1. $OCLR indecision here

  2. $OCLR nice push watch for continuation breakout above 3.58 >> http://y.ahoo.it/PPo0N15B http://y.ahoo.it/eh6L4ssa

  3. $OCLR need to break 3.55

  4. $OCLR Like new highs on a down day

  5. added a few more: $MY $CODE $HST $NVDA $ABIO $NRG $KO $OCLR

  6. $OCLR Didn t hold 3.50. Let s try again tomorrow. MACD and RSI still looking good.

  7. $OCLR nice follow through.. updated chart http://y.ahoo.it/WSJ90nd3

  8. $OCLR let s hold 3.50.

  9. $OCLR 3.50 is the resistence in the upward channel a break means very good for the price.

  10. Stocks With High Buying Pressure $AFFX $BALT $CSCO $EQT $EXPD $GTN $MRCY $MU $NBR $OCLR $PLD $UPS $VZ http://y.ahoo.it/9xLTclG6

  11. $OCLR looking good here in this morning at 3.25

  12. MACD Xup names showing technical potential to swing higher $PET $AZN $OCLR $JNJ $CYTK $BRK.B $UNP $CHKP $RHI $PNK $TPX $SWI $OC $AUXL $NWS

  13. $POZN, $AFOP, $HP, $MXWL, $OCLR, $TSYS, $SYRG, $CPN, $SPN, $HAL, $PES, $VNR Stocks I m watching tmrw, daily charts >> http://y.ahoo.it/hhSLUb5h


  15. @Vegastrader66: $OCLR making me proud

  16. Is $OCLR Oclaro Breaking Out?

  17. $OCLR making me proud

  18. $OCLR Yup yup!!

  19. $OCLR that s my girl

  20. $OCLR is breaking out... http://y.ahoo.it/S9RofkET

  21. $OCLR nice breakout... updated chart http://y.ahoo.it/vfMW1koz

  22. $OCLR has always been a grinder, slow but steady

  23. $OCLR lets do this !!!!

  24. $OCLR off this weeks video testing HOD

  25. $OCLR I know it s early but a close above 3.30 would be nice. MACD and RSI turning up.