1. $OMER any question about how ridiculous the MC is for $omer can be answered just by looking at $ICPT.

  2. $OMER before market call Tues says #s r great...$12mil + is my call...and good 721 early results..$20 eow

  3. $OMER could be all sold though.

  4. $OMER woaw woaw. Just checked options again. This has changed in the last 3 hours. 16c May20 b.10/a.15 - vol -- 1000 it was 70 earlier

  5. $OMER red or green close?

  6. $OMER put off my buy 1 day to see if the algo drives it through strong support first thing in the AM.

  7. $OMER added trading position at 412.10

  8. $OMER I say we shed 2.6% today

  9. $OMER $TTOO $RMTI $BDSI $HRTX And $OTIC not stop selling

  10. $OMER added 200 12,38

  11. $OMER anyone recommend this Long term, set and forget @12, or are we just going to deal with manipulation and dilution.

  12. $OMER Clinton, martin shkreli and Valeant ...these 3 things fkked up the whole bio market.

  13. $OMER link is up on website for the CC. Will be Tuesday 9AM EST again. More news?

  14. $OMER going down 3+ % every day. Dying slowly

  15. $OMER when I buy you all guys should sell. Bought at 13.20 13.10 and 12.82 and look at it.. I have a bad luck lol hahaha

  16. $OMER under 12 and im ready to pull the trigger. Rode 12.75 to 15.50 last run. On watch. Long term very bullish.

  17. $OMER earnings coming on the 10th, anyone see anything but positive results?

  18. $OMER The top line of that thin little channel is where the hvy selling has been, be it algo or chinese tradershop

  19. $OMER He s back... Hello friends! Let s see what this puppy can do on this earnings report. Any members of the shadow board watching?

  20. $OMER no end for this POS down every single day.

  21. $OMER market hates biotech again. Omidria revs need to beat or this will go back to $10 in short term.

  22. $OMER Yup I bought 300 more @jdalton23

  23. $OMER any buyers at these levels?

  24. $OMER if I m not mistaken we are down again today

  25. $OMER look like back to 10-11