1. $NQ Showself - Sing all you want... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWkiTZVWjOU

  2. $SUNE is to solar what $nq is to mobile

  3. $NQ LOL!!!! It s about time for a shareholders charity event !!! Toss US some good news and $$$ NQ management !!!!!!

  4. $NQ Chinese M&A has always been a painfully slow process. Too many US retailers comparing NA processing times. http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/global-markets/ma-the-chinese-way-buying-first-and-paying-later?post=64553

  5. $NQ It is about time for another NQ Charity event...

  6. $NQ added more..good luck all

  7. $NQ if this were to go to June August as jingo ga jango says see you all sub $2

  8. $NQ those who bought below before and thought they got a deal will have another chance if no go on 22nd

  9. $NQ Even BS ers like Congo only have a half a%% app from App Annie to pump...

  10. $NQ China markets imploding so is US that means they missed the fall rally...No deal by 22nd means games being played for some reason

  11. $NQ futures with Tradesight levels

  12. $NQ 11 days to go for either higher price or lower prices. Why sell to Tsinghua vs. others and get cash unless altterior motive or stupidity

  13. $NQ sounds like more b-s

  14. $NQ Nice read on SyberOS (includes Vincent Shi interview) http://stks.co/yD21元心系统/16219244?uid=6920D6C99DEE1CEDAEA548802C880877

  15. $NQ as shorts cont. covering and cashing nice profits, the chances for a squeeze go down to nothing... 2.xx just around the corner

  16. $NQ Hopefully before the year of the Jackass !!😡

  17. $NQ So we unfortunately didn t hear anything prior to CNY but will we hear something by/on the first trading day of the year of the monkey?

  18. $NQ showself (ming he) #3 on app annie as of right now https://www.appannie.com/apps/ios/top/china/social-networking/?device=ipad

  19. $NQ once again, valid comp is $CMCM which is at $2 billion

  20. $NQ How about helping the poor share holders of NQ !!!!!😡

  21. $NQ clearly the experienced shorts are systematically soaking up all the loose shares.

  22. $NQ retail shorts get demolished on news plays because the hedge fund shorts have already covered before and soaked up all the shaken shares

  23. $NQ only conviction right now on such low vol is shorts covering their shorts.

  24. $NQ shorts covering w/ more urgency than expected. big, big drop in short interest as news nears. wonder why...

  25. $SSO $SDS $SH $QID $JNUG $MU $YM $NQ $TF whats everyones take on bernie sanders planned tax on the markets?