1. $NYMX Is it normal for a class action lawsuit to be filed by investors of a stock? Looks like not affecting share price today

  2. $NYMX why the f...... drop at the close!?

  3. $NYMX This pos is percolating big time. Nice move coming. GLTA!

  4. $NYMX more shorts and more shorts, don t know if this is worth the wait. I will wait however. such a large Italian company involved.

  5. $NYMX so....

  6. $NYMX tomorrow will have something

  7. $NYMX BAM!!

  8. $NYMX looks like we are at the bottom now! Let s push this to $1

  9. $NYMX Getting interesting again. Let s talk to 60 cents and say happy holidays.

  10. Often when I hear the placebo wasn t distant enough , I translate to our drug was not good enought $NYMX

  11. $NYMX gonna blast to 2$

  12. $NYMX man this is just... whatever

  13. $NYMX My ugly girlfriend just got false teeth. Looks better but you know they re not real. Still, she can BITE now.

  14. Pre-Market Gainers $TSRO 7%, $SNSS 11%, $NYMX 11%, $CVV 11%, $FOLD 12%, $ESPR 12%, $BHI 13%, $NFEC 17%, $CLDX 18%, $EVRY 34%, $CADC 52%

  15. $NYMX get that $ BAXS to

  16. $NYMX finally a green day. i thought this one was going to pull a $Baxs

  17. $NYMX of course I m a bear. I own it.

  18. $NYMX this think will bounce come monday.

  19. $NYMX Longer term chart looking better now. Was due for a dead possum bounce. This lady too ugly to be a cat.

  20. $NYMX Nymox Pharma (NASDAQ: NYMX) reported Q3 EPS of ($0.02), versus ($0.03) reported last year. http://www.streetinsider.com/Earnings/Nymox+Pharma+(NYMX)+Reports+Q3+Loss+of+$0.02Share/10015333.html

  21. $NYMX C mon. Give my ugly girlfriend some deodorant!!

  22. $NYMX Chart looking better. Kinda like if your really ugly girl friend gets her nails done.

  23. $NYMX patience will get you rich. phase 2 study results are positive and will bounce to 2

  24. $NYMX Glad I sold this

  25. $NYMX Bottom?