1. $NQ Friends see recent our brother Inmotion SCV CEO name Forbes 30 under 30? Even Xiaomi want buy part of Inmotion.

  2. $NQ Even I admit Khan leaving can only make this company even stronger. Their biz in China is where the growth is.

  3. $NQ FL Mobile TOP 1 IOS MOBILE GAME PUBLISHER http://www.feiliu.com/en/

  4. NQ - Technical analysis trend $NQ http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/04/nq-technical-analysis-trend_25.html

  5. $NQ Looks like another Chinese company, $CMCM is doing the same thing as $NQ. Am I wrong? $CMCM has fabulous reported numbers.

  6. $NQ yessss, now we are a coffee shop, a t-shirt company, a charitable company and so on. Geezzzzzz

  7. $NVDA $ABC $AET $AVGO $BSX $CVS $DGX $DRC $DVA $ENDP $KMI, $MDT $MNST $NQ $ROST $TASR $TSCO $WM, $ZTS SABR, http://www.stockroads.com/2015/04/24/weekly-review-of-open-positions-04242015/

  8. $NQ Its all a coincidence that the CEO s resigned

  9. $NQ Even if it continues its upswing to $10 this year, that doesn t mean us bears were wrong last year.

  10. $NQ 5 next month

  11. $NQ total weekly profit 5c. Lot of action not a huge gain. At least we re on the right track. Stubborn shorts not giving up. It s go time!

  12. $NQ last Friday closed at 4.15, 5c profit not exciting. tried to make a run today but couldn t get over the hump, resistance was strong.

  13. $NQ last 5 days action: NO GLORY for now

  14. $NQ Like to see a big buyer step in at the end of the day to run it up on those shorts that run it down at end of every day.

  15. $NQ today was fun while it lasted

  16. $NQ and the longs refuse to hold strong through the weekend!

  17. $NQ End of day short attack again. You would think they would get tired of this game and move on to stocks with greater potential to short.

  18. $NQ Here comes the MM manipulation.

  19. $NQ shareholders, this is the last call to get into the $BABA ride! (Chinese and a money making machine! )

  20. $NQ keeps knocking on the door at 4.28 but can t bust thru. Need more volume

  21. $NQ Always tempting to get out of this thing on a gain, but I m too bullheaded.

  22. $NQ A Guide To $NQ Mobile Expansion And Growth http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/16761942-surendarreddy/3635705-a-guide-to-nq-mobile-expansion-and-growth (Updated FL Mobile and NationSky sections)

  23. $NQ best day we have seen in a while. I am smiling, but want even more!

  24. $NQ 100k volume to bring it up 5c, 5k to take it down, that make sence ....lol

  25. $NQ NEXT time u go to google app store + dl an app. READ the permissions. with banking, shopping, wallets on phones. does security matter?