1. $NQ what s holding this up? Book is clean, good user base, so what s the bear case?

  2. $ABC, $AET, $AIG, $DIS, $DRC, $DVA, $EXPE, $GE, $GT, $NQ, $SC, $SCHW, $TASR, SABR, weekly review http://www.stockroads.com/2015/05/22/weekly-review-of-open-positions-05222015/

  3. They say $NQ is also planning on integrating Showself features with FL Mobile. http://zyzn.feiliu.com/web/list/zt_20150518.shtml

  4. $NQ The more assets NQ puts into TF the higher the value of TF. This will unlock more value for NQ. Right now two thirds of $530m is $360m.

  5. $KNDI Once some Chinese stocks go into a hole, rarely ever come back to 52 week high again. $SOL $HPJ $DANG $JRJC $NQ

  6. $NQ Also the FL Mobile Tack Fiori deal includes moving Best Partners, Fanyue, Tianya, and at least one more NQ acquisition.

  7. They say in addition to Bison cash from stake sale, $NQ also had to inject additional cash into FL Mobile to get Tack Fiori deal done.

  8. $NQ my sources are saying VP Matt Mathison is in China, speculation that the deal is complete & team is determining PR strategy now.

  9. $NQ Jefferson research drops coverage.

  10. @bfriend: $NQ Friends you see the big potential of Showself yet? http://stocktwits.com/message/28996238 I CAN SEE IT !!!!!!!!!

  11. $NQ Yeah, when folks say the worst is over because nq ONLY lost $17mil this QTR, then it s a screaming buy! isn t it? LOL

  12. $NQ They say NQ has been planning the Showself rebranding over 6 ago months already. http://stocktwits.com/message/28996238

  13. $NQ as far as NQ being a good short its in the rear view mirror. Accumulate

  14. $NQ Just like folks buy aGOOD stock on the dips,they sell or short this donkey-loser on all the small gains.Short names are very frustrating

  15. $NQ For now Showself is for men because boys will be boys. As soon as China women start showing that girls will be girls... Showself 4 Girls

  16. $NQ WTF Try and offset my losses on here and short a few - what happens - it goes up. Still long but wanted to catch a few bux going down

  17. $NQ Short interest decreased by 1 million shares in April. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/nq/short-interest Is there more to come as this is bottom?

  18. $NQ big shares on the bid

  19. $NQ if u short this stock for 6 months, u can be millionair.... buy 3.60 and sell 3.90.. keep doing like thay

  20. $NQ short covering before holiday. Next week low 3 again

  21. $NQ looking at a 4.20 entry. Hope I don t miss the bus

  22. $NQ The outlandishness of merging productivity tools into a girlie site for men called Showself is an incomprehensible business strategy.

  23. $NQ There s little doubt in my mind that this stock has bottomed out at this point. Now it s just a waiting game.

  24. $NQ worth $11-12 per share if management sort their sh*t out for the remainder of this year

  25. $NQ I cant wait for showself model to appear here in US.... currently athletes and stars cant monetize their followers until Showself US