1. $OIBR another controversial article on the brazilian market from a macro-perspective: http://y.ahoo.it/339EQhPf

  2. $OIBR The 2.5M shrs were options, which expire tmrw. I don t understand options. Someone pls explain http://y.ahoo.it/abPZeiUB

  3. $OIBR 2.5 million block of shares traded for $0.725 in AH... followed by a small 384 share buy at $0.7055.

  4. $OIBR Get it? This sucks? Dracula? ooohhhhhh scary.

  5. $OIBR Even I have to say, this sucks.

  6. $OIBR Then make a delicious cereal that can t be found anywhere anymore except at Halloween

  7. $OIBR I want to bite the people who sold today...


  9. $OIBR this could turn around be strong player lets see the election results im in

  10. $OIBR Interesting that preferred shares were down today and common up 3.6%.

  11. Moving risk allocation to $OIBR from $MTL $FRO

  12. Picked up another 3200 shares of $OIBR @ $0.6965 today. Looks to be rebounding now.

  13. $OIBR Just regular slide after the soar on Sep 16. You can see same thing on Aug 28 and Sep 9. It s simple and nothing to worry.

  14. $OIBR Just regular down after the rally on 16, you can see the same thing on Aug28 and Sep9. It s simple and easy to predict.

  15. $OIBR no volume and no one talking whats going on? someone forget to send me the memo

  16. Andy Djordjalian holds an allocation of 0.4% in $OIBR in his South America Investment Portfolio

  17. $OIBR $ZBB $GLUU i assume the Scotland vote gives a bump to the market. futures are up

  18. Very High 10% Dividend Yield Stocks- $OIBR, $CIG, $AT http://y.ahoo.it/93RgMSKv

  19. $OIBR some relevant background info on the upcoming election in Brazil http://y.ahoo.it/8nsVEG3O ...its impact will be exciting to watch #Stock

  20. Long ideas 19 September: $OIBR above 0.75, $CODE above 23.60, $ENTG above 12.33, $WCN , $XLNX , $WFN above 40.50, $VZ above 50,

  21. @danm ....Thanks $OIBR is looking good! A lot of news coming!

  22. $OIBR @danm: usually it s book value ($2.97 for 2013) plus a premium somewhere around 10% of that, so my rough guess would be $2.90 - 3.40.

  23. $OIBR some relevant background info on the upcoming election in Brazil http://y.ahoo.it/O33646Wj ...its impact will be exciting to watch. GLTA!

  24. $OIBR $GLUU $ZBB alot of good news from the economy today. should see some action this afternoon.

  25. i dont mind waiting but i think now is the time to get in or risk losing the low price. i dont see $OIBR going down much if at all