1. $NWBO The Sleeping Giant Awakes_Active Bristol Meyers Squibb (BMY) Has Offer Table For The Acquisition Of $NWBO http://y.ahoo.it/QUSIyEZH

  2. $NWBO Like this thing. Volume picking up on the weekly and smart money buying. This things gonna jump any second

  3. $NWBO long 6.30 .31

  4. $NWBO took a good size position today 6.11 -only a hunch, may be some trial news forthcoming

  5. $NWBO Pbyi like move coming to Nwbo soon. Short at your own risk.

  6. $NWBO www.evaluategroup.com/wp2014.

  7. $NWBO How does one discount $103 share value, given Germany s FDA has already approved DCVAC L for insurance reimbursement?

  8. $NWBO Evaluate Pharma actually gets paid to offer opinions. Unlike some folks at SeekingAF.

  9. $NWBO Nothing shady here.

  10. $NWBO Evaluate Pharma ranks DCVax-L as 7th most promising research in world w NPV of 103 a share for NWBO stock

  11. @goldminegroup: $NWBO http://y.ahoo.it/CDud7uhv

  12. $NWBO just got a PT of $105. Based of $2 billion sale of DCVax

  13. $NWBO http://y.ahoo.it/REI5gZhR

  14. $NWBO i hope we get some BS clinical data to pop this soon lol

  15. Volatile Stocks: $AOL, $HCA, $NCR, $NWBO http://y.ahoo.it/4YTvRrQ9

  16. $NWBO http://y.ahoo.it/Pv1pltQV

  17. $SPY Latest successful trade alerts in $CSCO $GT $IWM $MSFT $NGD $NWBO $VXX etc etc etc, you know the deal.

  18. @gmreid86: $NWBO Trader sells short @ $6.54 Stock down over 4% since posting

  19. $NWBO Shorts squeeze will happen. Just a matter of when.

  20. $UNXL just like $NWBO lawsuits will come in the near future....SEC investigation

  21. $NWBO Oops-Linda Powers says recent gains are from Building Infrastructure,not from Ph1 Data releases...except she PR s the opposite?ANGRY?

  22. $NWBO Once hedge funds cover, those newbie shorts are going to be left covering. Number of shares to short continue to rise.

  23. $NWBO I really can t help myself, bought more today. Others might not see value. Maybe diluting of shares will happen. I see cheap shares.

  24. $UNXL @GIMO $NWBO $ROYL perfect short basket....throw in $ONVO as well

  25. $NWBO If anyone is looking to sell any shares, make sure you set your sell trigger above the high. If we all do, short drink their own meds