1. $NSPH Tehcnicals hint an upswing todayish, sell wall @ .91, rated buy in Seeking alpha, at base support lvl, this is the moment to get in.

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  3. $NSPH Support is at .88 best time to get in is towards the end of this week . GL

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  6. $NSPH Showing signs of an up trend, Buttom should be in.

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  8. $NAVB $IMUC $RNN $NSPH Micro Cap Biotechs where is the momo?

  9. $NSPH having a nice bounce today.

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  11. $NSPH MACD about to turn positive in a few days looking bullish more and more!

  12. $NSPH in mid-day reversal, heading back up.

  13. $NSPH 0.93 alert triggered, just watching.

  14. $NSPH Excellent swing setup here.

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  17. $AMD Todays dip is just a bump in the road, more upside to come. $nsph on the way back up.

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  19. $NSPH This must be the start of the run up to $1.20 that everyone keeps talking about!

  20. small bid in @ 0.91 ish $NSPH

  21. $NSPH Thomson Reuters/Verus upgrades NANOSPHERE INC from SELL to HOLD.

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  23. $NSPH out with a tiny profit. $IDN holding LT. Just in on $NIHD for a bounce (down 70% today) - easy money! #LetsGO

  24. Who is the best bio of them all? $CLSN $IMUC $NSPH $RNN $AMRN

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