1. Trade Ideas for Monday 02 $AMCC $ALGN $IBIO $DCTH $VRA $HOV $S $CYBR $ATVI $DHI http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2015/02/trade-ideas-for-monday-02-amcc-algn.html BBRY $SODA $NSPH $TWTR also on watch

  2. $NSPH nice PM move...

  3. $NSPH RT Nanomedicine Market Exp Value $180B in 2020, CAGR 16% due to inc. unmet global chronic diseases #biotech #Nanosphere #Stock #NSPH

  4. $NSPH Stocks in a bullish Hug - ... Nanosphere (NSPH) ... http://www.stocknewswires.com/2015/02/rig-stocks-in-a-bullish-hug-transocean-rig-nanosphere-nsph.html #Nanosphere #Stock #NSPH

  5. $ORIG Added to the picks for Monday- $NSPH $ONCY $SGNL $ZGNX

  6. Monday s guess work: $NSPH $ONCY $SGNL $ZGNX $ACUR

  7. @PhamsterZzzzzzzzz @EpicDynami @russdorff idk but $NSPH seems to be getting a lot of hype. I all mine is tied into SGNL and ONCY for now. GL

  8. $NSPH Is in my watchlist for tomorrow! If break the $0.36 level we may have a SkyRocket! Stay tuned too http://stocktwits.com/message/33356521

  9. $NSPH Have you seen? Frontline: Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria => https://www.netflix.com/home Doesn t #Nanosphere detect these Gram Negatives?

  10. $NSPH http://stafforddaily.com/zacks-rating-update-on-nanosphere-inc/348344/

  11. @Daniel_Ward I ll stay in the sidelines for now. How do you feel about $nsph I m thinking of going big in it

  12. you know what rhymes with Monday ??? $SGNL $NSPH $ONCY

  13. $NSPH ...cb...3409 ...love the four digit avg Might reverse split to use real numbers..

  14. $NSPH goes up Monday ??

  15. $NSPH flying to a buck or more next week or two, brace yourself gentlemen and gentlewomen.

  16. @meldtruong I m long as well. Took me a while to get my cost basis down to .262 I made a bunch on $NSPH and am currently doing well w $IPAS

  17. Another great looking chart for Monday is $NSPH - http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=NSPH&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&id=p84331283763 Big volume day, smallcap bios are hot!

  18. $NSPH looking to grab 100k shares this monday

  19. $NSPH if anyone remembers what I said expect to see the deal brokered soon. The stock is going to $1+ next week..if not more just be patient

  20. $NSPH 4$/share by mid March 2015

  21. $NSPH news coming... expect BIG lift-up next week will be funny 1) big traders overtake large volume 2) news 3) execution of acquisition

  22. $NSPH Smell something over weekend!

  23. $NSPH buying this on Monday

  24. $NSPH any news?

  25. $NSPH holy volume