1. @burleysavage $nvgn pos biobreakthrough pumped it. He gets paid by company to pump it.

  2. $NVGN Pos stock pumped by biobreakthrough

  3. Daily Watchlist For 01/23/2015 - http://freewatchlist.com/daily-watchlist-01232015/ - $FXCM, $ADXS, $NVGN, $INWK, $AGEN

  4. Penny stocks in play now: $FXCM $OIBR $ACHN $SWHC $NVGN http://investazy.com/blog/448.php

  5. % Gainers $FXCM $EGLT $CYN $OIBR $NERV $AVP $JNS $XENE $GTI $CHUY $NNVC $ZFGN $SNMX $NVGN $CLIR $ALDR $GOL $PEIX $ARC http://stocktwits.com/message/31652560

  6. Greatstockpix Day Trading Chart Setups for January 23rd http://10xtradingsignals.com/2015/01/23/greatstockpix-day-trading-chart-setups-for-january-23rd/ $EHTH $NVGN $KBH $ADXS $ASPS

  7. Video of some chart setups I ll be watching tomorrow: $EHTH $NVGN $KBH $ADXS $ASPS $XON $AVP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW20sWtxidg&feature=youtu.be

  8. 1/22/2015: $684 $NFLX $AMZN $FXCM $FFIV $PCP $WYN $NVGN Some losses early on but overall, a good save.

  9. $NVGN Why did I just buy that a the last second??????????And On Impulse!

  10. $NVGN Alerted this short play on Twitter. Please feel free to follow me https://twitter.com/BP_Rising

  11. $NVGN news! bullish!

  12. $NVGN public offering AH?

  13. $NVGN Once panic sets in it is hard to control the herd!

  14. $NVGN Somebody with money finally realized how big this is!!!!

  15. $NVGN what s going on here ?

  16. @DayTradeWarrior I was sleeping i have been in this since last week whats going on bro? been in prision on $NVGN

  17. sold 1/2 $NVGN 2.66

  18. $NVGN Wow, what the heck. Unexpected AH blow-up. What news is cominG?!

  19. @DayTradeWarrior: adding on $NVGN

  20. @DayTradeWarrior: looking for $NVGN to pop over 2.55 for squeeze into the close

  21. adding on $NVGN

  22. $NVGN@BioBreakthrough 1m1 minute ago Accumulated a 100,000 share position this week for a major announcement coming soon. Details shortly.

  23. looking for $NVGN to pop over 2.55 for squeeze into the close

  24. long $NVGN

  25. $NVGN Nice pop