1. Downward trend on #OilGasEquity #ETFs $XOP $OIH $FCG - down -15.95% in 7 days

  2. $SPY so another flat/marginally red close. But again, with crude $OIL down, a flattish S&P isn t necessarily a bad thing.... $XLE $XOP $OIH

  3. $OIH and $XLE bear flags are about to break which will lead to the next leg down in $SPX

  4. $aapl weekly iron condor, Fed confusion, oil bankruptcies $chk $xle $oih shipping sinks $spx $spy $vix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pif899pRwg&feature=youtu.be

  5. $BP BOSS: Later this year every swimming pool in the world will be full of oil http://www.businessinsider.com/afp-bp-boss-forecasts-balanced-oil-market-in-second-half-of-2016-2016-2 $USO $XLE $XOP $OIH

  6. There Are Bullish Divergences That Few Experts Talk About $OIH http://realmoney.thestreet.com/articles/02/10/2016/there-are-bullish-divergences-few-experts-talk-about?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  7. $XOM $OIL $OIH $CHK $BBEP $LINE the stock is @.39 critical is an understatement!

  8. $XOM and $OIL $OIH bottom? It s only a guess, but is critical to $CHK $BBEP $LINE s survival https://valuestocks.whotrades.com/blog/43499562615

  9. $USO $UNG $UWTI $UGAZ $BNO $OIL $OIH $UCO $DIG the rise in debt-free CKE s Prod & 2P Reserves (Dec 2015) versus 2014:http://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinook-energy-inc-announces-december-234753399.html

  10. $USO $UNG $UWTI $UGAZ $BNO $OIL $OIH $UCO $DIG Oil/gas prices collapsed but Debt-Free Chinook Energy s (CKE) Prod & 2P Increased 40% & 12%.

  11. $USO $CL_F $OIL $OIH $XLE $XOP $XOM $SPY $SPX $CVX $BP All that for .19 lol

  12. $USO Iran ready to talk with Saudi Arabia on oil market conditions http://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/09/iran-ready-to-talk-with-saudi-arabia-on-oil-market-conditions-iranian-tv.html $CL_F $OIL $OIH $XLE $XOP $XOM $SPY $SPX $CVX $BP

  13. Downward trend on #OilGasEquity #ETFs $XOP $OIH $FCG - down -14.96% in 5 days

  14. $USO $CL_F $OIH $XLE $XOP $XOM $SPY $SPX $OIL $VLO $BP $COP $CVX A gallon of Milk is more expensive.

  15. $USO LOL are they trying to give away oil for free? $CL_F $OIH $XLE $XOP $XOM $SPY $SPX $OIL $VLO $BP $COP $CVX

  16. $SPY no decoupling from $OIL just yet apparently......... $CL_F $ES_F $SPX $OIH $XLE $XOP $OIH $CVX $XOM $VLO $BP $COP

  17. $OIH An hedgie trying to get a bounce went long @ $22.21

  18. $SPY actually not doing too badly considering Nikkei -5.4% and oil -4% $SPX $ES_F $CL_F $OIL $OIH $XLE $CVX $XOP $XOM $BP $VLO $COP

  19. $OIH LOTD

  20. Oil heading lower, $oih companies heading for CH11 $SPX heading lower, Greek clown car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tAWaKsgFso&feature=youtu.be $chk $spx $spy $aapl $uso

  21. $USO Will Oil Prices And Equities Stay Hitched? http://www.valuewalk.com/2016/02/will-oil-prices-and-equities-stay-hitched/ $XLE $XOP $XOM $SPY $SPX $CL_F $OIL $OIH $VLO $BP $CVX $COP

  22. $SPY energy sector defaults already beginning...massive job losses and capex collapse, GDP likely negative Q1 $XLE $XOP $OIH

  23. How Low Can You Go? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTPd-ZTuNIs&feature=youtu.be $oih $xle $CHK bankrupt? $vix still not in panic mode but $spx $spy is

  24. $DJIA $spx $qqq $uvxy not fooled by this... still way more to go down. $oih $xle $xop not hurting and $cvx $xom up says all you need to know

  25. $BNO $OIL $OIH $UCO Smart tips for energy investing, article http://seekingalpha.com/article/3870466-brian-bagnells-tips-smart-oil-gas-investing