1. $NOAH Looking at 13.00 for entry.

  2. $EJ Quite simply the deal with Zillow & Tencent make this my favorite stock. Smaller positions in $BITA, $NOAH, $DANG, $KNDI, $CCIH.

  3. $NOAH Another stock at support in Chinese malaise. Could goto 12. . . Markets still ugly.

  4. $noah, wish i knew why!

  5. Noah Holdings: Chief Financial Officer http://y.ahoo.it/81M9KPoe $NOAH

  6. $NOAH Noah Filed its Annual Report on Form 20-F.. http://y.ahoo.it/3BnMlvRS

  7. Annual and transition report of foreign private issuers [Sections 13 or 15(d)] http://y.ahoo.it/DsUiUvQc $NOAH

  8. $NOAH at 16.13 can it reverse the death cross 50x200?

  9. Financial Sector Gainers: Noah Holdings $NOAH, Calamos Asset Management $CLMS, Siebert Financial $SIEB, $MMI http://y.ahoo.it/xp5bFkLr

  10. @ilsuffiradunsigne: $NOAH bulish 20 10 days yes..and about time!

  11. $NOAH bulish 20 10 days

  12. Bulllish options activity today on $FCN, $GT, $NOAH, $PBF and $MUR. Bearish activity on $SDRL and $XEC

  13. Hi $GALE, A last effort today ! Proud today with my $FSLR, $GALE, $INO and $NOAH

  14. $NOAH Throgood likes it too

  15. $NOAH zacks sure likes it..(if you follow zacks!)

  16. So wiseguy action in 2 Noahs recently, $NOA $NOAH .. Sign from the GODS? :)

  17. $NOAH just a price change I think

  18. $NOAH LOOKS like that trade from earlier alert might be cancelled, not sure.. gonna look into it

  19. $NOAH PLAYER BUYS 1000 APR $17.5 CALLS AT 80ยข -- OPENING

  20. Following China plays: $DL $BITA $EDU $NOAH $JKS and $QIHU, thoughts or additional names appreciated

  21. Are you worried about #China? We have 3 recommendations you should check out. $NOAH $SFUN $JKS http://y.ahoo.it/sOISe27v

  22. I am brave enough to release the Near Put on $NOAH.

  23. $NOAH Why does it go down with all the upgrades?!?!

  24. $NOAH down 10% in a week.

  25. Noah Holdings upgraded by Zacks to outperform. $17.70 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/kzw6AF8d $NOAH