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  10. $ONTY Oncothyreon Announces Merck KGaA Initiates Phase 3 START2 Study with Tecemotide in Stage III NSCLC

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  15. $ONTY Keep getting up will probably cross moving average 10 days about $3.20 in few next day - Long

  16. $ONTY I bought more $2.98 also long it drop too much and have to come back comparing to peer

  17. $ONTY Bought it $2.95 long -Too low compare to is peer

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  23. $ONTY Wedbush raises target price to $6 from $5; rating outperform

  24. $ONTY nice move today on double the average daily volume.

  25. $ONTY: Oncothyreon price target raised to $6 from $5 at Wedbush (theflyonthewall)