1. $NSPH This company needs a tourniquet...that common offering was like a filthy Band-Aid. Nice tech, but costs vastly outweigh revenues.

  2. @YoungMula Not playing $NSPH again? I think they miss you on that board

  3. @Think4self Quietly moving small cap bios from bottom $ONCY,$RXII,$ZIOP,$CYCC,$GALE,$SGYP,$NSPH might worth a good look. Up to you guys!

  4. $NSPH Bought more at .44 Lets break .50 tomorrow! LOL $$$$$

  5. $NSPH This volume is saying something. People want in down here

  6. $NSPH Confirmed! Its a POS!

  7. $NSPH short squeeze... going red slowly ...

  8. $NSPH WTF? Is this POS a scam?

  9. $NSPH Going up BIG NEWS coming out after the bell...hopefully...gotta cover myself ;)

  10. $NSPH Twice the daily volume already.

  11. $NSPH sliding down? Traders got their 7% WTF?

  12. $NSPH Volume picking up!

  13. $NSPH Looks like Shorts covering on arca $$$$

  14. $NSPH Ebola candidate?

  15. $NSPH Massive pre-loading News leaking!

  16. $NSPH what s going on here? volume alert going off... but no news?

  17. $NSPH Volume picking up nicely.

  18. $NSPH Kaboomage back above 1.00 $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  19. $NSPH 2,3,4, even 600k bids have been popping up the last week or so .. good stuff

  20. $NSPH Huge Bid support chasing! Lets Go! $$$$

  21. $NSPH In at .44 Lets Go Baybeee back to 1.30 $$$$

  22. $NSPH

  23. Ebola Small-cap Index: $HEB $TKMR $NLNK $NNVC $INO $SRPT $CMRX $PLX $NSPH $BCRX $LAKE $APT $VSR $SMED.keep an eye on;)

  24. $NSPH check out CONX, up already in pm

  25. $NSPH #Diagnostics Nanosphere reels in $18.4M in stock sale: http://www.fiercediagnostics.com/story/nanosphere-reels-184m-stock-sale/2014-10-29?utm_medium=rss&utm_source=rss&utm_campaign=rss #Nanosphere #Stock #NSPH