1. $ONTY I bet it slides fast enough on no news, eyes on the buy button when it crosses 2.74

  2. $ONTY

  3. $ONTY Perfect short !

  4. $ONTY out @ 3.23 see you again at 3! *salute*

  5. $ONTY

  6. $ONTY What would be a good entry point here after the $PBYI hype has died down? Is $ONTY a good biotech to get into like $PBYI?

  7. Biotech Unexpectedly Broke Concerns Barrier- $DARA, $GALE, $ONTY, http://y.ahoo.it/uzWbRsDW

  8. $ONTY & $ARRY agents specifically targeting the HER2 growth factor have a major place as a lucrative adjuvant treatment. $PBYI

  9. fellow clinical-stage HER2-positive breast cancer drug developers $ONTY & $ARRY are the next $PBYI literally

  10. Daytraded #stocks : $TLM $DRL $PEP $ONTY $PLUG $AAPL $EJ $ODP $FB $JBLU $GME $FOLD $LNCO $GPRO $HLF went 16/19 for +$1074 inc O/N loss - HLF

  11. Why $ONTY, $OMED and $ARRY had sharp gains today: http://y.ahoo.it/rf20ccgz

  12. $ONTY sorry first minor test after todays 3.60 will be 3.72 but very likely gapped over that wiht a run to 4.01 res area

  13. $ONTY first test 4.80

  14. $ONTY closed well above a major suport and setup to make higher hod tomrorow above todays 3.60

  15. $ONTY very solid day, shorts hope it doesn t go anywhere but technical facts show a strong day and very bullish close

  16. $ONTY Not going anywhere.. will fade once PBYI news becomes old..

  17. $ONTY Double The Fun. Throw down a small position on $GNCA and watch it go to the moon. Check out the charts! Vacation time. Good Luck all

  18. $MCP $ONTY $ARIA EOD runner

  19. Top 5 MICROCAPS BELOW $5 trading UP by STRONGEST relative volume $ONTY $VRS $ADK $CGA $ZIXI +more (hit VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/xoO12BVi #stocks

  20. Final Hr: Top 5 #stocks BELOW $5 trading UP by STRONGEST relative volume $ONTY $VRS $ARRY $ADK $CGA +more (hit VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/cV7ESbea

  21. $ONTY 3.86 test into the close a/h and gapper

  22. Final Hr: Top HEALTHCRE #stocks trading UP by STRONGEST relative volume $PBYI $ONTY $INO $ARRY $LIPC +more (hit VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/h9dgR7Ln

  23. Final Hr: Top MICROCAP #stocks trading UP by STRONGEST relative volume $ONTY $VRS $LJPC $EGAS $ADK +more (hit VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/wt2OqcTe

  24. Movers $EGAS #NatGas 12.67 +2% .3M NH No2offer, $ONTY #biotech 3.23 +15% 4M %Gnr, $GRH #OilandGas 3.04 +4% .7M Q2Aug4 http://y.ahoo.it/fEWUVj85

  25. $ONTY Stand corrected...3.35...hope for 3.36?