1. $NMBL y all remember me. I said short this in the 40s and 50s due to valuation and no NAND fab. Will end up like $FIO $VMEM and $OCZ

  2. $OCZ So what is the ticker under Toshiba??? I sere OCZTQ and OCZ which is it?

  3. $OCZ bought 50 @ 1.15 current total value .81 It would cost me much more to sell this than to keep it. Lol

  4. $OCZ http://y.ahoo.it/I3nhDsvh Things don t look all bad for ocz.

  5. @Hitthebidradio: $WLT $AMRN $BBRY $OCZ $MCP You do a radio show every day? People still listen to radio?

  6. $WLT the only ones still in this stock probably still own $AMRN $BBRY $OCZ $MCP sorry dad. Love ya but come on now with this never sell

  7. Current report, items 8.01 and 9.01 http://y.ahoo.it/7Prki65U $OCZ

  8. $UNXL forgot about this garbage. will $GOGO be added to this list? $AMRN $FIO $OCZ $UTSI $FU $HEAT $SPPI $USU

  9. $NEWL new share dilution should be complete by July. Don t buy until July!! Wait for shakeout. Read the 6-k s. This is $OCZ rerun chk pinks

  10. $KIOR One most recent stks that had a lot of ppl hoping it would recover&then they announced they re out of business.Crushed investors $OCZ

  11. $OCZ Partners With $AMD at Game Developer Conference to Showcase Solid-State Supercharged Systems for Gaming Professionals March 17-21 in SF

  12. $OCZ holding not selling

  13. $OCZ A win-win situation for Toshiba and OCZ: Q&A with Alex Mei, CMO of OCZ Storage Solutions http://y.ahoo.it/H1H51auf

  14. $OCZ Why would you want to be at $000000

  15. $OCZ It s gonna go somewhere sometime. It has too right??

  16. $OCZ Just going to hold and see what happens, already way down

  17. $CHTP Bought $20K this morning. Makes up for $OCZ epic fail.

  18. $OCZ whats happening with this?????

  19. $OCZ any idea what will happen to this share??? Holding some :(

  20. $OCZ I still own 50 shares of this. Bought at 1.15. Lost about $50. Not planning on selling it

  21. $OCZ I still own 25 option contracts that exp jan 2015. Will they have any value?

  22. OCZ Technology Group Inc just filed its Confidential treatment order http://y.ahoo.it/KbmSKN8O $OCZ

  23. @Penetrator @skaushi not always.. Look at $OCZ i bought in $.70 thinking it would bounce and got smacked. But have good feeling about $MELA

  24. @cctranscripts Is this good for $OCZ??

  25. $OCZ Is that good sign for $OCZ ??