1. $ADXS $NWBO $CYTR Hey all, what other picks are people looking into for ASCO next month?

  2. $NWBO The 20 Rapid Progressors in Info Arm had Double the progression when they were called Rapid Progressors. http://www.nwbio.com/AACR_poster_prolonged_survival.pdf

  3. $DRRX ripping to new highs. Another winner :) PT on site. Congrats members & longs. $NWBO, $MRGE and now $DRRX in only 2 weeks. #stocks

  4. $NWBO getting that failed breakdown as expected, $AAPL acting well

  5. idea: buy $NWBO at 8.47 failed breakdown tomorrow

  6. $NWBO Some action from CREW on NWBO shorts. Interesting. Could be a positive sign. http://www.exposeadam.com/

  7. Video Chart Reviews Tues April 21 - https://stockmatusow.com/membership-options/?_s2member_vars=post..level..1..post..37098..L3ZpZGVvLWNoYXJ0LXJldmlld3MtZm9yLXR1ZXMtYXByaWwtMjEtMjAxNQ%3D%3D&_s2member_sig=1429664008-9b5110b159249c3db976d9729ffd9cee $MEIP, $RDUS, $ICPI, $NWBO, $IG, $SPY, $DMPI #trading #Stock (Premium Content)

  8. $NWBO: NW Bio Featured In Presentations At the American Association for ... http://stocknewshour.com/nw-bio-featured-in-presentations-at-the-american-association-for

  9. Quality Stocks With High Cash Returns: Great Basin Scientific $GBSN , Northwest Biotherapeutics, $NWBO , Qunar Cayman Islands $QUNR

  10. End Of Day Scan: Bearish Doji $FCEL $ELX $RTK $VTSS $ACAD $IAU $ZBB $SHM $BNS $NWBO

  11. @Think4self $NWBO (no pos) must be nice being long here since the last few weeks

  12. End Of Day Scan: Over Keltner Channel $UWTI $EWU $TASR $SMFG $AUQ $VDSI $MTU $HAS $WPZ $NWBO

  13. Northwest Biotherapeutics $NWBO shares touched a fresh 52-week high today in a continuation of the move seen ye http://www.financialjuice.com/News/2013541/Northwest-Biotherapeutics-NWBO-shares-touched-a-fresh-52-week-high-today-in-a-continuation-of-the-move-seen-yesterday-after-it-was-added-to-a-new-index-of-the-Top-25-Cancer-Immunotherapy-Companies.aspx

  14. $NWBO another huge winner for us here at k capital. breakout today starts new leg imo. Members in this since $8.05

  15. $NWBO High 9.37 so far. When I said breakout coming, I was thinking next couple of days, not hours! But I ll take it!

  16. $NWBO another small cap biotech that appears to be in play

  17. $NWBO wooooooooooow is that smoke?

  18. $NWBO at a certain point, HF buys are going to trigger. Shorts best beware.

  19. $NWBO Can you say breakout coming? Lol come on 9.35!

  20. $NWBO making new highs on way to $9. 9 of our last 10 swing trades have been winners! Now +110% since inception. Congrats longs.

  21. $NWBO any good news and we epic squeeze maybe. :)

  22. $NWBO needs to break $8.76 and $10 will be the next level of resistance. Nice chart. Long from $8.05

  23. Woodford And NWBO Vs. Adam Feuerstein Et Al?  $NWBO http://www.sweetalpha.com/nwbo/woodford-and-nwbo-vs-adam-feuerstein-et-al

  24. $NWBO: NW Bio Included In New Index Of The Top 25 Cancer ... http://stocknewshour.com/nw-bio-included-in-new-index-of-the-quot-top-25-cancer

  25. $RMBS, $AKRX, $NWBO, $CYNO - reviewing recent breakouts http://walktothecabin.blogspot.tw/2015/04/reviewing-some-recent-breakouts-rmbs.html