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  4. $XLE $XOP $OIH $CL_F

  5. Energy $XLE $XOP $OIH off the lows as #WTI $CL_F sees a bit of a bid post weekly #EIA here

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  11. $CL_F $USO $OIL $OIH

  12. New Post - Crude Oil Prices As Oversold As 1999 Low http://www.seeitmarket.com/crude-oil-prices-as-oversold-as-1999-low-15014/ by @KimbleCharting $CL_F $USO $OIL $OIH

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  14. $XLE $OIH $USO

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  16. $OIH looking at Dec calls


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  19. $OIH $USO $OIL $DGAZ

  20. Last week hedge funds added positions to existing crude short, seems to have played out well. $OIH $USO $OIL $DGAZ

  21. $OIH sure looks like there s plenty more to go I m out $30.30 jumped over to $UWTI for the sketchy action

  22. $OIH jumped in $29.84

  23. $OIH still relatively weak and keeping an eye for short positions into $NOV $SLB or $HAL - wrote about last night: http://varelresearch.com/2015/11/23/sector-analysis-week-of-nov-23/

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  25. $USO Not the norm for me to post both views on a stock. And why we currently have no position $STUDY $UWTI $OIL $OIH $UCO $XLE $XOM $CL_F