1. $NSPH This one is gonna turn around soon! Great ER, once they remedy the issue with FDA this stock is sky rocket!!!

  2. $NSPH RT #Google eyes nanoparticle platform as part of health rethink http://phys.org/news/2015-01-google-eyes-nanoparticle-platform-health.html #Nanosphere #Stock #NSPH

  3. $NSPH I discovered this stock 2 minutes ago. I ll keep it on my radar. Hope I can sell soms $BSDM before this trains leaves the station.

  4. $NSPH Huge sales ramp up in 2015 and expecting lower costs in q4

  5. Healthcare Stocks Under Bearish Claws: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/healthcare-stocks-under-bearish-claws-pfizer-pfe-flex-pharma-flks-medtronic-mdt-nanosphere-nsph/ $PFE $FLKS $MDT $NSPH

  6. $NSPH I don t know much about this stock. But I am just curious why the sentiment is more bullish here rather then yahoo message board?

  7. $NSPH Warning letter did not suspend or withdraw any products, just for deficiency inspection reason. While revenue increase YOY!

  8. @zerosum24 I actually read that and I was gonna pull the trigger on it but I decided to go with $NSPH Instead ... Grrrrrr lol

  9. $NSPH I am holding 20k with no worry.

  10. $NSPH announces receipt of FDA warning letter. http://marketsdaily.com/vertex-pharmaceuticals-incorporated-nasdaqvrtx-sees-fy15-kalydeco-net-revenues-560m-580m-nanosphere-inc-nasdaqnsph-gevo-inc-nasdaqgevo/

  11. $NSPH Once again, it is great moment to buy and hold!

  12. $NSPH Dont worry, just a reaction of people flow in the company board http://www.realistinvestor.com/market-updates-nanosphere-inc-nasdaqnsph-invesco-ltd-nyseivz/26862/

  13. $NSPH ???

  14. $NSPH This is great moment to buy more

  15. $NSPH it s gaining momentum

  16. $NSPH why is it going down? Did I miss any news?

  17. $NSPH short selling restriction is active now.

  18. $NSPH http://www.macroaxis.com/invest/ratio/NSPH--Probability-Of-Bankruptcy ... had to steal your link rjenoski

  19. $NSPH CEO forgot to mention they need 18mm in revenue/qtr to be cash flow positive. they will be BK in 6 months without buyout or dilution.

  20. $NSPH No PM ????

  21. @nightreporter: $NSPH so... when we can go above 1.2$??? Today would be fine.LOL

  22. $NSPH so... when we can go above 1.2$???

  23. $NSPH placement and revenue growth are clear indicators of demand for our products... => http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nanosphere-announces-fourth-quarter-full-210000914.html #Nanosphere #Stock #NSPH

  24. $NSPH Record fourth quarter and fiscal year preliminary revenue of $4.6 million and $14.3 million => http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nanosphere-announces-fourth-quarter-full-210000914.html #Nanosphere

  25. $NSPH Revenues finally ramping up here. Could be companies time has arrived