1. @InsiderBuySuperstocks Sold $ALN $FSL $GURE $IPCI $MHLD $NTI $OSN $TOWR

  2. $OSN w/l go long

  3. $CPSL $OSN

  4. $OSN in here w/L

  5. $OSN watch

  6. $osn sold last 1/3 +.14

  7. Materials names to watch $CPSL $OSN $AXLL $ONP $ANV $CSTM $X $SXC $CHMT http://y.ahoo.it/ghPlsY3Y

  8. $osn nice pop off my watchlist from a while back will pay more attention in the future! http://y.ahoo.it/qgZBw2t8

  9. $OSN $CHOP $CPSL China Steel lookin good... China stocks in general getting alot of attention $ZX $ZA $BORN $AMCF

  10. $GSI $OSN $CHOP Nice in here $!!

  11. done for the day . great job folks. exhausted.. holding bunch small caps $mrge $baxs $vsci $lojn $gig $osn etc. some full /some partial

  12. Top Gainers 3/6 $CPSL 94%, $PXLW 85%, $DPW 62%, $ERII 34%, $AGIO 28%, $IFON 27%, $MOBI 26%, $ROX 21%, $AMCF 21%, $BJRI 21%, $OSN 19%

  13. @InsiderBuySuperstocks I have bought $GPRC $OSN $XNY $ZA $ZX al China plays.

  14. $OSN There it is! :)

  15. Today s Top % gainers so far. $CPSL $DPW $PXLW $CART $ERII $AGIO $IFON $KPTI $MOBI $BORN $SMGO $OSN $CHOP $BJRI $LJPC http://y.ahoo.it/AgHygnbR

  16. @manucastle @InsiderBuySuperstocks Been stalking for a while. Entered long a couple weeks ago... $OSN Looking good this morning.

  17. @InsiderBuySuperstocks Small Chinese stocks taking off with lots of value - $OSN $ZX $ZA $XNY - take a look !

  18. $osn sold 2/3 updated view 1.27 entry http://y.ahoo.it/rAKFg4iI

  19. ok, $CHOP, $SUTR, $CPSL(my gosh), $GSI, $OSN crazy

  20. $OSN Picking up some momo here at 1.46

  21. $cpsl china steel went bonkers . bought $osn 1.27 china steel same play

  22. $OSN beautiful base at around 1.15...

  23. Ossen Innovation Co. just filed its Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://y.ahoo.it/JkBXzRyE $OSN

  24. Stocks to keep an eye on $OSN $GRVY http://y.ahoo.it/haYKPqeC

  25. What s up with $OSN? This thing doesn t jump like this w/o something coming. Been inching down for a few months, someone knows something.