1. Classic Long http://www.dailystockplays.com/Classic-Long-2015-03-28.html $NWBO $SUPN $KIRK

  2. $NWBO daily chart looks great - moved above 9 & 20 ema today on strong volume, breaking above descending trendline - nice intraday too

  3. $NWBO out, no go, Might be reversing now.

  4. $AKRX, $NWBO, $SQNM, $CTSO, $HLT stocks of interest to me today >> daily finviz charts >> http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=211&ta=0&o=-change&t=,AKRX,NWBO,SQNM,CTSO,HLT

  5. $NWBO flip it long 7.83. Risking just 10 cents. I like the potential cup n handle intraday and this is good support. If it breaks I m out.

  6. $NWBO cup n a handle intraday? Just waiting for a good entry here.

  7. $NWBO gonna go

  8. $NWBO on watch going for triple tap.

  9. $NWBO covered flat

  10. $NWBO short 7.75. risking .15 cents.

  11. $NWBO http://smithonstocks.com/northwest-biotherapeutics-promising-new-data-was-just-presented-on-dcvax-l-in-recurrent-glioblastoma-multiforme-nwbo-buy-7-29/

  12. Response to $NWBO data from analyst Larry Smith: NWBO reports extremely encouraging survival benefits with DCVax-L. More SmithOnStocks.com.

  13. EXCLUSIVE: In response to the earlier data from Northwest Biotherapeutics $NWBO, well known biotech analyst Lar http://www.financialjuice.com/News/1986184/EXCLUSIVE-In-response-to-the-earlier-data-from-Northwest-Biotherapeutics-NWBO-well-known-biotech-analyst-Larry-Smith-writes-NWBO-reports-extremely-encouraging-survival-benefits-with-DCVax-L-in-patients-suffering-from-deadliest-form-of-brain-cancer.aspx

  14. $NWBO yesssss!

  15. GNGs tda = $OXM $LIVE $NWBO $ROLL $MYCC

  16. $NWBO Reports Promising Survival Data In 51 GBM Patients Treated With DCVax®-L http://www.nwbio.com/nw-bio-reports-promising-survival-data-51-gbm-patients-treated-dcvax-l/

  17. $NWBO - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=NWBO - BOOM! There Goes The Dynamite! Watch this Sector - Up 6% for the day.

  18. $NWBO Prolonged Survival In Patients http://www.nwbio.com/NWBT_ITOC_poster_3-25-15.pdf

  19. $NWBO a few weeks old, but good stuff - hope to find out more today! http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenkam/2015/03/06/northwest-biotherapeutics-is-a-best-idea/2/

  20. Northwest Bio’s $NWBO presentation has now begun; they are currently presenting new data for 51 extra patients http://www.financialjuice.com/News/1984135/Northwest-Bios-NWBO-presentation-has-now-begun-they-are-currently-presenting-new-data-for-51-extra-patients-with-GBM-brain-cancer-tomorrow-who-have-been-treated-with-DCVax-L.aspx

  21. $NWBO http://stage.pavemedia.de/nwbio/webcast.php

  22. $NWBO http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nw-bio-present-2nd-immunotherapy-144200799.html

  23. $NWBO Any news, what s happening? Up 4.10% PreM

  24. @yankeerock101 @BiotechIsGodzilla any biotechs worth noting today other than $MNKD $XOMA and $NWBO ?

  25. $NWBO As of Dec 3, 55% of 29 patients on DCVax-Direct had emergence or amplification of infiltrating T cells. I bet they show even more now.