1. $NQ ....I was bored...http://y.ahoo.it/WeejsuW1

  2. $NQ Doreso Website has been updated and looks great... http://y.ahoo.it/8BwnsYB0 as does the Chinese version http://y.ahoo.it/adwbuVa4

  3. $NQ Weekly Chart: Got rejected again in the Red Zone http://y.ahoo.it/pNokTn3m

  4. $NQ Put it this way folks. We could have some extra fund to spend by Black Friday. :-P


  6. $NQ Not just another day but another week closer to 20f Nov. 15th. Panic selling will ensue if they wait until the 11th hour to post it.

  7. $NQ Guys, PCMakers joined Sep 9th is not PCmaker leaked CFO resignation on Aug 14th unless the same person is behind the two accounts.

  8. $NQ $6 option pin

  9. $BABA owners look what can happen to your stock $VIMC $SCOK $VNET $JRJC $NQ

  10. @nucats $BABA is a joke. It is worth no more than $70 billion market cap on a good day. I have dealt with this company. $NQ is undervalued.

  11. $NQ seems to always fly with volume, goes down on low volume then jumps when volume comes in

  12. $NQ over 1/4 billion shares of baba traded. unbelievable

  13. $NQ - the dissemination of information is making the lives of Wall St. Bankers hard to do. THESE ARE OUR MAJIK BEANS!!!!!

  14. @cpangle @pcmakers He did post the $NQ CFO would resign one day before it was actually announced. http://y.ahoo.it/nhSoRxV5

  15. Rumor CFO resigned so he can negotiate $NQ buyout with Alibaba in secret under unofficial capacity. http://y.ahoo.it/ZMyi4V5N

  16. $NQ For friends who interest Inmotion. Lot happy buyer on http://y.ahoo.it/TjDTFbiy . See 5 star reviews. http://y.ahoo.it/Tgk3NhDF

  17. @cpangle @cruisectrl $NQ Friends you not know BABA already invest heavy LBE Security? Two company already work close for solutions.

  18. $NQ Baba just proved all of the idiots wrong! Chinese companies and banks are very strong and well managed. Stop listening to CNBC

  19. $NQ So theoretically, lets say NQ finishes the 20f by November, how does the IPO of both Nationsky and FL Mobile benefit shareholders

  20. @baykar01: $NQ $BABA 90 is being defended hard core! they have no choice, stupid to price it so high...

  21. @cruisectrl I think they will purchase $NQ for their security. $BABA

  22. $NQ $baba 90 is being defended hard core!

  23. $NQ Baba traded over a billion and NQ another 6 mil

  24. $NQ $baba bam 40% higher

  25. $NQ What do you guys think it costs to hold 16,000,000 shares short daily?weekly? Monthly? @what premium?