1. $NRI.CA I visited their operations. Amazing company. #osteoarthritis#biotechnology $BIOTECHN $HEALTHCARE

  2. I have followed about 52 Canadian #biotech stocks, $NRI.CA is one of the best .

  3. $NRI.CA check out the volume spikes on this move, very very bullish sign

  4. $NRI.CA bullish that nuvo left the 5 month consolildation with almost identical trading as it came into it with

  5. $NRI-CA giddy up longs

  6. $NRI.CA anyway both charts show since july stock has had a nice steady trend of higher lows, shares want to go higher imho

  7. $NRI.CA here is a zoom of the latest consolidation ready to break thru 200 dma

  8. $NRI.CA still a nice steady uptrend since july, albeit with alot of volatility along the way

  9. $NRI-CA looking good longs

  10. Nuvo Research Announces 2015 First Quarter Results http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1692128 $NRI.CA

  11. $NRI.CA just started buying this share on friday, tons of upside. In an enviro where most pharma shares crazy pricey, this one stands out

  12. $NRI.CA time to level Up

  13. $NRI.CA life after the failure test ..................YES

  14. $MEIP and $NRI.CA r 2 examples of stocks trading well below their cash/sh after test failures. Of the two, only NRI.CA has a future, imo

  15. $NRI.CA seeing a strong PM bid, hope it holds into the open. Very undervalued company

  16. $NRI.CA finally seeing a bit of a bump here. Hope it continues.

  17. $ACHN Don t tell me this One is just another MoneyTrapstock like $NRI.CA that makes good runs w/o news and then boom news out doomsday $trap

  18. $GERN now we have to be careful with this One not to end up like $NRI.CA otherwise your $Money will be trap or loose it.

  19. $NRI.CA when shorters start to cover this will going up but not the same as those Fakes run

  20. $NRI.CA Deutsche Bank cuts target from $8.50 to $6, the lowest on Wall Street (same Bank that was wrong on ICPT but company bought out) ????

  21. $NRI.CA wow, why did i have to be busy this morning... :/ if I havn t sold yet should I keep my shares?

  22. $NRI.CA http://www.stockhouse.com/news/newswire/2015/01/30/nuvo-research-s-t-nri-phase-2-clinical-studies-fail-stock-tanks-40

  23. $NRI.CA Anyone know the reason for the drop?

  24. $NRI.CA What happened

  25. $NRI.CA We ve been blinded by the good run and almost dropped dead by this suprised ...damned ..........