1. Insider Transaction: $ORMP Purchase at $14.41 per share of 700 shares by Director Jacob Harold on 2014-04-14.

  2. $ORMP not because the company is foreign, note most things here are not made in the USA. Thing is, Israel diabetics aren t using are they?

  3. @The_Hotspur I hear you but the $100 I put into calls is better than a lottery ticket. Could always move money to $ORMP

  4. $ORMP Unfortunately Americans wont give them a chance. Is it rassism? No, its just about economy interests.

  5. $ORMP The idea of an insulin pill is great, but I think the most problem is that the company is from israel. Are Americans ready for this?

  6. $ORMP I told ya on monday that this stock cant go to $15.

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  8. $ORMP Down on low volume.

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  11. $ORMP This wont have a chance 2 get the 15 in this week. Now its time to take the win from last week. Back to 12

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  21. $ORMP Who cares about its charts? This isnt a value growth stock, no product and it will crash no matter how beautiful chart is a day ago.

  22. $ORMP By end of Friday I could prob cover my short in single digits.

  23. @TradeTheHits I have $CYTR $GALE $KNDI $OSIR along with ARIA! $PLUG $ORMP $BLDP $CPST $LULU $JCP on my watch list now! What s on ur list? GL

  24. @Hunters4meat I am an MD, practicing internal medicine for 14 yrs in US! Nothing is impossible! $ORMP will succeed at the end! Great product

  25. @Hunters4meat WS down played $MNKD !FDA approval soon! I m a true believer of $ORMP !No position yet, will start adding on reversal of trend