1. on the watch for a quick day trade at the open: $VIP $ONVO $NMM $DANG $ARNA

  2. $NMM terrible ideas! Write a book instead; try keeping it short. NMM in a lot of trouble and should sink to around $8.50 soon.

  3. Also, you like the dry shipping--coal,iron,steel/etc--pick the fleet with more cape-size vessels (higher charter rates, more profits) $NMM

  4. All in all, $NMM valuation/FCF are favorable. Cycle is at inflection point to increase profits. All ships running. Contracts secures >=3y av

  5. There are more economic relationship in determining the trend of TCE or DTC & overall they are promising. $NMM

  6. If you are patients and willing to wait, $NMM is likely a safe winner to keep for the long haul while enjoying the 9% annual dividend.

  7. While it s tough to know exactly when it the cycle turns, $NMM dropped in share price significantly so the margin of safety is good.

  8. I track the iron mining industry and study those businesses for years, thus, giving me a heads up on shipping industry. $NMM

  9. No point in running the operation if charter rates (DTC) paid is not enough to cover expenses, thus, weak shippers went out of business $NMM

  10. The bottom line for the daily time charter rate is that is can t be low forever, as supply vs. demand will correct at an equilibrium. $NMM

  11. $NMM weaker firm lost profits/sold old vessels for scraps. Stronger firms bought vessels from companies that go out of business as well.

  12. DTC was on a downtrend for the past several years but at the inflection points of an uptrend, correlate w/an increasing future profits $NMM

  13. $NMM The key to focus on this business is the Daily Time Charter (DTC) rates or Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) is what you should track.

  14. $NMM has 32 vessels with nearly all running. http://www.navios-mlp.com/Fleet/default.asp

  15. $NMM took advantage of the situation in the past few years to get rid of old ships and acquired 8 new vessels.

  16. An over supply of ships, overshadowing the demands for service, suppresses the profits of nearly all businesses in this industry. $NMM

  17. A substantial 9% dividend payment over many years and many recent development make $NMM a likely good bet for the next few years.

  18. But when the cycle turns around, the earnings can be substantial. $NMM seems to be one of the best if not the best in the industry.

  19. Built more shares in $MNKD and $NMM. Two firms, significantly undervalued, exceptional investment for the long haul.

  20. IV30(TM) GAINER $PSEC +92.08% $ARP +47.83% $LNCO +43.16% $SN +40.23% $NMM +34.4% $OXY +33.81% $TSO +32.99% http://community.livevol.com/index.php/index.html

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  22. @MoenchArt @stockanalyzer There really are no good players out there..even Maersk is looking ugly. I like $NMM the most personally.

  23. $SEA $NNA $NMM $NM $DHT $SFL oil tankers and the speculative slump of the oil price: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2730125-oil-markets-sentiment-and-lame-thinking-are-currently-in-the-drivers-seat

  24. Analysts Give Average Rating of Hold to Navios Maritime Partners L.P. $NMM http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NYSE/NMM/

  25. $NMM easy: announce downgrade as you free up cash from other positions to maintain a cheap price, buy, then announce upgrade, wait, profit