1. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index , down 3.4% this week @ http://y.ahoo.it/S4I0HUzc

  2. $ONVO buying?? Individual investors don t have that kind of buying power. So, who could those bagholders, as you surmise be?

  3. $ONVO volume during the day. So far today, less then 900K shares traded. That is a lot of new bag holders. Who do you think that was?

  4. $ONVO @win2betmore a lot more bag holders holding this crap traded over 400K shares in pre-market yesterday (as high as 9.32) and 6 mil+

  5. $ONVO Did nt fill the gap all the way and not going to..up from here and shorts will be covering..great blast off position on daily MA s

  6. Holding $vjet $xone $onvo.. But the best I have have is $nq.. Stock is a monster with alot of room to grow. I predict back to 20$+

  7. @The_Hotspur: $ONVO Nice channel breakout http://y.ahoo.it/KUZapS6q

  8. $ONVO Nice channel breakout http://y.ahoo.it/wpquAZi9

  9. $ONVO Nice pump yesterday, a lot more bag holders holding this crap

  10. $ONVO filled the gap. could go higher now.

  11. $ONVO Anyone know when the next catalyst might be?

  12. $ONVO Bearish reversal. Short position working out like a champ

  13. $ONVO I bought in 2012 and will hold until after their product is available for purchase. No reason to buy or add before then.

  14. $ONVO With a stock like this, every bull and every bear is 100 percent correct 50 percent of the time.

  15. $ONVO The great thing about this stock is it gives you so many opps to average down lol

  16. $ONVO Like any story, price will only move when institutions start buying shares , and lots of them.

  17. $ONVO lol really sad actually

  18. $ONVO partnership with JNJ gives credibility to a part of the 3D printing segment that seemed probably the most outrageous by the naysayers

  19. $ONVO $ddd $xone $ssys $vjet 3D Printing Stocks See Big Interest http://y.ahoo.it/C3qhibcW

  20. Big List: $AAL, $ACRX $ANGI $ARIA $BBRY $BIDU $FB $GLUU $INO $INO $IP $KNDI $NOK $NQ $ONVO $P $PLUG $TWTR $UA get it down to 4 by the open

  21. $ONVO looking to add back in

  22. $ONVO Weak hands sold today and are going to miss the imminent run to double digits. Stock is still up-trending. 5% EOD. Be happy! :)

  23. $ONVO http://y.ahoo.it/lilmL3hb

  24. @wildpig $ONVO timing is everything, maybe you won t regret it, maybe you will

  25. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index , which lost 0.3% today @ http://y.ahoo.it/M8D2rb06