1. $ONCY I have the patience of a buzzard but God I m hungry!

  2. @Shango77 What do you think about $OHRP and $ONCY ?

  3. $ONCY when real impatience comes the stock goes up.. just waiting ...

  4. $ONCY $dyax rocking after hours. Can t wait for our turn

  5. $ONCY sleeping on 21,000 shares... if the market is up and some good news during presentation....ewwww weeeeeee

  6. $ONCY tomorrow is day 1 your presentations.. lets hope for new investors and great news so we can have fun with this bag of shares. lk $GENE

  7. $oncy this really needs to get its act together

  8. $ONCY @MrReginaldC are you the one selling :)

  9. $ONCY Out. Glta. RevPsy.

  10. $ONCY one of these day it will wake up and turn green

  11. $ONCY I walk away for lunch and it falls? Gah common haha

  12. $ONCY I hope the shorts cover today because tomorrow will be Green with the positive presentation!

  13. $GENE just a little piece of info.$ONCY will be doing its 1st of 4 road presentations April 1st.all good news.research the drug Reolysin

  14. $GENE i think $ONCY needs some loving.. lets get it back to .80 and take off!

  15. $ONCY good company whit good products

  16. $ONCY best profile Cytx before boarding

  17. $ONCY Good things about trending sideways a while, leas resistance. When it moves it ll move, don t miss outtie!

  18. $ONCY 60 shares last night, thought we hit advancing stage ballz out, lol. Hello sideways! One thing, when she goes massive buying power!

  19. $ONCY boring often makes money in stocks if you hold. be strong

  20. $ONCY check their pipeline and you will find that 2 of the tests are passed due on results then wonder y shares are droping

  21. $ONCY I feel bad for all who are waiting to hear anything from the upcoming presentations there will be ZERO news

  22. $ONCY I can t wait for the day to get outta this stock. I just wanna break even at this point. Most boring stock ever.

  23. $ONCY Been scratching my head over this stock for months

  24. $ONCY im sure as soon as i decide to sell and cut my losses this thing is gonna pop and go for a good run.

  25. $ONCY what happened to keeping this above a buck for ten days? Reverse split coming to do just that?