1. Call Buying $ALU $FLML $ORIG $ALB $RFMD $ALLY $NWBO $AMBC $APOL $CHS http://stocktwits.com/message/28099395

  2. $NWBO first German patient enrolled! No projection about revenue. A waiting list created! News on reimbursement amount soon!!

  3. $NWBO Bummer, I sold some cheap shares yesterday to fund fmcc. Can t look back, but hoping for the best here. if $fmcc is released all good

  4. $NWBO LPowers achieved top of class ranking at Princeton and Harvard Law. She s not type to waste her life on mediocre science project.

  5. $NWBO http://www.streetinsider.com/Corporate+News/Northwest+Biotherapeutics+%28NWBO%29+Says+DCVax-L+Hospital+Exemption+Program+Now+Under+Way+in+Germany/9908078.html?si_client=intbro

  6. $NWBO I must disclose I connected Les with a media contact who can get Direct National attention during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

  7. $DRL 10k 6.83 $XXII 17k 3.00 $SSH 5K 6.15 $NAVB 10k 1.30 $RXII 8600 2.15 $NWBO 4K 4.25 $CNAT 5k 6.68 $ACHN 2k 10.34 $TENX 10k 3.50

  8. $NWBO remarkable value for stock at this level given 1) German approval; 2) UK signaled approval; 3) pIII trials underway; 4) revenue soon!

  9. $BIOL Another one that has been a beast through out all these hell days $ACST,$CYCC,$NURO,$SYN,$STEM,$CUR,$BIOD,$NWBO

  10. $NWBO this is why a new treatment is needed. The phase 3 needs to succeed. Read this touching story http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/8/terminally-ill-oregon-woman-plans-death-for-nov-1/

  11. $NWBO Blinded by the science which will win in the end. Shorts, thanks for the dip. A squeeze is coming. :)

  12. $NWBO Join The small cap biotech tumble. it s a choppy market looking for profits, not speculation in Q4 14. Back to patience 101.

  13. $NWBO I bought at 334. First time I have been down money

  14. $NWBO Bill Gates should never have become wealthiest man in world under AF theory of proper ownership rules! LP took 10 years of risk!

  15. $NWBO i knew AF had something to do with this

  16. $NWBO AF trying to scare investors. http://www.thestreet.mobi/story/12903722/1/why-northwest-bio-is-shunned-by-savvy-healthcare-investors.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO

  17. @barna $nwbo 52wk low is $3.10, may have room to go lower. I would wait and purely buy for pumps and wen call prem go higher.

  18. Countdown to bioturd leader $NWBO issuing a PR along the lines of NW BIO Responds the False Claims and Allegations Made by Feuerstein

  19. $TKMR Some nice action early in the morning. $NWBO is a great buy here too

  20. @BiopharmaPro: $NWBO is a good long term name

  21. $nwbo. I get it, the nay Sayers on documented results for DVax L are the same people dening global warming! Greed works for a little bit!

  22. $NWBO Some day ... Some day (bearish)

  23. @IronLion Except $SNSS has the decency to inform people and end unnecessary treatments on the sick. Powers is Satan. $NWBO

  24. $NWBO the entire market off! stock will scream back under two conditions: shorts start to cover; new about Germany or UK or Direct Trials!

  25. $NWBO Adam F is 100% right about this fraud company. Sell while its still worth something