1. $NQ They said they were buying in the open market yesterday. Where are they buys?Trades in last 3 months: 0 Trades in last 12 months: 0

  2. $NQ Apple tells investors the amount bought back.... Nq.... Silent

  3. $NQ Help me with this idea, if mgmt starts a plan 10b5-1, the purpose of which is to buy or sell blindly, then why no buys?

  4. $NQ It s going to be a very long day tomorrow, won t even bother looking unless something dramatic like IA gets dropped

  5. $NQ Market doesn t look promising for tomorrow; GOOG/GOOGL and IBM earning short-falls weigh heavily on tech-sector

  6. @leonardi $NQ The triangle is fine..but how the hell does the stock price shoot out of there...it just seems to wake up one mrning and boom

  7. $NQ I am very puzzled with the sheer holding power of some of the longs on here...have not seen it in any other board. Didnt you sell at 20?

  8. $KNDI $NQ bababababagholder galorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre scam stoxxxxxx

  9. $NQ A positive statement = +.05cts. a negative statement is going cost you minus 5 bucks.. The nature of things..

  10. $NQ looking for a dip to 10 tomorrow or less

  11. @Slingshot I m sorry but investopedia doesn t list a definition for shitis ..is that a Greek trading term..LOL! $nq

  12. $NQ poor skevaboy lol brokkkkkkkkkke

  13. $NQ I don t think the audit will come out tomorrow and predict a down day tomorrow into the weekend. Still waiting for reentry.

  14. $NQ Is there any buyout offer for NQ like ANV?http://y.ahoo.it/5lhFCGJD

  15. @ttgo @mikes3 $NQ So why does stock drop like a rock?

  16. NQ Mobile is a Play on China Smartphone Adoption http://y.ahoo.it/MbYtBhGH $NQ

  17. $NQ Big picture still in triangle http://y.ahoo.it/ZLBzF11D

  18. $NQ 46.0%...Bullish or bullish shitis conversations?

  19. 46.0% increased bullish conversations in $NQ in the past 3 hours.

  20. $NQ My calls were already back in the positive yesterday. Options were never fully buying this dip the past few days to begin with.

  21. @JohnnyMango: $NQ MW has a failure rate of 58% Worse when you take out the reverse-mergers...which no longer happen. CB = no credibility.

  22. @apploply 10 day chart $NQ http://y.ahoo.it/pleXeCLW

  23. $NQ Restabilized faster than anticipated. Good news.

  24. $NQ Hey guys, we re about to get delisted. Lets buy back shares . ......Said no one ever. What point would that serve? Fraud is doubtful

  25. $NQ I know of zero companies that start a 10b-5 plan and then abandon it within 2 years only to start it again.