1. If you refer to retail investors as dumb money you deserve to be blocked @HedgeBound hunks he s smart $AAPL $LULU $DDD $GOOG $ONVO

  2. Looks like @HedgeBound is smarter than the average investor. If you are a dumb money investor please get advice from this smart guy $ONVO

  3. @HedgeBound Ok so you have an intelligent idea on $ONVO for all of us idiots do you? Do tell Mr smart guy.

  4. $ONVO The stupidity with dumb money investors in this company just never stops..and I m not even short

  5. $ONVO six week forecast $6.18 http://y.ahoo.it/OPyevLU9

  6. This Is the 3-D Printing Company I Just Bought ($DDD, $ONVO, $SSYS, $XONE): http://y.ahoo.it/Zdpkzv83

  7. $VJET $ONVO $DDD you guys want to double your money! Watch BLDP and PLUG on Monday! Gonna be huge day!

  8. $ONVO Hmm, who else is doing this? | Scientists are now 3D printing tumors to help them fight cancer | http://y.ahoo.it/9qbmRCME

  9. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index , which lost 0.3% today at: http://y.ahoo.it/PekqjFGA

  10. $ONVO I can t see any volume. Like walking on thin ice.

  11. $ONVO See.

  12. $ONVO bearish harami seen today; will buy back in later; all indicators say SELL

  13. @fly1fisher $ONVO Prob because they re heartless beings just asking for a squeeze

  14. @BAuerbach Dude they aren t even selling assays: a liver is decades away (not that $ONVO have the smarts to achieve it).

  15. $ONVO Wow, interesting results from American Association for Cancer Research in San Diego. Very promising..

  16. @BAuerbach Why bother after a trade like that? Go find the next 600%er, $ONVO is done.

  17. $ONVO I bought in at $1.98 and sold just shy of $12. Live the company but I m nervous to get back in. Picked up Jan15 $10 calls instead.

  18. $ONVO Any wonder why the short sellers are so vocal? Very sad.

  19. $ONVO Watch this drop next week if it finishes above $7.00

  20. $ONVO Someone desperately trying to keep this above $7.00 Options expire today

  21. @fly1fisher just do like the rest of us and put $onvo bashers, shorters, and loosers on block, you ll see a much nicer board, less negative

  22. $ONVO Was buying 100 s k of shares @ $6 they will sell soon

  23. $ONVO I hold no position, but there is always a bottom...and I think we saw it. Now the market could crash... I m gonna remain neutral.

  24. $ONVO Can you show me a real analyst Buy rec on ONVO?

  25. $ONVO Surf the web this is a boiler room pump and dump the co spends more on supporting the stock than anything else. I ll keep shorting