1. $NSPH Monday target $0.59

  2. $NSPH http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/superbug-plan-will-reduce-antibiotic-resistance-by-2020-obama-pledges-1.3012237 what do you think will it affect NSPH?

  3. $NSPH i have the same right like people who talks about share prices like 4--6-8 $... if you don t like read this i can t do anything...

  4. $NSPH Nobody cares what you think @agapersonata stop posting here. Get a life and quit spamming this board all day

  5. Got Shock of my life #FalseAlarm. Opened my watchlist and saw $NSPR 0.23 only to find it was $NSPH (sorted alph next to each other)

  6. $NSPH Ha ha ha I love it. The sooner you manipulators get done with your bullshit and cover the sooner I get paid. Bring on the teens!

  7. $NSPH direct to 0,20...

  8. $NSPH lol .... the end is near

  9. $NSPH easy today close 0,24-0,26

  10. $NSPH the end of the story is 0,25 price

  11. $NSPH hold . Red color is not the end of story .

  12. $NSPH garbage

  13. $NSPH nice volume

  14. Momentum Stocks- $DD $NSPH $NOC http://www.streetwisereport.com/momentum-stocks-e-i-du-pont-de-nemours-and-company-nysedd-nanosphere-inc-nasdaqnsph-northrop-grumman-corporation-nysenoc/112792/

  15. $NSPH Verigene can improve time to targeted antibiotic therapy, decrease length of stay, and reduce overall hospital costs.

  16. $NSPH Scripps Study Illustrates Clinical and Economic Impact of Verigene BC-GP Rapid Blood Culture Test : http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/03/25/stock-update-nasdaqnsph-scripps-study-illustrates-clinical-economic-impact-verigene-bc-gp-rapid-blood-culture-test-antibiotic-stewardship-intervention/ #Nanosphere

  17. $NSPH just watched this documentary on Netflix called Resistance . Pretty stark. Stop overusing antibiotics.

  18. $NSPH I still believe in good technology!

  19. $NSPH That huge red bar at the close? Ridiculous. If you guys couldn t crack it today, good luck tomorrow! You can t have my shares

  20. $NSPH sure this stock is here for shorts!!!!?....or for the disaster of management?...

  21. $NSPH Only thing saving shorts is red market. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/scripps-study-illustrates-clinical-economic-120000635.html Didn t your mama teach you not to short undervalued stocks at bottom?

  22. $nsph Today looks like a fine day for a raid. Watch your stops in low $0.20 s - I m looking to initiate a position. Good luck all...

  23. $NSPH shorty paradise

  24. $NSPH come on!!!!!!

  25. $NSPH Good to hear http://finance.yahoo.com/news/scripps-study-illustrates-clinical-economic-120000635.html