1. $NQ I m actually...starting to go ballistic on FL mobile. thank you @nitishgarg for the eye opener on the merchandise/game connection :)

  2. $NQ If they had a grand plan they would have said something about it, stop looking under the couch cushions for a silver lining

  3. $NQ I m suddenly liking this FL mobile deal even more :) there s genius at work here...

  4. $NQ think about this folks. how they can market a whole package to game developers. we ll publish your game + handle MERCHANDISE/clothing

  5. $NQ People finally agree with me that all us Bulls are idiots :-(

  6. $NQ CC transcript http://seekingalpha.com/article/2767805-nq-mobiles-nq-ceo-omar-khan-on-q3-2014-results-earnings-call-transcript .. I am so excited for 2015 .. Easy $20 ..

  7. $NQ @NitishGarg just raised a great point. GAME s...and game APPAREL /accessories. could go very much hand in hand.

  8. $NQ Manipulated too much, should bounce anytime

  9. $NQ this dead money folks...this what we waited for? A reverse merger instead of immediate buyback

  10. $NQ This company is toast , looks like nothing can save it now , dead money

  11. $NQ 4.85 premarket

  12. $NQ...I am long(10k shares) and continue to hold as i read the 8 page CC @ Seeking Alpha and am optimistic(and maybe a little crazy) !!!!!

  13. $NQ just think..we can now start to sell yellow hard hats through our apparel division. i ll take a few for xmas stocking stuffers.

  14. $NQ Important read: http://www.sfc.hk/edistributionWeb/gateway/EN/news-and-announcements/news/doc?refNo=14PR31

  15. $NQ how long till FL Mobile deal is done...any guesses? 90 days ?

  16. $NQ Use your heads. If it was that bad it would already be down a ton. Pre is retail speculators.

  17. $NQ 1 share ...they mess with us

  18. $NQ Shorts will use their research team to dig up dirt on reverse merger, that will take 10 minutes. They will post their findings 24 hrs.

  19. $NQ weird no real action

  20. $NQ ask just went under $5

  21. @reginator: $NQ vLife partners w/ Huayi Brothers for marketing film & TV http://digi.163.com/14/1210/00/AD2IPSQ2001618JV.html translated http://stocktwits.com/symbol/NQ

  22. $NQ Can we all take a moment to honor the man that had to transcribe the FL mobile part of the CC on seeking alpha....damn hero!

  23. $NQ is NQ being covered by anyone on TV today?

  24. $NQ so far all nibbles on the ask. Extremely lite activity

  25. $NQ A product like NQLive and vLife would be a great hit in India. Hope they leverage their relation with Micromax to pre-Install NQLive.