1. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index which lost 0.6% today at: https://3dprintingstocks.com/3d-printing-stock-index/

  2. $ONVO decent recovery from lows today, not concerned. Davey you can suck it.

  3. $ONVO Will wait until conference Murphy he will be able to update the business. Stock has been trading around 2.50%

  4. $ONVO Won t hit support. Will go back up. Can t wait to get the short interest report and laugh again!

  5. $ONVO 6.32 long term support...hits there soon...no pr...could get truly nasty...Murphy can t afford to dawdle longer

  6. $ONVO anyone here able to justify why insiders aren t buying here? elephant in the room issue?

  7. $ONVO out 6.52...pathetically weak vol..shorts will take advantage...Murphy got a sock stuffed somewhere? lol

  8. $ONVO 7 calls outweigh 7 puts...looks like early theta burn..needs some inst $ buyers to stimulate short cover

  9. $ONVO 4k at 6.55

  10. $ONVO Good morning peeps! Be safe out there this week on the road & in the air. Enjoy your families & forget Wall Street for awhile. :)

  11. $ONVO Looking forward to Dec 4. Murphy has a history of announcing milestones at retail investor conferences.

  12. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index which gained 3.9% today at: https://3dprintingstocks.com/3d-printing-stock-index/

  13. @jmixer $ONVO Future physician! Cheers!!

  14. $ONVO Can t complain about today. Very encouraging action.

  15. @hen $ONVO stop doubting yourself! I think you called it right the first time.

  16. $ONVO nice EOD stamina...expect flatline til Dec 2nd. LT investor here, I expect this to pay alllllllllll of my med school loans one day :)

  17. $ONVO Stochastics reaching oversold levels & the pps is holding up pretty well. Probably won t get above 6.60 like I hoped though. high 50s

  18. $ONVO I m still bullish, but I see this closing today at 6.57-59. Good recovery, will definitely continue this week. To infinity and beyond!

  19. @jestep @hen @inotrade $ONVO I think Hen will be the winner with 6.63!

  20. @SachsandPillage I looked@ $XONE $DDD $SSYS $ONVO $VJET a&thought the sector looked kind of good 4 holiday bounce. Tight stop right?

  21. $ONVO Power hour let s get this moving

  22. $DDD $VJET $XONE $ONVO $SSYS Is DDD leading the way? http://stocktwits.com/message/29581660

  23. @hen $ONVO heh, let s play the price is right, just for fun. I call 6.69, cuz I m a dirty cow.

  24. $ONVO mid day drop on low volume. I still expect a close above 6.60 and maybe at the high of the day.

  25. @Foresthill21 $ONVO right on forest!