1. @marginist good stuff! viral vaccines and DNA vaccines are the future $ONCY $INO

  2. $ONCY Using the common cold to kill cancer http://y.ahoo.it/doAzNdJm

  3. Appointment of Agent for Service of Process and Undertaking http://y.ahoo.it/FyMmZvpl $ONCY

  4. Registration Statement for Securities of certain Canadian Issuers. http://y.ahoo.it/VbNi6UlY $ONCY

  5. Oncolytics: Interest Of Insiders In Material Transactions12 http://y.ahoo.it/2JGwKywE $ONCY

  6. $ONCY Its a very disappointed loss. But lets have patience, that it will rise. I am sure in will rise. #Goodfeeling

  7. $ONCY Stocks don t go up in a straight line. I am still bullish on this.

  8. $ONCY MM massively accumulating through this up and down strategy in this range, remove your stop limit. Today s drop not so much vol! JMHO

  9. $ONCY wakey wakey slow poke

  10. $ONCY +5000 shares @ 1.48

  11. $ONCY Looking here! Volume well above its avg! on radar http://y.ahoo.it/8njN6Xer

  12. $ONCY hmmm?

  13. @ANDISIK @jrstach Why? There are some other great buys like $ADXS. Huge potential! Or $SNTA, $ONCY $HDY $ZGNX.

  14. $ONCY If this isn t a weak hand shaking and planned accumulation by MM, then what is it? Big things imminent!

  15. $ONCY fear prevailing here?

  16. $ONCY $ino $mgnx $rnn Sadly a passenger plane was shot down...but what does that have to do with biotechs? Why sell now? I don t get it...

  17. Trimming $INVN $ARUN $ONCY - Earnings holds $GLUU $JAKK $AAPL - Watching $ECOM $JKS $YHOO for entry - More $GTAT Sept calls

  18. $ONCY Chart looks good. http://y.ahoo.it/IXTcsKyy Could start consolidating again. Needs to break that $2 support range.

  19. $ONCY The ask price on Investors Hub currently shows $199,999.999, while the bid price is $0.8? Someone wanna protect shares being shorted?

  20. $ONCY $ino $mgnx $RNN $gale Fear will make you lose money! Do your DD and wait!

  21. $ONCY still looking for a good entry

  22. $ONCY Hold tight, nothing has been changed! MM is accumulating and absorbing massively!

  23. $ONCY biotechs all down today!

  24. $ONCY flagging

  25. $ONCY 1.66 becomes very thin now!