1. $ONVO If this doesn t at least close above 8 I m gonna lose it

  2. $ONVO Volume drying up , we need eod run

  3. $ONVO http://y.ahoo.it/PLZMaHAp

  4. $ONVO Technology pioneers, http://y.ahoo.it/CWVnlaUG not to shabby

  5. $ONVO waiting on volume..or will it be a dud for today?

  6. $ONVO in case you missed it: Organovo Named 2015 Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum http://y.ahoo.it/vFNLjUmP

  7. $ONVO let s print some bear tissue!

  8. $ONVO 25% of float short, 18M shares, lol

  9. $ONVO This is going to be fun, 18 days LONG days to cover!! Hee, hee!!

  10. $ONVO And the vise grip squeezes

  11. $ONVO thru 8.20, squeeze shortie

  12. $ONVO just broke through resistance at 8.22!! EPIC SQUEEZE starting now!!! Yeah!!

  13. $ONVO Can t hold it at 7.77 forever. ONVO about to take off

  14. $ONVO just passed 1 million shares traded. Let it begin. 18 days -- ha! ha! :)

  15. $ONVO watching

  16. $ONVO leading the D s higher, $ddd $xone $ssys $mtls $ssys -- $onvo Epic Short Squeeze about to take place, 18 days to cover!!!

  17. $ONVO moving nicely as well. Won t see a big run up until they release their first product at the end of the year. Been holding since Feb.

  18. $ONVO strong todat

  19. $DDD it s been awhile, but back in for a swing - also, $onvo looking good... may add...

  20. $ONVO Would buy towards end of day, see how well these gains hold.. Europe is closed, so lets see who holding til tomorrow

  21. $ONVO print a better brain so we can predict 100% stock moves? Ok, invest here

  22. $ONVO need more ..Vol..

  23. $ONVO Break-out imminent? This becomes a Elliott wave 3 up, PT above $11 http://y.ahoo.it/g0TCySwE

  24. $ONVO If the industry leaders can just give it a little bit more of a nudge up it might just break through at this pace.

  25. $ONVO http://y.ahoo.it/cgYitUyA