1. $NQ Doreso (Music Radar) showcase http://y.ahoo.it/rWClDZXD

  2. $NQ Doreso (Music Radar) showcase http://y.ahoo.it/shSmDkfi

  3. $NQ the quicker y all realize the 20f is never coming, the better y all r gonna feel.

  4. Bullish on $NQ more I research it the muddy waters report still causing caution...but any revisions to 20f seemed more than priced in!

  5. $NQ Should have news next week...maybe a 20-F

  6. @thespartacusegroup You do know at $6.50 $NQ still has a market cap of around $400 million. That is still 2x their reported 2013 revenue.

  7. $NQ what would justify 6.50 stock price without complete fraud??? What is the middle ground, if any???

  8. $NQ I will ask again, isn t it all or nothing at this point? Either total fraud or at 6.50 horribly oversold even with revisions to 20 f???

  9. $NQ Doreso Showcase http://y.ahoo.it/CNZprFZz http://y.ahoo.it/gNrzsEld

  10. $NQ if it s no brainer... wouldn t Warren Buffett own at least a share of NQ. Statement as such could mislead avg Joe or someone new to nq

  11. $NQ if out and out fraud is off the table and 20 f can only prove lower guidance isn t nq horribly oversold by any metric? No position yet

  12. $NQ Daily sentiment rolling over. Weekly sentiment continues to improve. Will 50dma provide support? Time will tell. Unrealized loss of 33%.

  13. $NQ http://y.ahoo.it/RmR9FLJb

  14. $NQ should double or triple with clean 20f, watching closely

  15. $NQ moving to 7.60 next week

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  20. Weekly numbers review posted $ACHN $CAR $NQ $AA $DIS $CLF $MCK $NKE $OVTI $FB $ADM $X $FCX http://y.ahoo.it/v2yFeJrs

  21. $NQ Alibaba Profit More Than Amazon and EBay Ahead of U.S. IPO http://y.ahoo.it/bv5AGzDi

  22. $NQ http://y.ahoo.it/ELoOEiLX

  23. $NQ Good news. Default music player on new Huawei phones now have doreso musicradar integrated. http://y.ahoo.it/wqMij6nb

  24. @bbolan1 Bri Guy ... Just Don t Make it Personal Maybe .... I Really Don t Know. I know a-Plenty of Folks Appreciate your Analysis. $NQ

  25. $NQ Not Only a 20F vs BO vs Complete Fraud vs Even More Speculation Situ. It s Not Truly Binary. Viability of DB Proving VIE Otherwise? $NQ