1. $ONVO More spankings... Ugh

  2. $ONVO I will double down again once we reverse trend..

  3. $ONVO Buying more on this unexpected dip to the 3.65 support level. Current cost basis = 3.67. Looking for 4+ short-term, 5+ medium-term.

  4. Bought some Organovo $ONVO yesterday. Risky but great #impinv company to progress away from #animaltesting http://ownerimpact.com/ONVO/

  5. $ONVO lost a lot of $$$$ but I still believe in this company

  6. $ONVO another bloody day

  7. $ONVO If it drops another 5%, I m in another 2k.

  8. $ONVO - Still LT on this though - just trying to bring attention to the secondary offering for $ to scale- this isn t just a broken chart

  9. $ONVO - On watch - Ugly chart , need to consider 40M secondary & macro mrkt - Co needs to prove itself in year or less- bounce needed

  10. $ONVO but it s diluted. Would only buy under $2

  11. $ONVO Looking to jump back in here, am I crazy? Yep!!! Love the potential.

  12. Active Stocks on Trader’s Radar: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/active-stocks-on-traders-radar-patterson-uti-energy-nasdaqpten-qep-resources-nyseqep-organovo-holdings-nysemktonvo-aercap-holdings-n-v-nyseaer/1514054/ $PTEN $QEP $ONVO $AER

  13. @Trader_Mood: $ONVO long 4.26 Added 3.80

  14. $ONVO this is too cheap, they make tissues that big pharma uses to test drugs on and soon have the potential for actual organs. double

  15. $ONVO did Murphy bone @win2betmore s wife or what? I m SUPER blush this co. I invest in it - don t trade it.

  16. $ONVO Someone please tell win2betmore that opposing bear comments are welcomed - but bashing is not welcomed. Just sayin...

  17. @win2betmore $ONVO lmao cannot believe there are still Bulls here, literally will never have a good product out w small loss-maybe good LT

  18. @waterhunter $ONVO wish I had 100k laying around me too

  19. $ONVO wish I had 100k laying around

  20. $ONVO This guy hazmat refuses to listen to any1 who doesn t believe in this product & in mgmt. so he blocks me

  21. $ONVO lmao cannot believe there are still Bulls here, literally will never have a good product

  22. $ONVO 5k open interest on $10 calls and puts? What??

  23. $ONVO bought in at 3.67. I m guessing it ll at least fill to offering price....

  24. $ONVO found it @ $4.25, wonder why she dropped below this.

  25. $ONVO what was the public offering price?