1. $MTLS 2014 VIDEO review of advances from $DDD, $SSYS $ONVO $GGG.V $GPHBF $TTD.V $MTLS => https://3dprintingstocks.com/3d-printing-2014-review/ #3DPrinting #MaterialiseNV

  2. @Gbones2692 @mnguyen_saa @Pingvin Endless and ever-growing list. Only $ONVO seems at all distinct to me. Many others will fold, merge, etc.

  3. @Gbones2692 @mnguyen_saa @Pingvin I used be in a bunch of 3Ds, but I sold off near top. $DDD and $ONVO were among my first 3-baggers.

  4. @Gbones2692 @mnguyen_saa @Pingvin Not all. $ONVO will be hot. $SSYS will be ok. $DDD, that co has serious issues. My only 3D now is $ONVO.

  5. @abronbibly $ONVO up.

  6. $ONVO - This stock is the future. I wont be surprised if it will be over $100 incoming years.

  7. $ONVO Trend is your friend...up tomorrow

  8. $ONVO Any predictions for tomorrow? I think there will be one buy opp below 6.60 before EOY.. But then this goes thru the roof in 2015!

  9. $SSYS $DDD $HPQ $ONVO $XONE $VJET: Nice 11 min. VIDEO review of 3D Printing technology/materials advances in 2014: https://3dprintingstocks.com/3d-printing-2014-review/

  10. @oharetrader $ONVO ..and then there s fibonacci...

  11. $ONVO last 120 days had 59 up 61 down...random.

  12. $ONVO charts are great fun for engagement and can be self-fulfilling, but they do not predict future stock price. Price movement is random.

  13. I guess holidays presents are coming in early :) $onvo $thld $fomx

  14. $ONVO daily chart lined have posted on this one before broke over 7.00 now http://stocktwits.com/message/30506678

  15. @budder $ONVO No but the advisor they hired (Greg Lucier) is the CEO of Life Technologies

  16. $ONVO Is ONVO into DNA sequencing and manufacturing?

  17. $ONVO Nice continuation of move since double bounce at 5.50. Possible double top at 7.40, so will be watching support lines on pullbacks.

  18. $ONVO weird activity - 700K bot @ 7.24 at 4:04 PM, then 400+K sold @ 5:00 PM... is this options expiration ...? Any thoughts?

  19. $ONVO About 1500 open contracts at 7 just got assigned at expiration. Wonder if anyone got caught not looking.

  20. @CashMoo I m just counting down the days until $ONVO sues him for libel and in general being a troll.

  21. $ONVO 7.78 short term resistance.

  22. $ONVO Still decent size orders coming in After Hours.

  23. $ONVO another sleepless weekend for the shorties, dang this must be getting painful for those poor bastards...boo hoo

  24. $ONVO Guess the shorties crawled back to their holes...

  25. $onvo nice surge at the close