1. $NPSP [2016-MAY] Correlation Histogram Kurt : -0.85 Skew : 0.01 Mode : -0.2

  2. $SGYP you would be stupid to miss this opportunity. Reminds me too much of $IDIX $RCPT $NPSP & $ARNA b4 they got FDA approval back in 12

  3. $NPSP NPS Pharmaceuticals Correlation Histogram MODE : 0.4 #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  4. $NPSP NPS Pharmaceuticals Kurtosis : -0.9 Skew : -0.37 Correlation Histogram #bigdata http://dataunion.tistory.com/919#.VznZazWLS8E

  5. $SGYP = Top Line results. Look at BO s w & w/o Top Line results. $NPSP was BO (Rare diseases) Science = great Rx, top line? Why BO? $$$$$$$

  6. $SGYP $NPSP $MACK $APRI $CTRV time to turn the compost for more worms to fish with! $ICAD, $IONS & ITEK all look promising for BO too, IMHO


  8. $SGYP $NPSP $MACK $APRI $CTRV Yes $APRI is starting for a short under $1.35 great call to add other tags to see this set up tank

  9. $SGYP - $NPSP BO (check), $SGYP BO (getting close), $MACK BO (cusp), $APRI BO (start n something), $CTRV (yr. 2020 BO). GLTA

  10. $ATNM $NPSP yeah had too much at stake, taking a sideline for now

  11. $ATNM $NPSP @Hedgeops you sold your atnm position?

  12. $ATNM $NPSP good luck! I m out!!

  13. $ATNM Still holding 50k shares @ sub$2 position. Cant wait for this to take off. Reminds me of $NPSP in the early 2000s. From $1.35- $10.

  14. $SGYP I have been bought of $AVNR, $NPSP, $ITMN, and $DYAX. I gotta say this is the lamest B/O candidate I have ever owned

  15. These were Feuerstein s 2015 buyout candidates- $NPSP $MDVN $OREX $FOLD $VSAR $VRTX $ACHN $RLYP $ZSPH $ACAD $GEVA $TTPH $RPTP $BMRN $VNDA

  16. $AEGR how the mighty have fallen, member when the PDUFA dates for this, $NPSP, and $ISIS happened, $AEGR became high flyer now the low rider

  17. $RDUS my $NPSP got scooped by Shire before. This chart looks the same. Can t wait. They like the ready to go drugs before FDA approval

  18. $RDUS reminds me of $NPSP chart. Wow

  19. Booked profit on $NPSP on AH spike on news.

  20. @SippinCoughy: $NPSP Healthy lol this was at 22! I forgot about you

  21. $OVAS $BLUE $AAVL Insider sales mean squat. Look at $ITMN $NPSP $GEVA before buyouts. Bunch of insider sales before they got acquired.

  22. $NPSP

  23. $MDGN Orphan disease space heating up. Medgenics is very well positioned. Keep an eye on $SHPG $NPSP this qtr. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mdgn-efficacy-10-months-addl-134000946.html $GEVA

  24. $ARWR I had 50k shares @ $5. I unloaded @ $9 25k shrs. I want to load up. I saw this type of trading in $NPSP right before it went from 9-17

  25. $NPSP got BO.. see what its has in history similar to $AMPE , dead cat rebound to heaven lol