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  2. $NLY Awesome Dividend pay-out ratio, a good little income maker

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  8. Bought $NLY for dividend

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  14. $NLY Way undervalued... Buy and do the DRIP... BULLISH!

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  18. $NLY very wealthy and healthy company. 12.4B equity vs 1.3B in debt. http://quicktake.morningstar.com/stocknet/bonds.aspx?symbol=nly

  19. $NLY NLY Book value at $13.01 trading above 50 day MA

  20. Leif Eriksen holds an allocation of 4.2% in $NLY in his PWP Growth and Income Investment Portfolio

  21. $NLY http://simplywall.st/NYSE:NLY/annaly-capital-management future for NLY

  22. $NLY can someone explain why these guys have negative revenue for 2014? Or is that just a data error?

  23. Just added a rating for $NLY on Vetr! Target price $6.52 https://www.vetr.com/posts/1158688686

  24. $NLY Going higher.....

  25. $NLY Div play, one of the best positions I hold. Nice income. Stay long, $AGNC owns much of NLY