1. $ONVO ok, lets try this again http://y.ahoo.it/fA5I1uKF

  2. $ONVO interesting! http://y.ahoo.it/PbG39oRS

  3. $ONVO what do you make out of http://y.ahoo.it/56jRb2li

  4. $ONVO RSI rising, 200MA uptrend, BB squeezing. Long Biased as long as above lower BB. http://y.ahoo.it/TXzroRns

  5. Insider Transaction: $ONVO Option Exercise at $2.25 - $3.93 per share of 18474 shares by Officer Michaels Barry D on 2014-08-26.

  6. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index , up 14% in August @ http://y.ahoo.it/JMvx3sKz

  7. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index , which rose 1.1% today @ http://y.ahoo.it/f2t8Hfca

  8. $ONVO manipulation again 777

  9. @Ed618 That has nothing to do with $ONVO

  10. $VJET $DDD or $XONE or $ONVO what would you invest in?

  11. $ONVO 777, this stocks favorite number!! LOL

  12. $ONVO in daily wedge, could break out next week

  13. $ONVO - http://y.ahoo.it/mwwJFHy0 - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 7.795. Time: 1 day 3 hours. Volume: 1,082,077.

  14. $ONVO some fear showing in bio sector, but gotta take each company on its own basis

  15. $ONVO 5 day high and 5 day low - all within 2 days.

  16. $ONVO just a small add but thought I d share http://y.ahoo.it/ZJkk3BfW

  17. Bearish MACD Crossovers 2/2 $HAL $HUN $IAG $INTC $KMI $KMP $LYB $MON $ONVO $P $RSG $STLD $TLM $TSO $VNET $X http://y.ahoo.it/icU2zIXk

  18. $ONVO looks like biotech is going through a profit taking phase.

  19. @cperruna @JoeyJeff My dentist said it s not far away that he ll be printing crowns and implants on demand. $DDD $ONVO

  20. @Trader_Doofy @Billy_D_Scrillions By the way probably picking up $ONVO tomorrow, hit the bottom of the wedge, only own it until that plays.

  21. $ONVO down over 7% from yesterday s high and trade channel narrowing. Buying the dip should see breakout to the upside soon. Buying the dip

  22. $DDD $SSYS $XONE $AMAVF $VJET $ONVO are the components of the 3D Printing Stock Index , which rose 0.3% today @ http://y.ahoo.it/VeJcNME6

  23. $ONVO Waiting on this one. May pull back more before the increase into potential revenue. I m all in $AEZS http://y.ahoo.it/5ajSQrJW check it.

  24. $ONVO Stop in place from entry yesterday never know with this one

  25. $ONVO Yep, mkt telling me that the bears are shorting the S#*T out of this!!