1. $NSPH Split or delisting? Otherwise I would buy, but no thank you.

  2. $NSPH have a bright future...

  3. $NSPH

  4. $NSPH

  5. $NSPH

  6. $NSPH Ouch! Longs are suffering here $KWK,$RNN,$ONCY,etc. Oh the games they play in penny land. Better opportunies out there folks!

  7. $NSPH wow ... will this go to zero?

  8. $NSPH why why why

  9. $NSPH What suckers, er I mean clients did Chardan Capital sell these secondary shares to?

  10. $NSPH another day, another 52 week low. Nothing to see here until lottery drawing, err I mean Q1 results in February.....

  11. @Dursun13 Just broke the $0.40 support. I hope we get a bounce here or this might get ugly $NSPH

  12. $NSPH nice price to step in this will double in december ;)

  13. $NSPH nice accumulation

  14. $NSPH now somebody asks for 1.15$/share for 2k nice

  15. $NSPH it looks that we have increase in ask price first 1.33$/share

  16. $NSPH Soon

  17. $NSPH so tempted to sell, im tired of holding this... should i hold???

  18. @WolfpackInvest why such antagonism from your side?? betting on collaps and level 1c??? sorry but $NSPH will go UP

  19. $NSPH will be star soon

  20. 0-star analyst Chris Lewis from Roth Capital reiterated a BUY on $NSPH. Chris has a -4.4% avg rtrn

  21. $NSPH We move up on red market!

  22. @Godady I have a feeling that soon $NSPH will go very high... above 1.6$/share

  23. such a high vol in AM??? what is going on with $NSPH soros again???

  24. $NSPH Zack rates buy!

  25. $NSPH any thoughts hold or sell..???