1. $enta $ebs $psti $thrx $nwbo $csiq $evok $uec $hbos $trr $pnx $ampe Keep an eye

  2. $ZGNX $NWBO http://y.ahoo.it/H6vWO8Pu

  3. $NWBO Slowly accummulating.

  4. $NWBO ASCO Abstract Local & systemic antitumor effects of activated autologous dendritic cells for intratumoral injection:A phase I/II trial

  5. $NWBO Didn t realize it was a paid report, admins please delete my previous post or report it. Can t delete it for some reason

  6. $ALNY $RGLS $NWBO beaten down biotechs having a good day so far. $NWBO looks to test resistance soon.

  7. @alandelmz Took 10% on the $NWBO bounce I was looking for. Out.

  8. $NWBO cashed some 555

  9. $NWBO took some this p/b

  10. @alandelmz @DMJX Horrific run on $NWBO. Vol spike. Watching for bounce.

  11. $NWBO Tey got great news last week. And been on a down turn since

  12. How News Effects on Stocks Performance- $FRX, $EBAY, $GM, $NWBO http://y.ahoo.it/S7j0PbKW

  13. @NoanetTrader they just announced an offering this morning $NWBO

  14. $NWBO some jr. biotechs putting in constructive bullish patterns http://y.ahoo.it/iNiVDURa

  15. http://y.ahoo.it/Vfx3Fare $NWBO single investor financing = good news

  16. $NWBO Interesting. They rolled up the Oct 7.5/10.5 s to the Oct 12.5 s bought at the ask yesterday. Bullish flow.

  17. $BIS out of all biotech longs on today s RIP. Bought more $BIS -- Also holding $NWBO and $GALT puts.

  18. $NWBO are you kidding me? Bought 15 min before close at 6.91 and get stopped out under support at 3:59 for 6.85. Watch it fly tomorrow...

  19. $NWBO Been at a standstill for a few weeks

  20. Watchlist 4/7 $MDXG $CHYR $NWBO $RGLS $FLML $ONTY $agio $ambi $nyny $cers

  21. $NWBO AF no longer has the fear appeal affect. Tight hands holding this stock. Did great on a down mrkt day. Continuing leg up to test high

  22. @swingtrader123 That should peek some interest from $NWBO traders and in general

  23. $NWBO buying on the close looks to go green

  24. $NWBO -.14 looks like the street bashing of NWBO is not working today. Stock should have tanked on A F s article

  25. $NWBO Feuerstein going after NWBO again on risk language from 10-K added for DCVax Phase III study. A real war between AF and NWBO