1. $NYMX phase 2 prostate cancer data due out Q2 moving here.. Catalyst buyers might be moving in

  2. $VTUS $SIMO $AVP $NYMX $SLV 5 Stocks Poised for Breakouts http://y.ahoo.it/7L5TZPnC My story via @TheStreet

  3. $NYMX however it is worth keeping an eye on just as most in late stage trials are

  4. $NYMX p3 BPH top line data is expected this quarter but mgmt is quiet here and an exact range would be irresponsible to predict

  5. $NYMX maybe i mentioned this before but its interesting..strong base formed at 5.25 and last few days have seen a slight 1.5x norm vol

  6. $NYMX 😃Good day/week ahead , whats is in store for us this week/new month? Gezzez something good we hope? Joea👍

  7. Diagnostic Substances: ImmuCell $ICCC, Vermillion $VRML, Nymox Pharmaceutical $NYMX, Chembio Diagnostics $CEMI http://y.ahoo.it/9wQ27DB0

  8. Annual and transition report of foreign private issuers [Sections 13 or 15(d)] http://y.ahoo.it/jvJn0bfy $NYMX

  9. $NYMX look interesting here, but low volumes. Not impressed, but someone must be buying. Got catalyst w/ potential big mover. low key shhhhh

  10. $NYMX Under the Radar: Phase 2 data expected EOQ1/Early Q2

  11. $NYMX waiting for the financing as mentioned below

  12. $NYMX DD watchlist

  13. $NYMX As we wait & wait to get back to 6 bucks + , i wonder when that will happen,,, Gezze,,,, Joe A

  14. $NYMX Dear company, we know u need cash. There r catalyst in mid yr just raise already so we can jump on you like pogo stick. At least me

  15. $NYMX Either going bankrupt or offering any day now. Running on fumes. 600k cash end of Sept. Get it over with already. Lets go new CFO.

  16. $GALE $NYMX insiders own 52.21% of shares issued GALE insiders own 1%

  17. Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://y.ahoo.it/wcC5XAFb $NYMX

  18. $NYMX

  19. $NYMX interesting. Monitoring out for an entry

  20. $NYMX seems interesting, huge insiders hold but they need money: $199.63M market cap and $652.5 K cash. Monitoring for a refinancing

  21. $NYMX Nymox Provides Update on NX-1207 Phase 3 BPH and Phase 2 Prostate Cancer Cli.. http://y.ahoo.it/0v8WoS2Q

  22. $NYMX man if we could get some volume this will go hard in either direction I m on the this side tho

  23. $NYMX I m in here at 6 on a very, very speculative buy...Silence is typically not good, but bad stocks do go up..

  24. $NYMX keep an eye on this little girl..we haven t gotten a whole lot of info from mgmt on trial results could be a major in the making

  25. HOWEVER..I m in $PSDV and bought a little $NYMX today...