1. $NSPH Beginning DD on this co. Question: what are short term catalysts that will affect stock price?

  2. $NSPH if you have a medical background or even have read what they are doing then you can t turn down a few 100 shares on this stock

  3. $NSPH can this one just get up a little. Why always looks like a dead fish


  5. $NSPH did zacks just downgraded the stock to hold after upgrading it the day before to buy?

  6. $NSPH She s prime and ready for a new ATL!

  7. $NSPH Nanosphere (NASDAQ:NSPH) was upgraded by Zacks to a “Buy” rating => http://sleekmoney.com/nanosphere-upgraded-by-zacks-to-buy-nsph/362679/ #Nanosphere #Superbug #Stock #NSPH

  8. Nanosphere Just Received a Notice of Effectiveness http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/NOTICE/summary/?id=1858053 $NSPH

  9. $NSPH: New SEC Filing for NSPH: Form EFFECT, No. 9999999995-15-002009 http://stocknewsflow.com/1105184_999999999515002009_9999999995-15-002009

  10. Watching 7/21 $CECO $CRIS $ISNS $MITK $MY $NSPH $OGXI $PLUG $XUE

  11. @Think4self $CYTX i like this even though I won t trade a penny stock.The only thing that can save it is a reverse split like $NSPH $DVAX

  12. $CECO Buyers stepping in now..... $NSPH getting some action today. $VLTC will wait for the $7 level to enter again.

  13. $NSPH trying to pick a bit more at 3.00...no more buys after that!

  14. $NSPH RT will see $20 when the next superbug makes Verigene a must have => http://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/03/12/714870/10124597/en/Verigene-System-Positioned-to-Provide-Rapid-Diagnosis-of-Outbreaks-of-CRE-Superbugs.html #Nanosphere #Superbug #Stock #NSPH

  15. $NSPH

  16. $NSPH Nanosphere (NASDAQ:NSPH) has received an average broker rating score of 2.00 (Buy) => http://sleekmoney.com/brokerages-expect-nanosphere-to-post-1-12-eps-nasdaqnsph/348485/ #Nanosphere #Stock #NSPH

  17. $NSPH about to fall asleep :)

  18. $NSPH Antibiotics Are Losing Their Effectiveness: What You Can Do => http://health.usnews.com/health-news/patient-advice/articles/2015/07/13/antibiotics-are-losing-their-effectiveness-what-you-can-do?page=2 #Nanosphere #Superbug #Stock #NSPH

  19. $NSPH House Approves Roskam Legislation to Combat Superbugs => http://roskam.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/house-approves-roskam-legislation-to-combat-superbugs #Nanosphere #Superbug #Stock #NSPH

  20. IPOs and Transactions: July 6 – 10 / View full list > http://irblog.prnewswire.com/2015/07/13/ipos-and-transactions-july-6-10/ $GNBC $IDI $KRED $NOG $NSPH $OKSB $RLJE $SGNL

  21. $NSPH I m buying at $2.69 and $2.60 if it gets there.

  22. @Think4self $NSPH they love to offer here. $GALE $CYTR

  23. Registration statement under Securities Act of 1933 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=1834590 $NSPH

  24. $NSPH: New SEC Filing for NSPH: Form S-3, No. 0001193125-15-249080 http://stocknewsflow.com/1105184_000119312515249080_0001193125-15-249080

  25. $NSPH would like to buy some, but how is the cashburn of this company? Do they need a secondary offering any time soon?