1. @fatcoin888 $ONVO -still no love wonder why?

  2. $ONVO er and pr...bury edgx

  3. $ONVO is about to breakout imo, breaking flag up, >50dma, MACD/STO curling up. Going to be in 5 s soon.

  4. $ONVO -still no love

  5. $ONVO: Organovo Holdings, Inc. To Present at Jeffries 2015 Healthcare ... http://stocknewshour.com/organovo-holdings-inc-to-present-at-jeffries-2015-healthcare

  6. $ONVO http://ir.organovo.com/news/press-releases/press-releases-details/2015/Organovo-Holdings-Inc-To-Present-at-Jeffries-2015-Healthcare-Conference/default.aspx

  7. @louiseavery: @kamwjm: @louiseavery $onvo and here s another related one... P&G getting in http://www.cnbc.com/id/102705638

  8. @kamwjm: @louiseavery $onvo and here s another related one... P&G getting in http://www.cnbc.com/id/102705638

  9. $ONVO http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/02809474-ffe8-11e4-abd5-00144feabdc0.html?ftcamp=traffic/partner/feed_headline/us_yahoo/auddev,traffic/partner/feed_headline/us_yahoo/auddev Another big name trying to get a slice!

  10. $ONVO http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/246490

  11. $SUPN. doing well for me, also like $RNN, $ROSG, $EKSO, $SGMO, $ONVO, $INO

  12. $ONVO. Remember, ALL 3D printing stock prices have been Devastated for months now, but THAT is temporary !!!

  13. $ONVO added a wee bit more - I m addicted to this stock... :)

  14. $ONVO Good morning fellow ONVO rs - have a great day and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  15. $ONVO This thing is shaping up nicely. Needs to establish solid support, then wedge break. Will enter in next month in low 5 s, PT $16

  16. $ONVO Which do you want to own part of: 3d cell printing , electric cars, or a subscriber movie network that could be replaced overnight

  17. $ONVO no eps but that s no different than usual trenders I d rather buy 10k shares here than 60 shares of nflx or 160 shares of tsla

  18. $ONVO Bought because its cheap now. I will sell when it runs and it always does. It s a groundbreaking tech. Made thousands on this one

  19. $AMAVF Arcam AMAVF will be bought by a bigger company eventually, it is the best of the best in 3d sector $XONE $DDD $SSYS $VJET $ONVO

  20. $ONVO absolutely will frustrate many, scare many they will sell & then regret it. It s what they want to do

  21. $ONVO Doesn t look good anymore...

  22. $ONVO inability to hold a high really has me thinking three times on this pos... Disappointing

  23. $ONVO get it while it cheap boys August is just around the corner

  24. $ONVO Stopped out ><

  25. $ONVO any tell on this dip?