1. $OAS I got an idea, how about when they say oil reserves are nearly full and gas is way too cheap $2 example. BUY OIL

  2. $OAS Love how much acres this company has in the bakken. I just wish more of it was in the Core area.

  3. $OAS oil & gas co. looks good, too, Paulson owns that one, 6% i believe.

  4. $SN 5.3% more people expected to travel this weekend over last year $CHK $OAS

  5. $OAS new intraday break

  6. $OAS would this be a hood buy now or should wait for couple of weeks?

  7. $OAS strong with oil down

  8. $BBG $OAS $CRK $CRC $WRES These slime-balls are trying to get your oil & gas stocks cheap/bottom - Typical GS move. http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=2547

  9. $RIG $SDRL $NE $OAS $BNP $SN $REN $SFY Baker Hughes Weekly Rig Count US -3 CAD -5

  10. $OAS my old buddy warren buffett called sniffing around for some stock tips...i threw him oasis

  11. $OAS xle having trouble with 80.50

  12. $OAS well helloooooo spike!

  13. $OAS Break out

  14. $OAS new HOD! bring me 18 baby!...sanchez blows

  15. @StocksNewswire: Basic Material News Update For 05/22/2015: http://www.stocksnewswire.com/basic-material-stocks-traders-watch-list-transocean-nyserig-oasis-petroleum-nyseoas-nabors-industries-nysenbr/53396/ $RIG $OAS $NBR

  16. $OAS performing well so far on a down oil day

  17. $OAS keep it going. Xle selling off was bolony.


  19. $RIG Nice action today. watching for an intraday close above $20.17 on the 15m chart to get long. Monitor CLN15 overnight. Like $OAS too.

  20. $OAS looks great

  21. End Of Day Scan: Ichimoku Cloud Green $USO $FCX $ABX $OAS $NOV $OIL $HL $CVEO $SYMC $FRO www.dailystockplays.com

  22. Long watch list for tmw: $vod>38.75$, $oas>17.2$, $sdrl>14$, $lbtya>56.5$, $aapl>131.5$, $feye>44$, $intc>33.55$.

  23. $OAS very nice....

  24. $OAS i love you!

  25. $OAS breakout time patience young grasshoppers!!!!