1. $ONVO playing bollinger band pinball, hard to trade imo, but 1.70 region seems to be sticky region, and low risk long area.

  2. $ONVO the algorithm is now set, the slow decline inevitable....what s double the float number in 6 months make the pe?

  3. $ONVO Murphy reviewing Mother Gooses Fairy Tales prepping for telecon

  4. $ONVO 1.53 shortly after open, don t delude yourself that ll be bottom, maybe Murphy gets Zika and ONVO spikes

  5. $ONVO Murphy apparently has a weakness for LSD

  6. $ONVO Ouch. That was... I think I need a new liver...

  7. $ONVO Shouldn t be trading publicly. They should have refined the tech first

  8. $ONVO, oy. that conf call was ugly. murphy sounds annoyed with investors.

  9. $ONVO -http://www.thestreet.com/story/13451810/1/organovo-announces-fiscal-third-quarter-results-

  10. $ONVO growing pains

  11. $ONVO Okay, I get it. We just need to wait until June, 2017 to compare FY17 to FY16 to determine the viability of the business. #waytoolong

  12. $ONVO bottoms up

  13. $ONVO This will rebound before the open tmrw, that s what the AH/PM manipulating funkers do. GL

  14. $ONVO get the Tidy Bowl, there s a mess Murphy sprayed on the bowl

  15. $ONVO initial revs from Merck agreement started

  16. $ONVO revenue from Loreal to be recognized early in few months

  17. $ONVO just posted a new conference call. Listen now: http://www.earningscalls.co/stocks/onvo

  18. $ONVO yup.. time for new lows


  20. $ONVO That s right... own it now..

  21. $ONVO conference call complete. I absolutely expect additional dilution.

  22. $ONVO Murphy literally just said don t focus q on q, focus on y o y , and that the science should be the focus - not revs.

  23. $ONVO Murphy refusing to define large pharma customer in terms of large company vs. large contract opportunity!!

  24. $ONVO perhaps tox conference will produce some new info from actual customers

  25. $ONVO this conference call is the same broken record I ve heard for the last 5 years...