1. $NQ goin to 30

  2. $NQ goin to 30

  3. $NQ You get to know who are the strong, good souls and who are the cry babies when you own such a stock. Too many weak longs make me puke.

  4. $NQ See how proud Gavin Kim is of his Berrynaked popsicle store?

  5. $NQ Rumour has it that someone left their wallet in the NQ coffee house. It was filled with 20 s. Buy NQ.

  6. $NQ Friends read this to understand how after sell FL Mobile and NationSky NQ can focus all on mobile entertainment. http://science.china.com.cn/2015-09/01/content_8203739.htm

  7. $NQ rumor Omar Khan was @pinnergys sugar daddy but dumped him after getting fired from NQ

  8. $NQ rumor nam tai electronics wants to sue @pinnergys for stealing and falsifying its PR

  9. $NQ GET OUT...

  10. $NQ any idea when the two deals will be closed? Is there a deadline ?

  11. @gregj9494 $NQ / deals close shorts toast 6-8 wks. Very good qtr, 3rd will b better plus deals inked. So you heard too huh ;)

  12. $NQ / deals close shorts toast 6-8 wks. Very good qtr, 3rd will b better plus deals inked. I can hardly wait shorts u know who u r G bye

  13. $PLUG Keep driving it down so i can keep escalating my buys. $1.50 brings another mother load. Winning...$ASTI $MU $OHRP $NQ(bull2bear)

  14. $NQ short all pops on this scam

  15. $NQ NotABelieber U must be a paid basher because I haven t seen u here over the past TWO YEARS I have been here.......Whats ur purpose here

  16. $NQ NotABelieber U need to go back to your rock and trade penny stocks. I swing trade and that means daily, weekly, monthly. U understand?

  17. $NQ Where are all the ball busters from yesterday? I told u....And the news hasn t come out yet. Wait till that comes out. Otherwise Im UP!!

  18. $NQ Also Wang s new coworkers at DSKY asked him if they should buy NQ because of FL sale and he told them not to.

  19. $NQ Rumor the two former FL Mobile COOs Wang and Du who left in June and July has been selling their NQ shares the day after ER also.

  20. $NQ Pumpers, longs and this company had their 5 mins of fame last week. Until NSky goes through, credibility is still not there.

  21. $NQ Friends this week NQ on holiday 3 days for celebrate defeat evil Japan. You celebrate defeat Japan in USA to?

  22. $NQ Too many little kids in this stock, too many hit and run plus too many who were trapped. Believe yourself. I do.

  23. $NQ I heard the rumor that the FL mobile $700 million will be pay with monopoly dollars (after appraisal is done)

  24. $NQ what happened to that easy 12 by end of the week?

  25. $NQ Wow. Is the under $4 again. Seems like each pumper pop on make believe news gets lower and lower since Oct 2013. http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=NQ&ty=c&ta=0&p=w