1. $NMBL I m still seeing much more upside than down, it s risk vs reward that I can live. Holding long.

  2. $NMBL Closed at 27.03 on its final descent of the day. Rode it up and down all day. Watching from the bench for now. GLTA.

  3. $NMBL Respect, Yo! To all you crazy nimblers. Maybe I ll see you on the low side.

  4. $NMBL Will hit 28 tomorrow I bet

  5. $NMBL there is support at 26.64. someone was taking all the sell order there and holding the bid.

  6. $NMBL this is pretty much impossible to own

  7. $NMBL Yellen playing games...no money to be made today. Give some take some dammit Yellen.

  8. $NMBL about to bust the lows

  9. $NMBL Beautiful up.

  10. $NMBL she might have legs and she might know how to use them

  11. $NMBL Some buying back and rising indexes. Holding may of been the best choice this AM.

  12. $NMBL @MBLY $GPRO $SPLK All good news from fed priced in ? No where to go but down.

  13. $NMBL everything could get smashed on the fed news. NMBL made a V bottom yesterday and they usually don t hold.

  14. $NMBL Sideways till Fed speaks.

  15. $NMBL not sure why Pure storage has a bigger market cap in the private market. Nimble is much better. An IPO of Pure storage would help NMBL

  16. looking to nibble on $NMBL http://y.ahoo.it/lLzpEhjJ

  17. Watching Tomorrow: $P $NMBL $KNDI $SPPI $HIMX $TRUE $GLUU http://y.ahoo.it/9fdzrwSR

  18. @HateThaGame @chriswong $VMEM has a tighter chart pattern. $NMBL is very lose and sloppy, but it s a great company.

  19. $NMBL why is flash storage $VMEM looking better while the fundamentals not near as good as NMBL.

  20. @Neffernin Impeccable timing lol. It s fine, still up a monster amount on $NMBL overall lol. Willing to pay a premium for chart confirmation

  21. $NMBL back above trendline

  22. $NMBL ready to retest $27 and close north of that.

  23. $NMBL 26.78 important level

  24. $NMBL glad I had through the crater in the 25 s.

  25. $NMBL Good turn around