1. $NSPH flying to a buck or more next week or two, brace yourself gentlemen and gentlewomen.

  2. @meldtruong I m long as well. Took me a while to get my cost basis down to .262 I made a bunch on $NSPH and am currently doing well w $IPAS

  3. Another great looking chart for Monday is $NSPH - http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=NSPH&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&id=p84331283763 Big volume day, smallcap bios are hot!

  4. $NSPH looking to grab 100k shares this monday

  5. $NSPH if anyone remembers what I said expect to see the deal brokered soon. The stock is going to $1+ next week..if not more just be patient

  6. $NSPH 4$/share by mid March 2015

  7. $NSPH news coming... expect BIG lift-up next week will be funny 1) big traders overtake large volume 2) news 3) execution of acquisition

  8. $NSPH Smell something over weekend!

  9. $NSPH buying this on Monday

  10. $NSPH any news?

  11. $NSPH holy volume

  12. $NSPH Look like the buyout is announced over the weekend?

  13. $NSPH we ll see how it performance in AH.

  14. $NSPH olding over the weekend. looks like there is more on the way.

  15. $NSPH almost sold but i m holding on....something big is brewing here

  16. $NSPH 0.38 and im off!! come on!!!!!!

  17. $NSPH hopefully its gonna take off soon!

  18. $NSPH volume and charts looks like something definitly cooking. GL!

  19. $VRNG + $NSPH

  20. $FXCM + $NSPH

  21. $APP $NSPH

  22. $NSPH avg volume: 1.9 mio, todays volume 7.99 mio. somethings cooking. relax and enjoy good wine while watching.

  23. $NSPH hang in there

  24. $NSPH all this volume should have took us to .40

  25. $NSPH Next leg .40