1. $NQ 20f AH Shout out to Chris Robin yo!

  2. $NQ hello

  3. $NQ Does anyone know where Mike is?

  4. $NQ Dear Shorts, this isn t an audition for the next batman villian. You don t need a hideous profile pic, you are free to not degrade

  5. $NQ There was a Newphie Coming to Toronto and the closer he got The sign Said Toronto Left........So he turned around and went home. :-P

  6. @blison: $NQ Friends should listen this song for get ready. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-SJ3A7fAiA

  7. $NQ How many Newphies does it take to make popcorn? 3.. One holds the pot and the other 2 shake the stove. DU B A$$. LMAO

  8. $NQ a rally at the end towards green and more

  9. $NQ We will see it green at the end of the day.

  10. Only ones pumping $NQ are the people who bought around 4

  11. $NQ up offcourse shortie

  12. $NQ now in testing , lets which way it goes!!!

  13. $NQ i only have myself to blame for not getting my at my targe price second time around, bounce hard both times!

  14. $NQ wooow

  15. $NQ consolidating

  16. @moneymatter is $nq a buy at current price?

  17. $NQ IGNORE the bearish sentiment. DO NOT REPLY to them. It will P SS them off even more. :-))

  18. $NQ $JRJC - why people are still bullish on these names? lol

  19. $NQ come on back on 7 NQ

  20. $NQ i do five zero 50

  21. $NQ Who here thinks 5 is coming? Raise your hand.

  22. @bhujimol: $NQ Stop by for NQ Co-CEO Omar Khan s talk on Sharing,Collaboration and Mobility Security. http://www.thewsie.org/flow

  23. $NQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve04-BcEP94

  24. $EBAY I liked this stock at $16... 5 years ago. http://www.scribd.com/doc/44431914/EBAY-05-14-09 didn t like $NQ then.

  25. $NQ Yep $6.85 holding on the 15 min and making another hammer