1. $ONCY fool me tomorrow, shame on me..

  2. $ONCY 4th Orphan Drug Designation for Treatment of Primary Peritoneal Cancer.

  3. $ONCY MM s are the ones buying here. 11 million volume is not Retail. Big guys are starting to catch the drift and are seeing what FDA sees

  4. $ONCY too many people feeling too good about this one. MMs will play everyone like a fiddle. Be cautious here! Too soon for a squeeze.

  5. $ONCY Next stop $1.70 http://stocktwits.com/message/33426185

  6. $ONCY this is gonna pop big tmrw! Love it

  7. $ONCY Can someone tell me what happened with GENE? Everyone keeps talking about it

  8. $ONCY how can I buy 10k shares of this at a good price

  9. @timothysykes $ONCY #SUPERNOVA

  10. $ONCY What s a good entry price?

  11. So after hours puts $ONCY at $1.21.. Took a dent with NBG #NoRegrets! http://stocktwits.com/message/33424520

  12. $ONCY Sold another 2000 in AHrs at 1.18 lbs 4000 from .73 sold 1500 anfi at 11.3 in premkt that makes up for 2500 wtw I sold at loss on fri

  13. $ONCY ALL, if you are long remove the stop loss if you are long on this one. If not you will kicked out on the dip.

  14. $ONCY thinking of going large on this tomorrow...too late?

  15. $KBIO looks to be next mover, made $ on $NSPH, $CYTX, $NYMX, $SPHS, $CYCC, $ONCY

  16. $ONCY http://stocktwits.com/message/33423691

  17. $ONCY Hoping for a .40 gain trying not to be to greedy Yee Yee

  18. $ONCY got in ah will load up more tomorrow pre market skys the limit I feel bad for people saying they are selling at 1.50 and 2.00

  19. $ONCY CYTX PLAYED EVERYONE. this one will fly like GENE

  20. $ONCY can t wait for tmrw! I love how we blew through the 200DMA. A good, solid uptrend has just started. About time

  21. $ONCY is this another pump and dump?

  22. $CYTX I piled into this when it was .70, but now it s looking like it needs an $ONCY-like correction so it can explode later, too.

  23. $ONCY or $OHRP

  24. $ONCY ...cont ..... Orphan Drug for the treatment of cancer of the fallopian tube ..........

  25. $ONCY out today ...The FDA granted Orphan Drug tag for pancreatic cancer on February 17 for ovarian cancer on February 11 and today ..cont..