $NLST VHC stealing the thunder today . . .

  24. Holding $NLST at $.91, Holding $BIOC at $1.45. Holding $XOMA at $1.24 & $GENE at $2.80. Still watching for $AMDA to settle.

  25. $NLST