1. $ONVO bought this high, looking to buy more.

  2. $ONVO as long as murphy making money, stock holders paying. this will go down down 0

  3. $ONVO They didn t get a development partnership with Yale school of medicine based in BS. Buy it while it s low, that s how to make big $.

  4. $ONVO Winner of most manipulated stock of the 2015 so far - a bargain. Trading at low mltple over COH not including IP/inventory/contracts.

  5. $ONVO - looking to get this at 3.50 if able...it s one of those days, everything I m in seems to be trending down...watching ONVO closely

  6. $ONVO time to buy.

  7. $ONVO MM = Market Manipulators

  8. $GENE $ONVO $MEIP I expected a bounce somewhere here. WTH?

  9. $ONVO At this point the action seems completely unjustified. Guess it really was the short of 2015 :( Damn MMs.

  10. $ONVO and I m free....free fallin

  11. $ONVO Can t even type I m so pissed off

  12. $ONVO Thanks for the Tannk

  13. $ONVO Buy more... thanks more

  14. $ONVO whats the deal with this thing? Thought it was the future!

  15. Wow, Between my $ONVO and $ESI Losses today - they ve wiped out my gains today with $NVAX and $MNKD - this blows.

  16. $ONVO how in the world are there still Bulls here , wait for a reason to buy, & don t just catch knives. Prob be at 3 bucks soon, then what?

  17. $ONVO looks like taking the lead from $DDD rather than $XBI today

  18. $ONVO Geez... sux

  19. $ONVO I ll take another 500 at $3.50 please

  20. $ONVO looks toasted

  21. $ONVO and the terror continues...I m jumping back in, 500 shares

  22. $ONVO No love for this one... that s for sure. I was totally ready to buy 1K shares of both VJET and XONE the other day but didn t. :(

  23. $ONVO $ibb bio index up 2%

  24. $VJET Killing it... flows over to $DDD & $ONVO? Lets see!?!

  25. $ONVO correct link: http://www.thestockmasters.com/3d-printing-stocks-033212015 3D stocks overlooked $ddd $ssys $vjet $XONE