1. $NQ All BS, that s why WS does not believe in what MM said

  2. $NQ Nice green day, screw you

  3. Daytraded #stocks : $NQ $GPRO $TWTR $SRPT $ADT $AEGR $LOCO $ECYT $SEE $GNRC $WFM $AMED $EMC $NXPI $TSLA $YOKU $HK went 21/23 for +$1610.

  4. $NQ just opened stockApp and found NQ is up again today! I chased yesterday and worried if today would be red since NQ was up for many days.

  5. $NQ I m seeing $7.44 close

  6. $NQ Company is shell? Really? MW was on TV said that already long time ago. 8 to 18 how long it took? I am not selling.

  7. $NQ Highest close since 6/19/14!

  8. $NQ Believe me now? I don t trust Chinese company offers like that!

  9. Alert results: $AXU +1% $EVRY +11% $FSI +2% $GALT +13% $GFIG +2% $NQ +7% $RUBI +7% $TASR +3%

  10. $NQ Maybe it was gonna go up ~8% anyways? :)

  11. $NQ If the news is bs why this isn t go red? Why why why? Or it s not bs? Will be watching Chinese national news for this tonight.

  12. $NQ 7.42 close

  13. $NQ $GLUU Frothy!!!

  14. $NQ nice short block at 7.40...somebody is going to have to cover a lot of shares when that is bust through

  15. $NQ Only longs in the driver seat know, come along for the ride

  16. $NQ this stock is just Bipolar...and so are the shorts!

  17. $NQ good entry/rebuy point here...will only push it higher with the short covering

  18. $NQ going to be a nice close, I am keeping mine

  19. $NQ everything gets hyperbolic w this...

  20. $NQ To be honest, I don t know how shorts sleep at night with the BS they through up just to fool investors out of their money.

  21. I don t think I ve ever seen a company tank on a buyout bid, something seriously wrong with this one...careful $NQ

  22. $NQ If you took profits today from NQ jump into GLUU for ER AH. Should be good but better hurry.

  23. CANNOT STOP LAUGHING @SludgeReports: $NQ We need Brian Bolan to tell us if this offer is real or not. Does Bison even exist?

  24. $NQ Bounce.

  25. it looks like a few others skeptical of the $9.80 $NQ bid from shell co. in Beijing. http://y.ahoo.it/ohZI1Kzz