1. Long-Short Value Watchlist: LONG: $NUAN, $OAK, $SLM, $FIG, $KKR, $SLM, $REGI, $SUNE; SHORT: $ARMH, $UNIS, $PLUG, $DDD, $SSYS, $UA, $MELI

  2. @LSValue: My Top Conviction Longs right now with good entries: $NUAN, $SUNE, $REGI from apr 17th, good entry for sure on $SUNE

  3. $AAPL Besides being the day to sell AAPL, Mon will be a great buying opp. for $GTAT $SNE $AMAVF $EOG $NUAN $KNDI . AAPL flys after ER. ALOHA

  4. @howardlindzon @benrab $nuan anyone??

  5. $NUAN http://y.ahoo.it/HlTJsawW

  6. $AAPL Have to believe Uncle Carl knows something BIG is happening between Apple and $NUAN . He owns ALOT of Nuance! Silence is GOLDEN.

  7. My Top Conviction Longs right now with good entries: $NUAN, $SUNE, $REGI

  8. $NUAN I m holding this for a long long time - when everything around us becomes voice enabled

  9. @danbetz do you think $nuan is extremely undervalued at these levels?

  10. $NUAN going up next week IMHO

  11. $NUAN Close in greens will be nice

  12. Earnings announcement: $NUAN is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, May 8 2014

  13. @Tatoduk: After-Hour Gainers $NUAN $BGMD $VTNR

  14. @TheStacks Haha still BULLISH on $GOGO along w/ $NUAN $AMAVF $AAPL $GTAT $EOG $SNE $LQMT $KNDI $EKSO barring any near term nuclear war!Aloha

  15. @Tatoduk Yes $NUAN is having a nice after hours run.

  16. After-Hour Gainers $NUAN $BGMD $VTNR

  17. 2 day strategy last week buys: $UCO sells: $NUAN $AAPL $F $TRV holds: none

  18. $NUAN $INTC Is Nuance Communications Inc. Destined for Greatness? http://y.ahoo.it/AI7eikPV

  19. $NTWK at $4.50 support. $GALE $2 support. $MU $21 support. $BCOV $8 support. $TSLA $200 support. $YGE $3.80 support. $NUAN $16 support.

  20. Microsoft Cortana Assistant changes the landscape for $AAPL $GOOG $MSFT $NUAN | http://y.ahoo.it/NpznU5rU

  21. $NUAN added to it, held up fairly good considering how hard we sold off, 17+ is written all over this one

  22. $NUAN anybody whom knows this one well... what is my best entry point for long hold to 18. 15.9?

  23. $NUAN $ORAN $AAPL $NBG $ALBKY $MRVL $VOYA $AEG check out our (mostly neglected) blog, portfolio and it s performance.

  24. $NUAN thinking about adding more around this level. Very tempting even though we could easily drop to 15 though.

  25. @jtr, @jstander : SIx potential long plays: $NFX, $HK, $JOY, $ADI, $MYL, $NUAN, $DE