1. $NQ Friends Dr Ni feature in keyword 4 IP in ChinaJoy 2015 review of 7 keywords for industry. http://2015.chinajoy.net/index.php/index/news_detail/441

  2. $NQ How many lies and cheats and fake deals do U make excuses for this company before U say I m done ? ESPECIALLY with money involved! UGH!

  3. $NQ Friends see new Wang Li Kun vLife wallpapers. Any product or person that need branding can benefit from vLife.

  4. $NQ Friends see how FL Mobile market share improve Q1 to Q2. Q3 will show more improve as revenue grow like Matt say.

  5. $NQ could double from here and still be a compelling buy

  6. $NQ This is all good but we need some serious volume to really ramp us up to the next levels !! I still am optimistic about NQ though !!!

  7. $NQ It was Tank Fiori, then the N-sky & FLmobile lie for the 2nd time. What lie will they tell on the next conf. call to deceive investors?

  8. $NQ 100%bullish? So unreal.

  9. StockTwits Trending Alert: Trading recent interest in NQ MOBILE $NQ http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/10/09/stocktwits-trending-alert-trading-recent-interest-in-nq-mobile-nq-4/

  10. $NQ Nothing to do with NQ, but I read today where Dell Computer rose 120,000 % in the decade from 1990-2000 !!! Now if HQ would hit $10 !

  11. $NQ as i said before, gta see breakout of 3.80..then big boom

  12. $NQ wanna see 3,82. Upper bollinger band as base..

  13. $NQ goin to 30

  14. $NQ @TideHunter Are you mad at people who HATE n-q for lying & stealing UR money? Or are U mad at THEM for lying & stealing from U? DUH!

  15. $NQ Badjoke is just totally wasting his life on bullshiting everyday, without any use to the society

  16. $NQ I have to block badjoke now. His only function here is repeating his words over and over. No wonder his family doesn t want to see him

  17. $NQ Nothing else but simply Bullish.

  18. $NQ They lied so much that they had to re-use the N-sky & FL-mobile fake deals lie from last year! LOL YOU VE ALREADY USED THAT LIE ONCE!!

  19. $NQ Every Conf. call they make up another lie and sucker in some new gullible U.S. shareholder meat. It is disgusting & I hate them for it

  20. $NQ Sold for nice gain again. Flip flop stock

  21. $NQ Are U mad at the people who HATE n-q for lying & stealing your money? Or are you mad at THEM for lying & stealing from you? DUH!

  22. $NQ If the people who post about n-q s multiple lies & deceits are bashers, then what do U call n-q for lying & stealing UR money? Bastards?

  23. $NQ short squeeze ?? coming

  24. $NQ look at this. SS is ranking 5-6 spaces behind YY on the iPhone. YY is a 3....BILLION $ co. https://www.appannie.com/apps/ios/top/china/social-networking/?device=iphone

  25. $NQ I feel bad actually that bigjoke, carwreck , NQBear + my good friend Bbolin aren t participating in this once again. At least dino s in