1. $ACRX Let s see wt this week has in store. Bios in play $SGYP,$GALE,$PSDV,$ALIM,$CYTK,$CLVS,$NSPH GLTA and hope for the best!

  2. $NSPH - http://y.ahoo.it/sxtF8pNd - Ouch .. that is going to Leave a mark - Down 5% for the day.

  3. Watchlist $OPTT $NSPH $liqd $cnet

  4. @barna Give us your opinion on $NSPH. Great technology that will become standard of care.

  5. $NSPH 4 Stocks Under $10 Moving Higher Into Breakout Territory http://y.ahoo.it/myV8mJjo

  6. $EXEL Nice uptrend lately $RNN, $NSPH, $WYY and few others as well. $INO, $MNKD,$ARIA,$CPRX,$RXII,$ARWR

  7. $NSPH Almost beat .66 to trigger. Oh well perhaps another day then we see .80

  8. $NSPH About time we start moving up!!!

  9. $NSPH can you give .80 now since we are close to .66 trigger here? Please?

  10. $NSPH .64 is needed but better yet .66 or better will be the breaking out point.

  11. $VHC Cow taken to the slaughter house, today must be a special occasion. $EXEL,$AMRN,$NSPH, $MNKD,$ARIA can all relate!

  12. $LIQD Good morning all, penny stocks holders come up with different reason everyday to hold. I wish u the best.$NSPH, $AMRN,$CYTR,$RNN,$WAXV

  13. $NAVB $NSPH $IMUC $RNN wake up when it s at least $3

  14. $GILD Now, let s see some Yellen effect btw now and Friday. $ACRX, $NSPH, $ABIO,$NPSP,$BIND,$NURO

  15. $NSPH Can t really compare:$ONCY,$EXEL the science keeps failing but $ACRX, $NSPH,etc just have bad leaders& their stocks suck!!! JMHO

  16. $OREX CEO just bought. $ACRX,$NSPH,$EXEL,$SGYP insiders/CEOs step up and put more of ur money in. Investors are losing!!!

  17. $HALO Catalyst play is over! Positive: has more upside than $ACRX, $SGYP, $XOMA, $NSPH,$ARIA,$INO,$MNKD,$EGRX,$FPRX,$ARAY,$ADHD,$ZIOP, IMHO

  18. $NSPH Let s see if penny stocks move forward or the same 1 step up, 2 steps down. Lol....$LIQD,$WAVX,$KWK,$HERO,$QUIK,$AMRN, $CUR,$WYY,$RNN,

  19. $RNN has more stocktwit followers than $nsph $immu and $nvax combined

  20. Parabolic sar Buy Signals 2/3 $GS $HALO $HBAN $IPI $LXRX $MEOH $MS $MSG $MTG $NDAQ $NSPH $NTRS $PBCT http://y.ahoo.it/qW3FtBVI

  21. $NSPH Nice strong closing today! Looking forward to .76 now! Baby steps.

  22. $NSPH That s a start but has lost nearly 40% the last two weeks. Wake me up if it gets closer to $1. Many longs I know r still holding bags.

  23. $NSPH 100k on the bid at .605 and another 90k at .62 -moving up!

  24. $NSPH now 92k at .62

  25. $NSPH buyer still trying to get in - moved it up to .612