1. $NVGN my platform says something about failed to meet continued listing requirements, anybody know what this is about? is that why down?

  2. $NVGN Beaten down the last few days. Approaching strong support at $2.68. Watch for a bounce. http://stocktwits.com/message/30447845

  3. Thursday Losers: $SIMG (27%), $MCEP (17%), $CHNR (16%), $RCAP(15%), $NDRO (14%), $CRK (13%), $NVGN (13%), $NES (12%),$MPO (11%), $LINE (11%)

  4. $NVGN Pure manipulation..price was around 3.5 - 4 until June this year even without this medical break through... It will be fine for sure.

  5. $NVGN u guys are all in big trouble

  6. $NVGN I guess we have not seen the bottom yet. Novogen now moderatly bearish

  7. $NVGN Issuing shares on ASX? Can somebody confirm that?

  8. $NVGN i see your future $FMD

  9. $NVGN

  10. $NVGN hit 2nd predicted move @ $2.75. Alerted 09:37 @ $2.96. ~ via @AlertTrade

  11. $COOL this trading action today is as STUPID as $NVGN on Tuesday. U know what happened there. This will take longer. Guess we hit $1 first

  12. Alert updates: $AVEO +4% $BAS +3% $EXXI +12% $NVGN +4% $SIMG +4% ~ via @AlertTrade

  13. $NVGN triggered SHORT, hit 1st predicted move @ $2.81. Alerted 09:37 @ $2.96. ~ via @AlertTrade

  14. $CYTR $AGEN afternoon breakout picks,all my favorite stocks $IBIO $GILD $OPK $NVGN $HLF $NPSP $INO $OREX $MNKD $RXII $ACHN $CLDX $ARIA $CERS

  15. $NVGN kinda reminds of $SPEX when it hit over $4 then financing at $2 then crash to under a $1..don t be so sure of $2.55 floor of financing

  16. $NVGN Any opinions on what this stock might do after the 22nd .

  17. $NVGN Taking a position 2.86 Low risk here very high reward IMO

  18. $NVGN while it becomes stable, ride the JUNO train with $MBVX, float is less than 2m. OTC, so follow on Twitter. Do your dd


  20. $NVGN nobody cares about cancer, ebola and other diseases. shame of investors

  21. $NVGN The Company’s Ordinary Shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) under the symbol “NRT”

  22. $CYTR reversal/insider buys, all my favorite stocks $IBIO $GILD $OPK $NVGN $HLF $NPSP $INO $OREX $MNKD $RXII $ACHN $CLDX $ARIA $CERS $GERN

  23. 8 Morning Market Losers http://www.benzinga.com/news/14/12/5091116/morning-market-losers $ATU $CAG $DNKN $KEX $MLHR $NVGN $SIMG $WGO

  24. $NVGN remember this thing traded at $2.55 all night long on ASX until eod blip even after US closing of $3.15...smells fishy

  25. $NVGN @TheWolfOf_WallStreet you mean run down to $2.55. then we will know if it will continue down or bounce..starting to look like pump n d