1. $NQ people that have written to Zacks about me being bearish on this stock are 0-2. 1 I blocked and the other, well I let him off a big hook

  2. @bbolan1 Thanks for the $NQ article, got me thinking. What do you think about $TWTR ER next week?

  3. $NQ co talks non stop about its stock via the blog, but how about those two huge hospital deals? Crickets... Crickets... Crickets.

  4. $NQ Correction: Up 23% this week. Up 80% from Friday s low.

  5. $NQ Up 80% this week but no one is celebrating. Understandable.

  6. $NQ Has published exactly zero press releases about supposed achievements in the healthcare IT space. NONE.

  7. $NQ Mobile security is a market that will continue to grow as internet is accessed thru more and more mobile devices.

  8. $NQ Who has credible explanation for a security software co that shifts to gaming then to healthcare IT in about 6 months time? Anyone?

  9. $NQ Back to the slums where you belong

  10. $NQ Mobile : Qualcomm Commits Up To $150 Million to Strategic Venture Fund in China http://y.ahoo.it/N1ythGPF

  11. July 24 2014 Top Losers http://y.ahoo.it/sJvO1poe $QCOM $DHI $GOV $MNKD $NQ $KNDI $FCEL $LMCA $ANGI

  12. @selby So if you do your DD and I listen to you, I did my DD by proxy? Jk, all I ve read points to $NQ as a legit, awesome opportunity.

  13. @selby In Selby I trust. Just want $NQ to be legit, it s trading right now like a shorts roller coaster!

  14. @Deano860 Plan- $TWTR next week (don t sleep on their earnings). Taking my earnings to $YHOO and $NQ for August/September. Wow, I like it!

  15. @selby What s going on with $NQ? Should I join the party now or wait a bit? When is your prediction for $10

  16. $NQ holders - ck out $ATAI chart and volume today, looking perdy...esp the l-term chart $MOBI too!

  17. NQ Mobile Inc. (NQ) Stock Chart Technical Analysis for 7-24-14 http://y.ahoo.it/bIuFcrMx $NQ

  18. $NQ If you ve done your DD, you re long, if not you re short. CB is a nut and everything that he said initially has been proven false!

  19. $BIDU a good signal for china stocks $BITA $SFUN $NQ etc

  20. $nq story heard in Beijing

  21. $NQ Even if I wanted to short this stock, there isn t much left to be gained by doing so. Time for the bears to move on to something else.

  22. $NQ wake me up at 50. doll hairs or cents, either one.

  23. @Sloop Manipulation happens all over the place... ESPECIALLY with chinese tech stocks. See $NQ, $SFUN, $DANG, etc. Nothing new.

  24. $NQ got good laugh when I saw this: PWC partners = 9,673; Marcum partners = 6. u go gett em Marcum

  25. $AMZN $NQ $DANG early Christmas gifts for me :D