1. $NSPR 1st qtr er not looking so great hearing their last sales pr but 2nd qtr earnings will tell the greater story. Buying after next call.

  2. @sexygaltraderbabe 3/5 WL (Begging for the gap up) $ATHX $CYCC $FXCM $MELA $ZQK $INVT $CUR $NSPR $UPIP

  3. $CYTX has been updated from buy to very very very strong buy - :) $RGSE $BIOC $ENZN $NSPR http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/cytori-therapeutics-upgraded-to-strong-buy-by-zacks-cytx/138795/

  4. $NSPR note to self study this weekend:)

  5. Earnings announcement: $NSPR is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Mon, May 11 2015

  6. @jasbrod $NSPR it s so liberating when you block a short troll! I blocked him/the rooster or whatever (he fantasizing to be) too. Cheers!

  7. $NSPR Next week should be another strong one heading into Earnings Release.

  8. $NSPR Strong into the bell. Have a nice weekend everyone.

  9. $NSPR - Smart move, hosting events to diff. countries. Attracting more investor. May not see a partnership until 2nd/3rd quarter.

  10. $NSPR - I got a feeling that 1st quarter may not be a POS. # but the 2nd Quarter will be due to Mguard sales which was FDA apprv. 04/27/15.

  11. $NSPR 30 at close

  12. $NSPR sell sell sell...

  13. $NSPR Absolutely no volume

  14. $NSPR $GTXI $MSTX $EXEL nice!

  15. $NSPR

  16. $AMDA $CYTX $AEZS $NSPR anyone following $CRDC? Any info/insights that might help? I am still doing DD

  17. $NSPR May 1st folks, can t wait till earnings on the 11th $ONCY $BIOC

  18. $ONCY $NSPR Investors are tired of pumping. All those promises of FDA approval and not much to show for it is being reflected on the price.

  19. $NSPR It worked yesterday, so placed my limit order again to average down and that should send this further north again today!

  20. Any1 have a trading rule they used/learned 2day trading these stocks $CYTX $GLUU $NSPR $VLTC Please share here. Tks! http://www.sharerules.net/

  21. $NSPR it s so liberating when you block a short troll!

  22. $NSPR $ONCY are like dead dogs lying by the side of street after they have been hit by a car.

  23. $NSPR same pattern every day... Green all day the finishes red.

  24. $BGMD $CYTX $NSPR Just on CNBC...bio-tech/healthcare worst performing sector today. Stay strong and loooooonnnggg

  25. $NSPR what s the chance of this getting delisted?