1. Parabolis Sar Buy Signals $ADBE $ALXN $CAVM $CBMX $FEYE $INFA $ITMN $MXIM $NPSP $OPTT $PPC $QCOM $SBUX $SCTY $WWD http://y.ahoo.it/BfYvhUfP

  2. Up about 25K on $NPSP (won t sell till 50+) and 10K on $PLUG (won t sell till 10+)


  4. $NPSP eyeing very closely

  5. $NPSP , IMHO - 3/2015 , $42.50, 9/2015 $88.33, maybe spike of +$100. November 2015. IMHO. IMHO. Est. +$2,600% increase for EPS 2015. MATH

  6. $NPSP , Ok, lots of research and lengthy convo re: Future. If you are LONG & Thick skinned, congrats. Buying this stock at any DIP is SMART

  7. $NPSP going higher

  8. Boo-Ya Bio-Tech http://y.ahoo.it/h5zP7ltF $MNKD $GALE $ARIA $ARNA $CELG $EXEL $ACHN $NVAX $STEM $CLDN $BTX $AGIO $NPSP

  9. $NPSP Nice reversal today. Amazing tye difference a day makes.

  10. @Ka_Chow Neither $INO or $MNKD will beat $NPSP today

  11. $NPSP great recovery, glass for longs. it is a good company, market is just crazy. be careful going forward same way

  12. $NPSP - http://y.ahoo.it/z7ImVsil - Upside Blowoff - 15 Minute Down Reversal - Red bar after 4 green bars

  13. $NPSP Abbvie says they will run Shire as a separate division with more capital to pursue rare disease deals.

  14. $NPSP Heading to 30 s, squeezing the shorties

  15. $NPSP exploding right now $RNN $TGTX $DNDN $MSTX $MNKD

  16. $NPSP Huge volume for first 5 mins of trading

  17. $NPSP - http://y.ahoo.it/eXkO2BCw - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  18. @alandelmz @miked10 @misterfoti Thin $NPSP

  19. NPS Pharmaceuticals Gets Average Rating of Buy from Analysts $NPSP http://y.ahoo.it/TZE23N40

  20. $EXEL stock being pushed down reminds me of $NPSP after approval got pushed down to mid 8s. Now look at that one soar. Trend is turning...

  21. @IronManTrades $NPSP Better cover fast shorty or your profits going to be wiped away

  22. @smarterthanyou Appreciate your thoughts on $NPSP Thanks

  23. $NPSP Flush city baby

  24. $NPSP Lmao!! $25 then $23 then 19. Never doubt ironman!! Told your targets before so told u so ha

  25. $NPSP Added 4K now holding 10K shares at 27.72 avg. ~26% of my holdings and ~19% of my portfolio. Won t sell till 40+