1. Ready for the break out and up for $CYTX No news coming out from $NSPH I will continue to hold

  2. $NSPH with signal of acquisition will explode over 4$/share

  3. $NSPH People come and go for the last few weeks. look like they have confident to stay today.

  4. $NSPH Would love to see a push through 0.41 for power hour and close at HOD. Would be a great signal for next week.

  5. $NSPH

  6. $NSPH

  7. $NSPH

  8. $NSPH I see ya!

  9. $NSPH Power hour coming up. Lets see a nice strong close and push into 0.40 s

  10. $NSPH Breaking.38 we can see .50

  11. $NSPH Volume coming in and sitting right above 20SMA. Looks ready to pop anytime. Good luck longs!

  12. $NSPH hmmm I wonder why its just been bouncing around .33-.37 for the past few weeks.

  13. $NSPH 3 $ EOY 2015

  14. @WolfpackInvest Trading the same every day for awhile now. Morning dip to a higher low and then a higher high in afternoon $NSPH

  15. $NSPH Buy

  16. $NSPH chart looking really good here. Nice rounded bottom forming. Just needs some volume.

  17. $NSPH

  18. $NSPH Nanosphere Short Interest Up 68.4% in November (NSPH) => http://www.stocknewswires.com/2014/12/nsph-nanosphere-short-interest-up-684-in-november-nsph.html #Nanosphere #Stock #NSPH

  19. $NSPH 2015 3 $

  20. $NSPH WTH was that all about today?

  21. @Horvathfamily18 Thanks for sharing this link. I had recently added $LXRX an $OHRP in my portfolio by stopping positions in $NSPH.

  22. $NSPH I guess made the right call. Despite the spike its trading 5 cents lower since I exited with a small loss. Will wait for right time.

  23. $NSPH The company made bad projections but the stock is way oversold. Fundamentals are there. Anyone who denies needs to prove their case.

  24. $NSPH the stock can t hold a move for longer than 2 hrs because there are no fundamentals to keep it there.....wah, wah

  25. $NSPH Remember what I said 2 weeks ago about a deal?