1. Commodities falling, strong $USDX, weak $USDBRL, big $TLT & comparable debts, bad industrials: $PBR, $OGXPY, $OSX, $LLX = weak Brazil. $EWZ

  2. $OGXPY “I will be back,” Eike Batista promises http://www.valor.com.br/international/news/3957264/i-will-be-back-eike-batista-promises

  3. $OGXPY someone are buying this share?

  4. $OGXPY CVM accuses Eike Batista of insider trading, holding details on OGX | Valor International http://y.ahoo.it/2KFrQRTs

  5. $OGXPY I m looking for an entry point any suggestion ???

  6. $OGXPY As all this bad news has been released, this stock nearly doubled since December.

  7. Will the Mexican Oil Bubble Burst Before Its Even Begun? $OGXPY http://y.ahoo.it/wTdjvaWj

  8. OGX Owes $31 Million, Could Lose Oil Concession http://y.ahoo.it/YTKfnkpm $OGXPY

  9. $OGXPY Eike Batista faces wave of inquiries in wake of stock-market collapse | Valor International http://y.ahoo.it/zK0bBB9Y

  10. Batista s OSX says it filed for bankruptcy protection http://y.ahoo.it/VSSkBTAt $OGXPY

  11. Eike Batista s MMX Mining Firm Sells Chilean Unit http://y.ahoo.it/TbGBNeAJ $OGXPY $MMXMY

  12. @valuewalk: The End Of The Road For Eike Batista http://y.ahoo.it/aipiGRYN $OGXPY

  13. Brazilian oil giant OGX files for bankruptcy http://y.ahoo.it/ClQCLzqn $OGXPY


  15. @valuewalk: Brazil s OGX Oil Firm Says Talks With Creditors Failed http://y.ahoo.it/or5bwLUI $OGXPY

  16. $OGXPY RT @WSJ: Breaking:Eike Batista s flagship oil company $OGX is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection in #Brazil. wsj.com

  17. OGX Soars As Chief Executive Is Shown The Door http://y.ahoo.it/Z8KGjSc3 $OGXPY

  18. $OGXPY Resurrection or Dead Cat Bounce? news may push pps to $0.32 and then $1 area quickly. Don t married to it though due to high risk.

  19. $OGXPY And so now things are looking up again - meaning, maybe this company will not default.

  20. Brazil’s debt-ridden OGX firm said to lay off 20% of staff http://y.ahoo.it/sNQCr1Kb $OGXPY

  21. @AndreCosta $OGXPY is a pure speculative call. Everyone thinks the company is finished. Willing to bet 5000 shares against bankruptcy.

  22. $OGXPY Eike disburses 1 Billion to the co., up on the news

  23. $OGXPY Would it be too early to call the bottom on this (.16)??

  24. Couldn t resist. Picked up 3k shares of $OGXPY at .185. Used to have some when it was above $10. Betting Eike really isn t this stupid.

  25. $OGXPY 2018 maturity bonds. Yielded 50% to maturity, 8.5% coupon selling at 16 cents on the dollar.