1. $ONTY Any news for $ONTY ? $IBB

  2. $ONTY New HOD.

  3. $ONTY Looking pretty good here.

  4. $ONTY gut feeling it takes off real soon. JMO

  5. @StockTwits $NES $AMCC $SGYP $ONTY $SGYP $AKS

  6. @javierhasse @benzinga forget rumors. buyers coming in . $ONTY

  7. Pharmacyclics Rumor: How Some Wall Street Analysts Are Reacting $ONTY $PCYC http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/02/5274903/how-wall-street-is-reacting-to-the-pharmacyclics-rumor via @benzinga

  8. $PRAN $ONTY on watch

  9. $ONTY Any news for $ONTY ? $IBB

  10. $ONTY buyers have come back. Don t see any real news but somebody likes it here

  11. $ONTY New HOD..

  12. $ONTY Looks good going into next week.

  13. $ONTY at cown conf 8:40am on 3-4

  14. @EpicDynami $ONTY and check out $SGNL

  15. @R2anders $SGNL and $ONTY for now

  16. $ISR $OXGN $ONTY $ZGNX any thoughts on which 2 among the four are the better play? thanks in advance.

  17. ICYMI: How are some Wall Street analysts reacting to the Pharmacyclics rumor? $ONTY $PCYC http://benzinga.com/z/5274903

  18. @2naphish @1 Sure looks like it. Bring on the 1.66 and should fly imo. $ONTY

  19. $ONTY vol up big from this morning. more insider buying & price target update http://errors.stablehost.com/406.php could this be the next pop $BIOC $SGNL

  20. $ONTY Hourly MACD is trying.

  21. $ONTY Liking the volume.

  22. $PCYC $ONTY is moving with PCYC

  23. $ONTY popping with $SGNL and $BIOC get in while it s low

  24. $ONTY gonna hit 2

  25. $ONTY A pulse.