1. $OHRP Out with a loss/write off you might want to buy now Probally a massive squeeze now I m gone $MNKD Still holding a large position

  2. One stock to keep an eye on is $OHRP.Good uptrend in progress and the MACD and Stochastics appear to be turning up http://y.ahoo.it/Os9xJuhO

  3. $OHRP Brean Capital Maintains Buy On OHR Pharmaceutical Following Retinal Society Meeting http://y.ahoo.it/hmswdnku

  4. Bullish ADX Crossovers 2/2 $NPBC $OHRP $ONB $PGTI $PHH $RAD $SBH $SHEN $SWFT $UPS $USB $WERN $WIBC $YUME $ZIOP $ZU http://y.ahoo.it/mxoSKFnl

  5. $OHRP Ecoes & crickets I m still here waiting lol

  6. Insider Transaction: $OHRP Purchase at $8.05 per share of 1200 shares by Director Almenoff June Sherie on 2014-09-03.

  7. OHR Pharmaceutical Director June Sherie Almenoff Buys $17,776 in $OHRP http://y.ahoo.it/8dZKEQTB

  8. $OHRP Just took a significant position in this stock. Upside potential looks very nice, with small float.

  9. Best stocks under $10 (Aug. 26): $GIGA, $CALI, $ARNA, $GLUU, $OHRP, $MERU http://y.ahoo.it/0h3JjM6e

  10. $OHRP Damn, this stock is a ghost town today.

  11. $OHRP I would ve liked to have seen a bigger upper wick earlier on this inverted hammer, but I blame in on Yellen. At or close to bottom.

  12. @sogenerous: $AMPE $OHRP $PRAN stay away from 3 stooges. I wouldn t rule out $AMPE hitting $2. Break 5, could see 2 2? Come On Man. Jeez

  13. $AMPE $OHRP $PRAN stay away from 3 stooges. I wouldn t rule out $AMPE hitting $2. Break 5, could see 2

  14. $VJET $TSO $ARWR $LGF $AWAY $OHRP MPEL New and completed option trades for income stream are posted. http://y.ahoo.it/htnUsWcM $WUBA $CSIQ $MU

  15. $JRJC Longs 9 today if you already haven t exited and $MNKD & $OHRP Squeeze alerts hit my gmail watch my kloudedkarma bot in action. 4sale

  16. $JRJC Taking 10k profits putting in $OHRP & $MNKD If I find reentry up 30k profit in Mnkd YtD and been holding 25k share core since febuary

  17. $OHRP Avg price target from analysts = $34 within 12 months. When/what are catalysts that could drive this level of growth? Thanks.

  18. $MNKD 2 squeeze breakouts on horizon mnkd & $OHRP

  19. $OHRP - http://y.ahoo.it/GC9w3khe - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  20. $MNKD Up 30k $OHRP Down 30k made 3k in $JCP Im in a bind and the only thing keeping me afloat is Mnkd & penny s lol

  21. @jonknight Yeah that s what scares me personally I got 30k shares at 5.90 I ll take a 1500 hit at 5.85 any less hurt I m under in $OHRP

  22. $OHRP 8/13/2014 rpt - Strong Buy from Reuters http://y.ahoo.it/Ga1Eu9zT

  23. $MNKD $ $OHRP 2 big squeezes coming to a head IMO first to pop on a list of many mnkd is much more orchestrated venom you ve been warned$$$$

  24. Eyes with RVO treated with squalamine drops had a 20.3-letter gain at 10 weeks, according to John Wroblewski, MD $OHRP

  25. $OHRP 9.16 spot long, nice basing action under, found via Keltner/Bolly squeeze http://y.ahoo.it/Obz5fpaS