1. $NQ still waiting to complement my position with the final bearish headfake... afraid of they re running out of amo :(

  2. $NQ Have a great holiday guys

  3. $NQ For some odd reason I have a very hard time posting and refreshing this page!

  4. $NQ is anyone going to be at the conference? please post any information, or even a video link of it, would be much appeciated.

  5. @HalfwayToMemphis $NQ It actual 700,000. 萬 in Chinese mean 10,000. 70 萬 is 700,000. Still a record and very large deployment.

  6. $NQ Mobile to Attend the 2014 Citi Global Technology Conference http://y.ahoo.it/KsfUkPDT

  7. $NQ communication to corporate Dallas

  8. $KNDI $NQ Goodnite folks. Enjoy a long weekend with you love ones.

  9. $NQ http://y.ahoo.it/1tHKoqWd 70 million units of mobile device management (MDM) service, a figure also set a world record #mindblown

  10. $NQ sudden huge flag up here - what s going on ?

  11. $NQ pull back http://y.ahoo.it/9H8qC6MW

  12. $NQ gandalf at the helm at 6.50 bridge: you shall not pass

  13. $NQ Tuesday massive shorts r smart people

  14. $KNDI Some shorts are covering to avoid long wkend hold $NQ

  15. $NQ added

  16. $NQ I just downloaded the call blocker 5 update + noticed they reconfig d it to allow for a LOT more ad links.

  17. $NQ come on let see some green

  18. $NQ if you are looking for a possible GEM, take a view of $LRAD

  19. $NQ lets close green

  20. $NQ

  21. @apploply $NQ FL Mobile just get start in Korea and already a leading mobile game publishers. http://y.ahoo.it/REiXOJUt

  22. $NQ Any one have any words or communication with IR lately?

  23. $NQ Niklas Noren is gone. Shame. He designed some of the best UI/UX. Thank you for all the great work you did. http://y.ahoo.it/aeBHUSt7

  24. $NQ Shorts would be all over this low volume but their not touching it, just inpatient investors.. Will ad if it drops to 6.40 next week