1. $NQ Strong buy. NationSky signed contract with the Chinese Info Center. Government support!!! Google translate http://cn.nq.com/news/594

  2. $NQ foreign companies that offer EMM services in China will see their market share decline significantly. NationSky s prospects good

  3. $NQ predicting that NQ will continue with its acquisition spree through 2016. Long term, great move but short term, hits bottom line

  4. @surendar5124: $NQ Strategic cooperation agreement between NationSky and State Information Center http://cn.nq.com/news/594 this is huge!

  5. $NQ as a tech/growth company, can attract higher share prices merely through robust rev growth and/or robust bottom line growth

  6. $NQ when will it go up to 10$?

  7. $ES_F, $NQ Virtually risk free. Buyem & Ridem. NQ killed some retail shorts last 45 mins. Lol. Learn.

  8. $NQ All the noise on this stock seems to be really quieting down. Hoping for a Dec. 15 ER and grind to 15 by mid January. can always hope

  9. Weekly Review Thanksgiving edition $AAPL $BABA $BAH $BLL $CMN $COV $CSX $JNS $LB $MNST $NAVI $NKE, $NQ $ROST $VRTX http://www.stockroads.com

  10. $NQ day traders and swingers out prior to long weekend. Still tight trade

  11. $NQ FL first game in Taiwan “Launch it!” #4 in the App store and #5 on Google Play’s Hot Games http://shouyou.178.com/201411/210540662242.html

  12. $NQ http://www.wkrb13.com/markets/431650/nq-mobile-inc-sees-unusually-high-options-volume-nq/ Two days old but bullish

  13. $NQ @bfriends silly sausage, its in Chinese .Don t speak Chinese. Only English, Russian, Spanish, and Flemish.

  14. $NQ Friends you watch video interview with NQ employees yet? http://vimeo.com/112862059

  15. Is $NQ halted?

  16. $NQ BIG lift in mobile shopping per TechCrunch, 49% of pre-Black Friday shopping & 27% of online sales are mobile https://twitter.com/NQMobileIR/status/537643923414331392

  17. $NQ this halted?

  18. it will be fun to watch $NQ shorts try to cove their shares at same time as company/execs buy shares...on $QCOR it went up 200%+ :)

  19. @reginator @Saeedabroad @typ3 @Saeedabroad $NQ Also won National Innovation Fund Project http://www.rimionline.com/newsDetail.html?type=A&type1=1&id=128&page=1

  20. @reginator @Saeedabroad @typ3 @Saeedabroad $NQ Rui Feng Mobile health app - http://www.rimionline.com/newsDetail.html?type=A&type1=1&id=128&page=1

  21. $NQ MY CALL finally even. Let`s see if before Dec 9 i can get some $$$

  22. @ACInvestorBlog: $NQ updated chart. This stock is about to Explode. MACD crossover today, sweet... http://stocktwits.com/message/29664122 here comes boom

  23. $NQ Even though I have lost complete confidence here. I agree this is ready to blow

  24. $NQ updated chart. This stock is about to Explode. MACD crossover today, sweet... http://stocktwits.com/message/29664122

  25. $NQ Is he saying that management lied to him???