1. $ONVO that was a waste of time/money...see Ya in the 4 s

  2. $ONVO - Shelf is good for 3 years. The last time they raised shelf, they only used half.

  3. $ONVO though we filed a shelf, that doesn t mean we aim to raise that amount of money anytime soon

  4. $ONVO Keith thinking of using capital raised into the Skin Tissues.

  5. $ONVO Keith reconfirmation on Liver Tissues: We do expect this to grow this to the $10s of millions and $100 million for each tissue.

  6. $ONVO Kindney Product Milestones: 1) Proof of Concept - Apr 2015 2) Validation - Dec 2015 - 3) Beta Test - May 2016. - 4) Launch Q3 2016

  7. $TSLA $EYES $RWLK $ONVO one of good things about trading you learn about grt ideas, grt minds

  8. $ONVO working disease models for Hep C, Liver fibrosis, NASH

  9. $ONVO shorts hit it agIn...

  10. $ONVO merger case history described in presentation (page 13), though no specific talk of that exists elsewhere..

  11. $ONVO scientific concept for exVive3D KIDNEY scheduled for next month

  12. ORGANOVO HOLDINGS,: Regulation Fd Disclosure http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=1516222 $ONVO

  13. $ONVO no ham & cheese doldrums today... lots of folks watching this right now. LT investment.

  14. $ONVO of course it goes up 5% after I sell and stock that I purchase is down 4%. What else is new.

  15. $ONVO price action as expected in anticipation of today s presentation

  16. Synthetic Long Discount Alert: ORGANOVO HOLDINGS INC. M $ONVO trading at a 18.00% discount f http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/03/05/synthetic-long-discount-alert-organovo-holdings-inc-m-onvo-trading-at-a-18-00-discount-for-the-20-jan-2017-expiration/ http://stocktwits.com/message/33570404

  17. $ONVO Smells like a Bio Run-up before Conference.

  18. $ONVO volume?

  19. Organovo to present to investors today 3/5 12:15 et > Log in here > http://www.virtualinvestorconferences.com/agenda-march2015.html $ONVO

  20. $ONVO - I m a long in this stock , so I don t really expect to much from the WEBCAST, http://www.investopedia.com/articles/markets/030415/considering-organovo-keep-these-3-things-mind.asp

  21. $ONVO good buying opportunity under 5.50

  22. $ONVO but everyone was saying it would go under 6

  23. @Like2trade: $ONVO I m thinking no lower then $5. Any thought? If ONVO succeeds it will dwarf other 3d printing stocks

  24. $ONVO I m thinking no lower then $5. Any thought?

  25. $ONVO anyone want to guess what the offering price will be?